Welcome Home Mate

Welcome Home Mate

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Chapter: 100
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Synopsis about Welcome Home Mate

"Stop calling me that, little mate,” he says. I look at him, pushing him slightly, which makes him stagger slightly. I get him out of my doorway. I leaned closer, my eyes staring into his. "What should I call you then, Alexander?” I say with my hand still firmly on his chest. I can feel his heartbeat spike a bit. I look at his lips and then back into his eyes. Alexander licks his lips as he moves his top half toward me, “Call me mate,” he says in a husky voice. I know I had to up the game, but I just hope I could manage this without him sensing how turned on I was. I move closer, which takes him by surprise. I move my hand to the top of his pants, and his breathing gets heavy. I look at his lips and back to his eyes and say, “I guess it will have to be Alexander”. ______ Roxie has been gone from her pack for six years until this year she is coming home to meet her brother's mate. Alpha Alexander is best friends with Roxie’s brother Jason, also the one who sent Roxie away, even hurting her feelings in the process. Although he had a good reason to send his mate Roxie away, she was too young to understand him. Now Alpha Alexander can't wait to see his mate back and be with her…… but what happens when Roxie finds out that the person who sent her away and broke her heart is her mate? Will she simply forgive him?
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All Chapters of Welcome Home Mate

Chapter 1

ROXIEI couldn’t help but stare out of the taxi window as we approached my home.

Chapter 2

LEXShe’s finally coming home today.

Chapter 3

ROXIEFor the last few hours, my room was starting to take shape. I bagged everything that I didn’t want anymore.

Chapter 4

LEXI decided to head to the office to get some work done after being in my room.

Chapter 5

ROXIEHe had to sit in front of me.

Chapter 6

LEXI couldn’t help but stare at the door. I was shocked and also surprisingly turned on by the whole situation. My cock was hard.

Chapter 7

ROXIEOnce I knew Alexander was gone from the house, I could breathe better.

Chapter 8

LEXI couldn’t help but stare at Roxie as she left.

Chapter 9

ROXIEOf all the absurd things to say to me, I needed to be shown just in case I broke a nail.

Chapter 10

ROXIEI must have been sitting in my room for over two hours before someone knocked on my door.