Chapter 7 - Welcome Home Mate


Once I knew Alexander was gone from the house, I could breathe better.

I could feel Bex move in my head as she tried to get the block down; I needed time to myself.

I also needed to figure out why my family hid something like this from me.

I heard a ping come from my phone, and I grabbed it. It was from my uncle letting me know that I should talk to Jason and my dad and also he was going to be arriving at the pack tomorrow evening.

Great, my uncle was the beta for his pack. He was my father’s brother, and he was best friends with the alpha of his pack. He moved to the other pack for a woman who happened to be his chosen mate, but she passed away a year before my mum did. He was heartbroken, and it took him ages to get over her.

I never believed in the chosen mate’s situation; I thought if you didn’t find your mate, you should live alone or move on, but never settle, as you may find your mate unexpectedly.

I sigh and fall back on my bed. I couldn’t help but stare at the ceiling, but I removed the block I had on Bex. I can see and feel her close by, “You okay?” she asks.

I nodded, not saying anything.

She stares at me and cocks her head to the side.

We stare at each other for a few moments before Bex breaks the stare, “You need to talk to mate,” she says.

I frown at her, “You do realize that our mate was the one who sent us away and hurt our feelings back six years ago,” I say to her, “the same mate who we caught fucking another woman that same day too.”

Bex growls, “He was young and stupid,” she says.

“He obviously knew about us being his mate then,” I said to her as I moved up from the bed. “He still fucked her not long after we left.”

Bex was quiet, but she stared at me.

I knew she was thinking of ways to make the woman pay and our mate, judging by the look she was giving me.

I know I’m no virgin, but at least I waited till I was over that asshole before I went with someone. Alexander knew how I felt about him back then, and still, he broke me in more ways than he should.

I get up and grab the stuff that I need for a shower. Maybe if I wash away the feelings I have and get some sleep, I might be able to think about this rationally and listen to whatever everyone has to say.

My mind wanders; I need to get some sleep before I get overtired and become more irritable than usual.

I quickly get showered and ready for bed.

Bex was pondering; she must have been planning a murder or something the way she was pacing in my head.

I climbed into my bed, but I could hear movement outside my room.

I knew it was my father as his scent wafted in.

I stared at my door, wondering if he would come in here to talk to me, but I silently prayed that he would leave me alone.

After a short few seconds, he moves away from the door.

I couldn’t help but sigh.

I moved down the bed and placed my head on the pillow.

I looked back at Bex, who was staring back at me.

“Who’s murder are you planning?” I asked jokingly.

Bex smirks, “I might plan mates if he says anything to hurt you,” she says, but she sighs. “Rox, I have your back and I know you still have feelings for him. But I also know he hurt you; I will go with your lead on this one.”

“Thanks, Bex,” I said. “I need some time to think and even find out a few things first, but we will see how it goes. We both know he will end up being an ass at some point.” I smiled.

Bex smirks, “that’s true, but Rox,” she says as she licks her lips. “He is one fine piece of ass.”

I groaned. “Down girl,” I said to her, making her laugh.

“I need to sleep,” I said to her, “I think we should go for a run or do some training in the morning.”

Bex nods and yawns.

After saying goodnight, it wasn’t long before I fell asleep.


I woke up to the sun streaming in through the curtains. I groaned and got from bed.

I rub my eyes and look around. My eyes landed on the clock; it read half-past six.

I get out of bed and get dressed. I place my lycra leggings and sports bra on and walk out.

I walked down the stairs to find no one there.

I walked into the kitchen and noticed a note, and it was from my father, letting me know that he and Jason were on patrol and would be back soon.

I scrunched up the note and threw it in the bin. I walk over to the fruit bowl and have some fruit for breakfast.

Once I had finished, I moved toward the garage entrance.

I might as well use the punchbag, and knowing that my father and brother would be home soon, there was no point in going for a run. I wanted to talk to them first before seeing or dealing with Alexander.

I walked through and opened the garage entrance wide to feel the fresh air while I was working out.

I placed the boxing gloves on and started to hit the bag.

I usually use sparring partners for this type of thing, but as there is no one here and not many people would believe it if I told them what I could do, they might even laugh at me.

“No one will laugh at you,” says Bex.

I smile.

“You can take on the best of the best in Keith’s pack and even come out on top,” she says, but a smirk appears on her mouth. “Also, I would rip them a new asshole if they ever tried.”

I started my warm-up, but a scent came my way as I began to get into it.

I know who’s behind me.

I looked over my shoulder and saw Alexander staring at me.

I frown.

“What do you want, Alexander?” I asked him.

I punched the bag a lot of times, but he never answered me.

I turned to look at him but noticed that he was closer.

He was staring at me with a stupid smirk on his face.

Bex looks at him but frowns.

“He looks like a fruitcake,” she says, and I can’t help but try to hide a laugh.

I moved around and punched, but Alexander grabbed the bag.

What the actual hell?

I glared at him. “Get off the bag Alexander,” I said to him.

Alexander looks me over, but I can feel his eyes move over my body, but they come up to my eyes. “Stop calling me that,” he says.

I smirk. “Nope,” I say and start to hit the bag again.

I punch lightly as I don’t want to show too much strength.

I could feel Alexander’s gaze on me as he held the bag.

“You know I could show you a few moves,” he says.

“No, thank you, Alexander, I can manage,” I said to him, punching the bag again.

He looks at me, but I know he is checking me out again.

Seriously, I will punch him in the face if he carries on. I only need him to say one stupid thing, and I will.

I kept punching, but Alexander wasn’t taking the hint.

“I think I should show you some moves,” he says. “You know women always need help to fight, they either want the bloke to fight for them, or they don’t want to do it just in case they break their nail or something.”

Oh no, he didn’t.

I can feel anger building up inside me.

Bex was up on all fours, letting a low growl slip through her mouth.

I’m beyond pissed, and he’s one stupid dumbass.

A thought comes into my head which makes Bex and I smirk. I punched the bag once, but I aimed straight toward his face for the second punch. I put all my swing into it.

As my fist connects with his face, Alexander moves back with a stumble, and his hand goes to his face. He looks at me, slightly shocked.

I glared back at him. “Leave me the fuck alone,” I yelled at him and turned to walk away.

I walk towards the house and head in, but I notice two figures outside of the corner of my eye.

My father and brother.

I didn’t give a fuck what they witnessed; Alexander deserved it.

Bex was pissed at him; she was all for girl power.

No one should assume anything about a woman, especially when they haven’t seen each other for a long time.

I walked back inside and slammed the door behind me.

I could feel eyes on me the entire time, but I didn’t care.

Jackass mate, I muttered under my breath.