Chapter 8 - Billionaire Quadruplet Alphas

Saturday 12th September, 2020.

Zaya pulled into a spot at the grocery store parking lot in one swift motion. He hopped out. I tried to get out too but he locked the door with his remote. He stared at me until I frowned and moved my hand from the door. He then unlocked it and opened it for me.

I got out and glared at him but then I broke into a smile.

“You don’t open doors, Baby, you just be sexy and cute. See there you have two jobs already,” said Zaya.

“Poor Princess, working hard for the money,” Eli half-sang.

They seemed to be in a great mood having found their mate despite their elder brothers not being on board. I was worried grocery shopping would be awkward but Eli pushed the cart and Zaya threw a lot of random stuff in the cart that he wanted me to try. I was a little worried about the lie that I had “forgotten” my wallet. I hoped they wouldn’t expect me to pay them back as I saw the growing pile of stuff. They knew I was doing groceries for my grandmother.

“Our grandmother likes this! Yours might too!” Said Zaya, adding a Moet and Chandon bottle of champagne into the cart.

I grabbed his wrist. “Hey, I…that’s really expensive,” I said, avoiding his eyes.

“Baby,” breathed Zaya, against my forehead, ruffling wisps of my hair. He kissed the top of my head and ran his fingers through my tangled curls. “I know. It’s a gift ok from me and Eli to your Granny so she’ll like us.”

I smiled.

“And she’ll let us have her sweet little granddaughter’s hand in marriage,” said Eli nonchalantly.

Marriage?! I was not ready for that. Was I?

We finished grocery shopping. I couldn’t even stand to look at the bill. I went in my purse for the cash or credit cards they had given me but Eli was already swiping a different card he had. They put the groceries in the car. I tried to give them back the credit cards and cash from before.

“That’s for you to shop for your birthday, Princess, remember?” Said Eli.

I frowned, feeling guilty. Eli was always misinterpreting my reactions to things.

“You’re upset cause we’re asking you to pick out your own gifts and that’s not thoughtful, I know. I promise we’re gonna give you the kind of birthday surprises you deserve, ok, Princess?” Said Eli, looking at me, his green eyes wide.

“Ok,” I said softly. I liked being called Princess by Eli and Baby by Zaya more than I was willing to admit.

I did not want to ruin the fun but I had to ask.

“Why do you think your brothers don’t want me?” I asked, looking at two of my mates. They looked at me, faces worried. “I…I get it…if it’s cause I’m not rich or fancy or you know popular at school,” I said softly.

“Our brothers are not that dumb, Princess. I know they act like they are but they have more depth than that, trust me,” said Eli.

I wanted to drop off the groceries right away but if truth be told, I was embarrassed for the two alpha quads to see where I lived. It was not a sprawling mansion and they usually acted so pompous. I was worried I was about to be made fun of.

“I want to just drop of these groceries,” I said meekly.

“Yeah, Princess, where to?” Said Eli.

I explained to Zaya and Eli how to get to my house. We pulled up in front of the small wooden cottage where I lived with my maternal Granny. We didn’t have much but we had each other. I went up to the door and knocked.

Granny came to the door in her nightgown with rollers in her hair. She squeaked in surprise at seeng the two alphas behind me. She hurried back inside slamming the door in our faces. After a minute or two, the door creaked open and Granny came into view again, this time wearing a house dress and her hair was in a neat bun.

“Welcome, Alphas!” She said. “Please come in.”

Zaya and Eli followed me inside. “Do excuse the mess, Alphas!” Exclaimed Granny. The house was small but there was no mess. Everything was in its proper place.

“Granny, this is Isaiah and Elijah,” I said, after my mates gave me pointed looks.

Granny looked shocked at me addressing the alphas so informally.

“And guys, this is Granny!” I said sweetly, gesturing towards her

Granny looked so confused.

“Zaya and Eli, do you mind getting the stuff?” I asked with a small smile.

The alphas raced each other to the car and started carrying armfuls of stuff inside the cottage. When they were done, they bear hugged her before I turned to leave.

“The alphas are your…friends?” Asked Granny incredulously.

“Um, no, they’re my mates,” I said softly, still feeling shy about it, especially as two of them didn’t want me.

That night the two Quads insisted that I sleep near to them in their private suite. I spent a ridiculous amount of time changing and fixing my hair and makeup. I was so nervous to have a sleepover with them even though I had fallen asleep between them before. Their private suite at the school was shared by all four of them. Each had their own bedroom and bathroom but there was a living room area, a library to study in and common kitchen and dining areas. The rooms were so lavishly decorated. I was afraid to touch anything.

“We didn’t even get a chance to take you shopping properly today!” Exclaimed Eli.

I was sitting on his bed hiding in his room because I had heard Jonah’s and Angie’s voices. Jonah was laughing and Angie was giggling. I felt sick to my stomach. I didn’t want to have to see them together so I remained hidden.

“It’s time for dinner, Baby,” Zaya said.

“Um, may I eat in here?” I asked politely.

“Uh, wouldn’t you rather be comfortable outside?” Asked Eli, raising his brows.

“I’m comfortable inside,” I said meekly.

They both sighed.

“You can’t avoid Jonah forever, Princess, he’s our brother and he’s your mate whether he’s being an ass about it or not. The wolf bond is eternal,” Eli said.

I grumbled inwardly but smiled outwardly and went to get ready for dinner. I entered the huge dining area. There was a crystal chandelier overhead and a huge centrepiece, a crystal vase filled with white and pink roses. The table and chairs were carved from black wood. Eli pulled out a chair for me. I sat stiffly, keeping myself from locking eyes with her at all costs.

Jonah was at the opposite end of the dining table. Angie was in his lap. When I had entered the room, he had tried to put her in her own chair but she had refused, keeping her arms locked around his neck. I rolled my eyes.

“What’s your problem, Star?” Sneered Angie.

I didn’t answer. Eli and Zaya glared at her. Just then, Noah walked in, dressed for dinner. He seemed shocked to see me. I sighed inwardly. I wasn’t sure how much more of this I could take. Eli and Zaya sat on either side of me in very close proximity. Servers came out in their uniforms and brought the first course which looked and smelled amazing but I couldn’t enjoy it. I had a few bites before I gave up.

Angie kept nuzzling Jonah which was annoying. I had a thought. Two can play at that game. Eli had fencing practice and Noah was studying in the Quads’ private library. So it was just Angie and Jonah and me and Zaya.

I climbed into Zaya’s lap, catching him off guard. He smiled as though pleasantly surprised. I leant my forehead against his, cupping his face in my hands, brushing my nose against his. I felt my heart flutter as I looked into his dark green eyes. I barely had time to drown in them before his lips were against mine, insistent but gentle. Tingles shot through me at every place that he touched and a heat rose in my lower belly. I moaned a little into his mouth just long enough for him to slip his tongue inside. He explored my mouth gently as he tightened his hold on me. I tangled my hands in his silky hair while he gripped my waist. I pulled away when I felt myself becoming breathless. I was panting and so was he. I had honestly forgotten all about Angie and Jonah until I glanced across the table. Their faces were comical, mouths agape in total shock. I giggled but Zaya silenced me with another, more urgent kiss.