Chapter 12 - Billionaire Quadruplet Alphas

Monday 14th September, 2020.

My mind was spinning. Were my mates playing mind games with me? They wanted to break the curse? I wasn’t even sure if the curse was real and if they were being genuine? This was not a fun game but I would play along.

“How do you plan on breaking the curse, might I ask?” I said, making sure they got the idea that I only half-believed them.

“By satisfying the witch somehow,” Noah said.

I sighed. “How?” I asked, entertaining their nonsense.

“By marrying someone we don’t love right off the bat and tricking the witch into thinking she’s the one,” said Jonah.

“You mean…” I gasped. Was Jonah that callous? Would he sacrifice Angie like that?

“We’re not gonna let the other girl get killed! We’re just gonna use her as bait to trap the evil spirit of the witch and then the good witch we hired will purify the bad witch!” Explained Noah.

“Purify?” I said. Huh.

“She’ll get rid of Georgianna’s old evil energy. Free her and free us,” Noah explained.

I felt sick. First of all, Jonah was saying he would marry Angie and wanted his brothers to marry her too, to fool some ancient witch into thinking she was the one. Then while risking my cousin’s life they would exorcise the old evil witch. They were both delusional. Noah and Jonah. Great two of my four mates were psychotic.

“It’s been really great talking to you guys,” I said, plastering a smile on my face and attempting to look serene. “Good luck,” I said.

I tried to leave but they both held onto me again. I wanted to scream but I spotted Zaya and Eli coming up to us. Thank goodness.

“Zaya! Eli!” I cried desperately. They were with me in a flash. Zaya wrapped his arms around me. Eli patted my head.

“Baby! We’re so sorry! Damocles is such a jerk!” Zaya murmured into my hair.

“He’s a douchebag but he’ll pay for this!” Eli said, sneering wickedly.

Zaya and Eli exchanged conspiratorial glances.

Were all the Quads a bit villainous?

“Please, don’t,” I said.

I trusted Eli and Zaya to listen to me way more than the elder two.

Eli and Zaya looked at each other.

“You mean that, Princess?” Asked Eli, his green eyes wide and worried.

“Really, Baby?” Asked Zaya, biting his lip nervously.

“Yes! I do!” I insisted.

“We can’t undo it you see!” Eli admitted.

Zaya nudged him to be quiet. I spotted that!

“Can’t undo what?” I demanded. What had they done?

“We set up his car!” Eli said.

“To do what? Crash?” I asked, panicking.

“No, just to stall, that’s all!” Said Zaya, stroking my cheek.

“Sorry, Princess, we should’ve checked with you first!” Eli said.

Zaya nodded fervently. I sighed. I hoped Damocles was ok.

Tuesday 15th September, 2020.

Damocles went to his car after class. That little Moon or whatever her name was irritated him. He got into his car and sped off. He was shocked Cloud of all people had been fated to the Quads. She was…poor, seemingly weak. Her? Luna? Really?

He grumbled to himself.

The engine started to splutter. Ugh! This car was brand new! Couldn’t it run on a quarter-tank of gas? How could it do this to him? This was not his day. He went to get gas. He filled up the tank. The engine was still spluttering. It hadn’t been the almost empty tank then? It was something else. He was truly frustrated now.

He parked at a diner where the waitress was young and cute and had huge…personality. Her huge personality bounced up and down as she walked briskly towards him. He stared, licking his lips. He ordered a milkshake, squeezed not stirred. She didn’t like that joke. She frowned. He tried to tug on the strap of her apron playfully but she huffed off. What a bitch!

He drank his milkshake and ate his heart attack burger with the double bacon, double cheese, fried egg, onion rings and three beef patties with a side of chilli cheese fries. He couldn’t enjoy it. He was still pissed at that waitress. The other one was friendlier. Where was she? He payed the bill with exact change, no tip, and complained to the manager that he didn’t wanna pay the service charge because she’d been rude to him. The manager ended up giving him the meal free and apologised. The waitress stormed off. Ha!

He went to his car. He drove a while. The sun was setting. The engine spluttered. Ugh! The car stopped dead in his tracks. Ian Damocles was so pissed. He got out. There was a gas station a few yards away. Awesome! He walked over. There was no-one there. It said there was a mechanic here on the sign. There was a sign saying the attendant would be back in ten minutes. He waited. Night fell. He had waited about twenty-five minutes. He was pissed when he saw the attendant. The attendant called the mechanic who must have been nearby. He showed up in five minutes and fixed the car. Wires had been cut! The car had been tampered with. Ian roared with anger. He sped off. The car was out of control all of a sudden. The radio turned on and off. The windshield wipers were moving haphazardly. The speedometer and the gas meter were reading wrong values. He didn’t see the truck until it was almost too late. He swerved and ran off the road.

Jillian was shaking me awake. I screamed. I looked at the clock. Three in the morning

“Star! Star! You were having a horrible nightmare!” Jillian said. She hugged me. I was drenched in sweat.

“Damocles is dead,” I said.

That must have happened last night! Or early in the morning!

She paled. “No! No, it was a dream!”

“I saw it. I saw him get in a car accident but it actually wasn’t the Quads’ fault. The car was like possessed. His name is Ian! He’s a jerk! He harasses women. I could feel what it was like to be him like I knew what he was thinking!” I explained.

She stared at me. “Go to sleep ok.”

She got into bed with me. I was trembling. She made up a story and told it to me. It was about an emperor who was in love with identical twin concubines that even he could not tell apart, one good, one evil. I didn’t get to hear the ending! I was so frazzled but I was exhausted too! I fell into a fitful sleep.

I went to school a total mess. I was leaning on a random wall with my eyes closed when Eli grabbed me.

“Eli!” I said.

He crashed his lips against mine. He kissed me like his life depended on it! He had me feeling wide awake in no time. His hands roamed my body making me moan and whimper. He planted hot open-mouthed kisses along my jaw and neck. He sucked my marking spot. I gasped and pushed him away.

“Princess, I never meant for that to happen, please believe me!” Eli said.

“Please, please, please,” he begged kissing me in between every please. My wolf was excited. I was worried.

“What happened?!” I demanded.

Eli was panting. He kissed me again, savouring it as though he wouldn’t get to kiss me anymore.

“Princess, Damocles got in a car accident sometime last night or maybe the wee hours of the morning. They found him after sunset dead,” whispered Eli.