Chapter 16 - Billionaire Quadruplet Alphas

Tuesday 15th September, 2020.

Hannah Star’s Point Of View

I heard Jonah’s sharp intake of breath. He really did care for Angie on some level. That sick feeling I associated with Angie and Jonah was coming back. I needed to go lie down. Having four mates was stressful.

“But Angie and I aren’t close at all! The curse is meant to cause misery. Won’t it only claim family members and friends who I have a strong connection with?” I asked. My social circle was already so small. I couldn’t handle losing anyone.

“Not always. It kills people in close proximity to you. Except for your alphas meaning us obviously,” said Noah. “People you like or love have a higher chance of being claimed over your enemies. The curse is meant to cause misery like you said.”

My wolf was happy hearing Noah call them our alphas. She was easily impressed when it came to the Quads. I, on the other hand, felt Noah and Jonah lacked a lot to be desired. I sighed. I hadn’t told them about my premonition dream yet and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to tell them.

“What if Damocles died because of the curse? Wouldn’t that mean that the curse already knows I’m the one?” I asked.

“The curse is confused already!” Said Jonah confidently.

“How do you know that?” I asked quickly.

“Because Angie dreamt of Damocles’ death last night,” said Jonah.

Noah nodded. “Good. It’ll all be over soon, ok, Star,” murmured Noah.

I felt nauseated. How did Jonah know what Angie had dreamt? Had he been sleeping in the same bed as her? Or had she told him this morning? I had had the same dream as Angie, so the curse was confused but it was half-right.

“I’m not marrying Angelique!” Snapped Eli. “I don’t give a fuck what you two say,” he muttered.

Zaya snickered. “I can’t pretend to be into Angelique. No offence Jonah,” Zaya said dryly.

I knew there were much more important issues at hand but I couldn’t help it. My wolf was whimpering. She needed to know.

“Jonah,” I said.

“Yeah,” he said, locking eyes with me, surprised I actually wanted to talk to him.

“How did you know about Angie’s dream? Were you sleeping together?” I asked softly.

Jonah tensed. “We…were sleeping next to each other,” he admitted.

I drew a sharp intake of breath.

“I’m not rejecting you guys, ok. That should be enough for now. I need some time by myself. I won’t bother you, Noah, or you, Jonah in public anymore but please refrain from being jerks to me. I’d rather you just ignored me,” I tried to leave but Noah and Jonah grabbed my arms gently by the elbows.

“Star, please believe me! I care for Angie. We have a history together but…it’s nothing compared to what I feel for you. I want you. Please, give me time to fix things so we can safely be together,” whispered Jonah fiercely in my ear.

“Please, Star, try to understand,” Noah said softly.

“I am trying!” I said, close to tears again.

“Let her go,” demanded Zaya.

Jonah and Noah reluctantly released me.

“I’ll walk you back to your dorm, Princess” said Eli.

“No, thanks,” I said.

“It wasn’t a question, Princess,” said Eli smirking.

I grumbled inwardly and started walking quickly back to my dorm. All four Quads followed behind me, their faces forlorn. They waited until I had closed my door and locked it before they left. I could tell they actually left because of their fading scents. I was missing fourth period but I couldn’t handle class right now. I called Jillian and asked her to please tell the teacher I was sick. She agreed. I cringed at the pity in her voice. She had probably witnessed Angelique insulting me. Just about everyone had seen and heard it.

I buried my head in the pillow and finally let the tears fall freely.

VERY IMPORTANT! Chapters 12, 13, 14 and 15 are special chapters that repeat the events of Star's birthday night from the POV of all four Quads! From this point until the end of chapter 15 is Star's birthday night from the POVs of the Quads. Skip ahead to Chapter 16 if you don't want to read those events over in the POVs of Star's mates.

Monday 7th September, 2020

Noah’s Point of View

It was the first day of senior year. I pulled into my reserved packing spot at school. As I got out of the car I felt many pairs of eyes on me. Being the Alpha’s son meant always being under scrutiny whether other males were sizing me up or she-males were eyeing me. I had turned eighteen over the Summer break but I had yet to find my fated mate. I wasn’t in a hurry to find her. My family didn’t have the best track-record when it came to mates.

Something caught my attention. It was a short girl, with golden skin and shiny chocolate brown ringlets walking up the hill towards Viper Moon Academy. She had almost reached the top. My eyes followed her. I recognised her vaguely. She was in my year. I had never really noticed her before. She looked different, more womanly, now. I followed her, trying not to make it obvious. It was usually the other way around, with girls stalking me.

I waited until she had reached the short flight of steps just before the double-doors. She was struggling with her suitcase. I felt compelled to help her so I did, hoisting her bag up the stairs easily. She looked up and I could tell she immediately knew who I was. I stared at her face. She was beautiful with her big warm brown eyes lined heavily by long dark lashes, her full, pink lips and her button nose. She seemed shocked that I was even helping her. I offered to take her suitcase up to her dorm for her. She seemed grateful.

On the way to her dorm, any time she would lean closer, I would catch a whiff of her scent. She smelled amazing. I wondered if she were eighteen already. I looked at her intently, trying to remember her name. I spotted an oil painting of witches dancing in the woods at night. That was it! Star! Her name was Star! I had heard it called in class when teachers did roll call. Other than that, she wasn’t really in the same social circle as me. If my memory served me correctly, she was one of those scholarship students. We reached her dorm. I didn’t bother to introduce myself. My mind was suddenly filled with racing thoughts.

As I walked away she called out to me, “My name is Hannah.”

Hannah Star.

“Noah!” I responded. I couldn’t help but grin. I found myself hoping she’d say my name back to me so I could hear it escape her lips.

I hoped this didn’t mean what I thought it meant! I would have my hands full.

I met my brothers in our private suite. We were identical Quadruplets as if being future alphas didn’t get us enough attention. Due to there being four of us, we were always the topic of discussion at school. The eldest of us was Jonah, then me, then Elijah and finally Isaiah. Elijah and Isaiah went by Eli and Zaya respectively. We were only a few minutes apart each but things like that mattered with multiple alphas. I needed to talk to Jonah. I pulled him away from Zaya and Eli.

“Jonah,” I said, keeping my voice low. “I…I think I might have found our mate.”

“Might? What do you mean? How could you not be sure?” Asked Jonah, furrowing his brow.

“I don’t think she’s eighteen yet, but there’s something there,” I said in hushed tones.

Jonah sighed, folding his arms. He knew, as did I, that our mate wouldn’t have it easy.

“Don’t do anything yet. Wait until you sure!” He said authoritatively.

I nodded.

“Angie’s throwing a party tonight, by the way. A back to school bash is what she’s calling it,” said Jonah. Ugh. I knew I would be made to go.

“Ok,” I said unenthusiastically.

Jonah laughed at my tone, clapping me on the back. At first, I didn’t agree with the idea of any of us dating before we’d found our mate but this was a special case. Angie would prove herself very useful. I grumbled inwardly as I got ready for Angie’s party, hoping to high heaven that Star wouldn’t be there.