Marry Ex's Uncle After Divorcement

Marry Ex's Uncle After Divorcement

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Read Marry Ex's Uncle After Divorcement by Jacqueline. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereRead Marry Ex's Uncle After Divorcement by Jacqueline. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here Marry Ex's Uncle After Divorcement by Jacqueline novel full chapter story on Genres: Romance.... Thersa Cameron and her husband Jimmy Watson in the hospital's obstetrics department for routine prenatal check-ups. The two had been married for three years but they had no children and Jimmy convinced his wife to artificially insemination. Now  Thersa was seven months pregnant when suddenly  Jimmy told her  abort that pregnancy or leave her. Thersa fell into complete bewilderment. What will Thersa decide? Please follow and read Marry Ex's Uncle After Divorcement by Jacqueline novel full chapter story on
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Chapter 001

Abort the Children"Both babies are healthy!"In the obstetrics department of a hospital, Theresa Cameron held her medical records and was relievedafter hearing the doctor’s words.She had sultered a lot in her seven-month pregnancy.But the health of her babies made her feel that everything was worth it.At seven in the afternoon, she heard the door being unlocked and opened.She hurriedly stood up, "Babe!"Jimmy

Chapter 2

Chapter 002 Look as Alike as Three PeasFather’s words were like a blow in Theresa’s head. Even father thinks I am being unfaithful. Shaanswered, “They are Jimmy’s children.” “Heh.” Sarah Cameron, who was standing next to Johnson,sneered, “Theresa, do you think we are stupid? The Wastons are so eager to have an offspring. IfJimmy is truly the children’s biological father, they would not force you to abort the

Chapter 3

Chapter 003 Jerk in Calsis’s ResidenceCharlie Calsis saw the acupuncturist standing at the door blankly and he broke the silence, “What’syour name?” His voice was attractive but also reverential and dignified. Theresa lowered her head. Shethought that she was being impolite when she stared blankly at him. She answered, “I am TheresaCameron. It is my name card.”“Dr. Cameron, you may begin.” Said Charlie in a

Chapter 4

Chapter 004 He Made Her Bankrupt in ReputationRose looked like an innocent girl who knew nothing about Jimmy’s kind. Theresa even felt somethingon Rose familiar to the Theresa four years ago who was completely fooled by Jimmy. Hearing Heresa’swords, Jimmy darkened his face.. Is this bitch threatening me? GOOD!Rose didn’t understand the implication in Theresa’s words. She just said to Jimmy, “Let’s go in.Gran

Chapter 5

Chapter 005 Don’t Fall Love with MeRose was chatting with Leticia. When she saw Jimmy coming in, she said gently, “You are back! Wherehave you been?” Jimmy sat down beside her and said softly, “Just tooka walk outside.” Rose smiledand continued chatting with Leticia, “How is Uncle Charlie recently? I heard that he wants to hire anacupuncturist?” Leticia replied, “His legs are hopeless. But the doctor suggest

Chapter 6

Chapter 006 He Could Barely StandTheresa hurriedly denied, “No, no!” Seeing that Theresa was speaking with hesitation, Charlie said, “Iftheir appearance affected your state of mind, you could go outside and calm yourself down in case ofany mistakes during the treatment.” He didn’t want her to make his legs completely incurable! Theresaheard his words and replied, “Don’t worry. There won’t be any mistakes. Bu

Chapter 7

Chapter 007 Other IntentionsTheresa didn’t struggle to free her throat. She continued infuriating him, “My words didn’t make youwhat you are. You made yourself! You wanna choke me? Fine! But that will not make you somethingbetter. And I will haunt you after I become a ghost!” .Theresa looked at Jimmy, and her eyes unwittingly became moist. No one knew how she got throughall these years. If it wasn’t for her

Chapter 8

Chapter 008 Marry in Sarah’s PlaceCharlie could find much better woman than Sarah. To the Calsis, it wasn’t about marriage at all. It wasabout Sarah’s breaking promises. How dare she escape marriage only because Master Calsis wasinjured! Jonathan would not lei her go easily. Since he couldn’t find Sarah, he would have to make theCamerons pay.Johnson woke up on the hospital bed. Upon seeing Theresa, he immedi

Chapter 9

Chapter 009 Negotiate with CharlieCharlie landed his gaze on Theresa and said, “Dr. Cameron, I’m listening.”Theresa’s treatment recovered consciousness for his legs, and he was being polite to her. Theresasaid, “Please forgive the Camerons. My father is getting aged and the Cameron’s company is the fruitof his whole life’s labor. Please show mercy.”Charlie cast a glance at Jonathan and then at Theresa. He wa

Chapter 10

Chapter 010 Harsh ConditionsJonathan went out and Theresa did acupuncture in the room for Charlie. The treatment went onsmoothly and ended soon. When Theresa began packing her things up, Jonathan came back with anewly-printed file in his hands. Jonathan said to Theresa, “It is the marriage agreement. Have a look.”Theresa glanced at the file and then looked towards Charlie. “I have to sign a contract before I