Chapter 8 - Mary's Bad & Great Husband

"Are you Xue Mi?" Kris looked at her and asked.

"Mr. Chen, I'm sorry. I just went to your house to pick you up, but there was no one at your house .The road was jammed again when I returned to the company, so I’m late." Xue Mi bowed slightly and explained softly. She didn't want to leave the new CEO with a bad impression of her on his first day on the job.

"Xue, what are you doing?" Fang Xu walked up to Xue and pointed at Kris, "He is just an average employee of the company and he has just been fired by me. How can you address him as president?"

"An average employee? He is fired?" Xue checked the file of documents she was holding. She took out a file from it, looked at the picture on the file, and then said to Fang Xu, "Yes, he's the new president of our company, Mr. Chen."

"Oh my god! What did she just say? He is the new president, Mr. Chen?"

The security captain felt his legs go limp. He swallowed hard and wanted to speak, but found that his throat seemed to be blocked with something, and he couldn't say a word.

The people around him also opened their mouths wide, looking at Chen Yang in amazement

"How is it possible, could you have mistaken him for someone else?" Rui Liu bit her lip and said, "Will he have the same name as the company's president?"

"Same name?" Xue opened the file bag, took out the document inside and placed it in front of Rui Liu and said to her, "The person on top of this photo is Mr. Chen. This document was especially given to me by the chairman yesterday. I also have the transfer agreement of the company's shares here with

the chairman's signature on it."

The moment she read the document clearly, Rui's mind suddenly went blank.

She had offended the new president of Huanyu Group. Could she still stay in the company and work in the future? At this moment she regretted it so much. She bit her lip so tightly that it oozed a little blood.

Fang Xu also became nervous. This company was the Chen Family's property, and although she was the assistant director of the company, she was just an employee of the company. And Xue said that the chairman had transferred the shares of Huanyu Group to this Mr. Chen in front of her, which also meant that the one in front of her was already her boss.

"Mr. Chen, I……" Fang was apprehensive to the extreme. She lowered her head like a defeated rooster lowering its proud head.

"I'm a little scared that you're suddenly being so polite to me. Weren't you just going to fire me?" Kris teased, and then he looked at Fang with a smile. But his smile worried her in Fang's eyes.

"Mr. Chen, it's all my fault. I'll criticize myself later in the meeting." Fang didn’t care about saving face anymore. Now what she wanted to do most was to keep her position.

Kris didn't look at her, but turned to the security captain whose legs were trembling at the side.

The security captain had a lot of sweat running down his face and had a smile that was worse than crying, "Mr. Chen, I……"

"You can leave the company now." After Kris said that, he turned around and walked towards the


After hearing Kris' words, the security captain sat on the ground all of a sudden. He was fired. He no longer had the arrogance he had just now.

The group of people carefully followed behind Kris, drawing the attention and discussion of the company's employees along the way.

Fang and Rui also followed behind Kris. they both looked at each other and smiled bitterly. Even though they were wearing high heels, they didn't dare to take a step slow. Even if their ankles hurt, they didn't dare to show the slightest painful expression.

At this time, the news of the new president's arrival had also spread throughout the company. Although the employees didn't know what the new president looked like, they saw one person walking in front of Fang Xu and made her who was wearing high heels follow him and they guessed that the person at the front must be the new president.

These employees were very smart. After they saw Kris, they stopped and bowed to greet him.

As the top entertainment company in Westriver City, Huanyuan Group was magnificently decorated and very imposing.

Using the word luxurious to describe the president's office was not an exaggeration at all.

Sitting on the president’s chair, Kris could not help but think of many things. In two years, he as the Chen Family's Eldest Young Master was kicked out of the Chen Family and then became a loser, and now he had finally gotten everything that belonged to him again, becoming the President of Huanyu


"President Chen." said Fang.

Fang and Rui bowed their heads and stood respectfully by the side.

Kris looked at Fang carefully. He only knew today that Fang was Rui's cousin. She was much older than Rui and very pretty. The two of them did look very similar.

