Billionaire Quadruplet Alphas

Billionaire Quadruplet Alphas

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Synopsis about Billionaire Quadruplet Alphas

The Viper Moon Pack, is known for two things: having venomous bites in their wolf forms and having tons of cold hard cash in their human forms. Hannah is one of the only scholarship students at Viper Moon Academy, an exclusive werewolf boarding school for the super rich. None of the elites at school know that she exists until she shifts on her eighteenth birthday at the beginning of senior year and finds her mates. Hannah is fated to the four richest, most popular and most arrogant boys in school, the Quadruplet Alphas: Jonah, Noah, Elijah and Isaiah. The Quads are beloved by all except Hannah whom they ignored completely until the mate-bond hit. Now the only girl they want is the one girl not interested in them! Will the Quads demolish everything in their path to get to Hannah including the walls she has built around her heart? Are the rumours of a curse on the Quad's family true? Is Hannah risking her life by being with the so-called cursed Quads? Can the curse be broken? Who put the curse on their family and more importantly, why? It all remains to be seen in Billionaire Quadruplet Alphas by Joanna J.
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Chapter 1

Monday 7th September, 2020The castle loomed before me. It was perched precariously on Mount Viper, the highest point on the Viper Moon pack lands.

Chapter 2

Hanna Star’s Point of ViewTuesday 8th September, 2020

Chapter 3

Friday 11th September, 2020 I was not about to let Noah boss me around. I was going to the Cabin. Jillian would be there and it was her mate’s cabin so I felt safe enough.

Chapter 4

Almost Saturday 12th September, 2020.After Isaiah and I got so close in the lake, I found myself avoiding him. The worst part was he didn’t seem to mind. He carried on as if everything were normal. Noah was still furious with me. Isaiah was ignoring me while I ignored him. Jonah and Angie were making out on the couch which always made me feel nauseated. Elijah was helping Isaiah ignore me. They did a few shots together. Werewolves were very good at holding their liquor so they were calm even after about five shots each. It was minutes to midnight. Jillian kept glancing at me from over Chet’s shoulder. There was music playing now in the huge living room and Chet and Jillian, and Jonah and Angie were slow dancing to it.

Chapter 5

Saturday 12th September, 2020. I woke up entangled with Isaiah and Elijah. My right leg was over Elijah’s waist and his head was nestled in my bosom. Isaiah was spooning me from behind. His arm was over me and his face was buried in my hair as if he’d been sniffing me whole night. It was late Saturday morning so it was still my birthday. Most of my birthday was before me actually. I sighed.

Chapter 6

Saturday 12th September, 2020.Zaya pulled into a spot at the grocery store parking lot in one swift motion. He hopped out. I tried to get out too but he locked the door with his remote. He stared at me until I frowned and moved my hand from the door. He then unlocked it and opened it for me.

Chapter 7

Monday 14th September, 2020. On Saturday night, I slept between Zaya and Eli in their deluxe private suite at our elite boarding school. Zaya and I had kissed earlier that night and Jonah had honestly seemed a bit jealous. I could not help but be smug about it. Being around Jonah and Noah too much was a little too depressing for me. It felt like I was being rejected over and over again. Thus, on Sunday morning, I told Zaya and Eli that I wanted to return to my normal dorm room with my best friend Jillian. They seemed sad but they allowed it. Eli helped me carry my luggage from the trip from their suite to my dorm. It was so reminiscent of Noah helping me out on the first day. I felt a pang in my chest. Why did Noah hate me all of a sudden? What sort of Alpha was Jonah to not even consider giving his fated mate a chance? He still clung to Angie.

Chapter 8

Monday 14th September, 2020.Angie was livid. Before I could even explain myself she tackled me screaming. I shrieked and threw my hands up instinctively to protect my face. Angie rained her fists down on me. I could feel the impact of them on my arms as I blocked my face. She was screaming hysterically. All of this happened quickly in just a few seconds at most. I was expecting to feel her fists connect with me again but I felt nothing. The pressure of her on top of me was gone. I looked up confused. Jonah had grabbed her and pulled her off of me. She thrashed against him as he pinned her arms to her sides. She was kicking and screaming, flinging her legs up in the air. Her shoe flew off and hit me in the shoulder.

Chapter 9

Monday 14th September, 2020.My mind was spinning. Were my mates playing mind games with me? They wanted to break the curse? I wasn’t even sure if the curse was real and if they were being genuine? This was not a fun game but I would play along.