Chapter 10 - Marry Ex's Uncle After Divorcement

Chapter 010 Harsh Conditions

Jonathan went out and Theresa did acupuncture in the room for Charlie. The treatment went on smoothly and ended soon. When Theresa began packing her things up, Jonathan came back with a newly-printed file in his hands. Jonathan said to Theresa, “It is the marriage agreement. Have a look.”

Theresa glanced at the file and then looked towards Charlie. “I have to sign a contract before I get married?” Charlie replied, “Of course you have to. No one knows whether you will covet the position as Mrs Calsis and refuse to leave when the time comes.”

Theresa was dumbfounded. Theresa took the file and flipped through it. The conditions were harsh. To name a few, she would have no rights on the Calsis’s properties, and Charlie had the right to leave her not a coin when they were to divorce. And, she would have to find Sarah for Charlie, or he could withdraw his promise and punish the Cameron Also, he had the right to divorce at anytime, and Theresa shouldn’t pester him after that. Moreover, she could not intervene in any affiars of Charlie in the name of his spouse. In short, the core was to prevent Theresa from taking any advantage of Charlie. Theresa looked at the agreement, and felt it was out of reason. She asked Charlie mockingly, “If you are so afraid of my taking advantage of you, why do you have to marry me?” Charlie looked cold. “I’ve explained. If you Camerons could be a little more trustworthy, I wouldn’t have gone this far.” He sounded as if he had been greatly wronged. Theresa heaved a sigh. Charlie asked, “What? You think it too harsh?” He looked at Theresa as if she was so eager to become a Mrs. Calsis and enjoy the Calsis’s wealth and status. Theresa replied, “I didn’t. I can sign.”

Theresa didn’t think he needed to worry. She didn’t want his money and she wouldn’t pester him. As for Sarah, she will find this selfish woman. The woman caused so much trouble for the Cameron and shun her responsibilities. Theresa didn’t want the Cameron to pay for her selfish doings. Father kept a low profile and did everything carefully in order to cause no trouble all these years. Theresa believed that

father didn’t expect Sarah would directly run away. Theresa took the pen and signed her name on the agreement.

The agreement was in triplicate. Theresa kept one copy for herself. She put the agreement in her bag and was to go home when Charlie suddenly said, “Have lunch with me this noon. And I will have men from civil affairs bureau here to register the marriage for us.” Theresa was worried about her boys. She asked, “May I go home? I will come back later.” “What? You think having lunch with me make you feel ashamed?” Charlie looked at her reprovingly. Theresa replied, “Just some family affairs.”

Charlie asked, “What’s more important than your father’s trouble?” Charlie thought, I want to save you some trouble from running around, and, out of my kindness, I invited you to lunch. How dare you refuse me! Theresa said, “You promised that you will spare the Cameron as long as I marry you.”

Judging from his words, Theresa felt that she would have to make him her master and couldn’t do anything that might displease him. Charlie replied, “Yes I did. But I have told you that I have the right to abort the agreement at any time. Besides… it can’t be more normal for a wife to have lunch with her husband.” Theresa felt annoyed when Charlie had begun ordering her under the name of husband. He adapted the character husband fast. Theresa didn’t want to argue with him and she nodded assent. After all, it was her who needed his mercy. She got out of the room and called Cristina, “I need to take care of something at noon. I can’t come back.” Cristina asked, “Oh? What is it? Is your father’s illness very serious? How is he?”

“He is fine.” Said Theresa, “It’s something else. How’s Leonard and Ben? Put them on the phone.” “Good.” Said Cristina, “But forget about them. They’re on live stream. Don’t a distraction.” Theresa was speechless. “I just want to hear the voice of my boys. That makes me a distraction?” Cristina joked, “You can see your boys in their live room. They are now big internet celebrities. Not like you.” Cristina had a glib tongue. Theresa sometimes thought that her best friend was born to taunt her. Theresa said, “Alright. Then you have lunch by yourself. Order a take-out.” Cristina didn’t know how to cook, and Theresa wouldn’t go back. Cristina and the boys could only order take-outs. Leonard and Ben didn’t

like takeaway food. They liked Theresa’s home-made delicacies. And they wouldn’t eat much when they had to eat takeaway food. This was also why Theresa wanted to go home at noon. Cristina said, “I know. We’re not infants. You take care. I gotta go. Game’s Duty calls.”

Cristina hung up soon. Theresa heaved a helpless sigh at the phone. She worried that they might be hungry if she couldn’t go back. But now her worries seemed to be needless.

After making the phone call, Theresa went to the living room, and found Leticia sitting on the sofa, watching live stream with her phone and beaming with smiles.

“Madam.” Theresa took the initiative to greet Leticia. If she married Charlie, this woman was to be her mother-in-law. Past again occurred to her. When she married Jimmy, she didn’t bear children in the first two years of their marriage. Though it was because of Jimmy, Rosales thought that she was infertile and kept finding faults with her. When she saw Leticia, she felt nervous. The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law had been an eternal problem. Though she knew that her marriage with Charlie would be temporary, she wondered what will Leticia do when she knew about Charlie’s decision. Leticia heard Theresa and looked up at Theresa. She said smilingly, “Dr. Cameron. Come. Have a seat.”

Theresa sat on the sofa. Leticia started the conversation, “I heard from Jonathan that the treatment is effective. If you could really cure Charlie, I wouldn’t know how to express my gratitude to you.” Theresa was embarrassed. “Mrs. Calsis, it’s so kind of you. It’s my pleasure to be able to be of some help to Mr. Charlie Calsis.”

Leticia smiled. She didn’t lock the screen of her phone. Theresa asked, “You are watching live stream?” “Yes.” Leticia shared the screen with Theresa. “See the little boys. They are so cute. I watch them every day, and I wonder when will my Charlie have a child.” Theresa cast a glance at the screen and was stunned. On the screen, Leonard was playing a magic cube on the sofa.

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