"Mr. Chen, I'm sorry.” Fang lowered her head, not daring to meet Kris eyes, "It's all my fault. If you want to punish someone, you punish me. As long as you let Rui sign a contract with the company, I'll do whatever you want me to do."

"You can do whatever I want you to do?" Kris looked at Fang and asked rhetorically. They two seemed to have a good relationship. He was about to speak when Xue, the president's assistant, knocked on the door and walked in.

"President Chen, Su Family sends someone over to send a gift to congratulate you on your appointment."

"Send a gift?" Kris smiled. Su Family was quite well-informed. He asked, "They didn't just congratulate me on my appointment. They must have other purposes, right?"

“They also want to talk to you about cooperation."

"Cooperation?" Kris asked, "Who did the Su Family send over to deliver the gift?"

"Hai Su"

Kris laughed and said to Xue, "The Su Family sent Hai Su to talk to me about cooperation. You just refuse him and let him go."

"Yes, Mr. Chen" said Xue.

Of course Xue had to be meticulous in carrying out the president's orders.


In Su Family Manor, the Su Family’s old lady held a family meeting and all the people in the family were present.

The Su Family’s old lady sat at the main seat and next to her was Hai Su who had just returned from Huanyu Group.

At this time, Hai gritted his teeth in anger and said, "Grandmother, Huanyu Group looks down on us too much. I went to give gifts to their company, and not only did they not receive me, but they called me a fool and told me to get out of their company with my gifts."

"By humiliating me, they are humiliating the Su Family, humiliating you. They are completely looking down on our Su Family."

The Su Family's old lady shook her head and did not speak. The Su Family was only a third-rate family, but the Chen Family was the number one big family in Jiangnan Province and it was ranked high in the


So what could you do even if they humiliate you? Confronting the Chen Family was tantamount to an egg against a stone. The old lady knew this very well.

The Su Family's people were also very angry but they didn’t speak when they saw that the old lady was silent. The family's head hadn't even spoken, so they were even less qualified to speak.

"I will remember what you suffered for the family in my heart and I will definitely make it up to you." The Su Family’s old lady waved her hand and said to the angry Hai.

Hai was delighted, but he didn't show it as he said, "I'm doing this for the family, so being humiliated is trivial. I'm willing to do everything for the family.

The Su Family's old lady was very pleased after hearing his words. She looked at Hai appreciatively and said, "I heard that the new president of Huanyu Group is a young man in his twenties. He is young, so it's normal for him to be arrogant and reckless. Although they are arrogant, we have to continue to look for an opportunity to cooperate with them if my Su Family wants to get better."

After the Su Family's old lady finished speaking, she paused, looked around and said, "Who is willing to go to Huanyu Group for cooperation?”

"Going to Huanyu Group again?" Everyone in the Su Family was confused.

Hai's talks with them about cooperation had already failed; wouldn't it be self-defeating for them to go again?

People were all talking about it, but no one came out and said they were willing to go to Huanyu Group to talk about cooperation with it.

The Su Family old lady sighed. Hai's failure made everyone afraid of being kicked out by Huanyu Group again. They were afraid of not reaching collaborative agreements with the company but losing face again.

But as long as the Su Family could cooperate with Huanyu Group, the Su Family could definitely develop quickly depending on Chen Family. In the old lady’s opinion, personal glory and shame were not worth mentioning in front of the family's interests.

The old lady of the Su Family was a little disappointed that none of these people were willing to stand up for the family to share its troubles.

Right at this moment, Hai saw Mary who was standing in the corner without saying a word. With a sneer on his face, he stood up and said loudly, "Grandmother, the new president is a young man, and Mary is the most beautiful daughter in Su Family. As the saying goes, ‘Rich person loves beautiful woman’, so let Mary have a try."

"Hai Su, you..." Mary stood up and pointed at Hai, unable to say anything. The intentions were really sinister. Obviously, Hai wanted her to seduce Huanyu Group's new president with her beauty. However, the most important thing was that she was already married. Hai was trying to ruin her reputation.