Mary's Bad & Great Husband

Mary's Bad & Great Husband

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Chapter: 18
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Read Mary's Bad & Great Husband by Xiaosan Gu. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereIn his mother-in-law and wife's eyes, Kris is a worthless wretch, his position in the family is even inferior to a dog's; but his true identity remains a mystery, and his marriage with Mary is out of an investment "failure" of Chen family, and nobody knows that he is actually an owner of a very large family business... As fortunes begin to show favors to him, would he keep tolerating the maltreatment by others or just unveil his real identity?
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Chapter 1 Such a bum

“Kris, pour out the water we washed feet with !” There were two women sitting on the sofa, who had just finished their foot bath. They were now lazilyleaning on the sofa, gorgeous and beautiful. The two were Kris’s wife and her best friend. Hearing his wife’s words, Kris bent down and poured out the water, not daring to have any complaints.He was not rich or powerful than his wife, so he had to obey. After

Chapter 2 A crippled vehicle

That evening, Kris Chen lay tossing and turning on the bed well into the early morning, and eventuallyfell asleep at that moment. Soon after he fell asleep, he was roused by the voice of his mother-in-law. "Kris Chen, get up as quickly as you can and take Mary to work!" Feeling groggy and dull with sleep, Kris thought that was just a dream, then he turned over and wentback to sleep. Just at that moment, the

Chapter 3 Slander

“Hello, this is Kris Chen speaking. I can help the family as you want, but two conditions must be met.” “First, send me one of the ‘Heavenly City’ necklaces by the French jewelry designer Ellen. Second, isthere a person called Mindong Wei of our family? I want to see him go bankrupt.” After saying that, Kris hung up the phone, regardless of whether the other side heard him clearly or not. At this moment, his

Chapter 4 The goddess

It’s been two years since Kris Chen entered this family, he has realized how calculative his mother-in-law is, so he's really afraid of this woman. "Kris, pack up your things now. You must go to the Civil Affairs Bureau and get divorced with Marytomorrow. Then get out of our house." Jane Tang said in a commanding tone. "Mom..." "I'm not your mom, don't call me mom!" Jane scolded him. "Ah... Aunt." Kris took

Chapter 5 An entertainment company

Rui Liu is the acknowledged beauty in everyone’s eyes, of course she’s not worse than those popularstars in Huanyu Group. She is a beautiful woman, no wonder she’ll be discovered by the talent scout. Despite the fact that she’s so gorgeous, people couldn’t help being jealous of her.. As they know, Huanyu Group is the top entertainment company in Westriver city, with the Group’sresources and capacity, if Rui

Chapter 6 The elder in Su Family

“Mary Su, I just want to say, what kind of wife will let her husband wear like that? Are you being so poornow? Besides, is the dress on you non-branded and does it cost you a few hundred dollars?” DeclaredHai Su with some satisfaction. “You’re so weird. How could you wear such shabby clothes to comehere?” “Did you see the suit on me? It’s privately designed for me by Italy’s Naples suit factory. It costs me

Chapter 7 On the Alert

"Me, Grandma, I'd like to go!" "Let me do the negotiation, Grandma, I have a lot of negotiating experience!" "I'm willing to go too!" People present all raised their hands no matter whether they could or suitable to negotiate or not. But only Mary Su did not raise her hand, because she knew that even if she raised her hand, thisopportunity of negotiation and cooperation would not be her turn. The old lady of

Chapter 8 Su Family's old lady

"Are you Xue Mi?" Kris looked at her and asked. "Mr. Chen, I'm sorry. I just went to your house to pick you up, but there was no one at your house .Theroad was jammed again when I returned to the company, so I’m late." Xue Mi bowed slightly andexplained softly. She didn't want to leave the new CEO with a bad impression of her on his first day onthe job. "Xue, what are you doing?" Fang Xu walked up to Xue and

Chapter 9 Distinguished VIP user

"What? Don’t you wanna try it?" Hai Su asked with a frown: "As our family member, it is your mission toserve the family. We have lost 8 million dollars in the first half of the year when you’re in charge. This isto make up for the loss. Otherwise, according to the regulations, you will be downgraded." Mary Su bit her lips tightly and didn’t know what to do. She never thought Hai would threaten her withthis.

Chapter 10 Heavenly City

"Alright, you can call me dad now; I'm waiting for you to call me that." Kris scraped out his ears andsaid. "No, I can't get angry. I have to be calm." Mina Li thought to herself. Then Mina Li took a deep breath and eased up from the shock earlier and said, "Mary only gives youtwo hundred dollars a day for pocket money. Where do you get so much money? I'm afraid this moneyis coming from the wrong place." Mar