Chapter 10 - Mary's Bad & Great Husband

"Alright, you can call me dad now; I'm waiting for you to call me that." Kris scraped out his ears and said.

"No, I can't get angry. I have to be calm." Mina Li thought to herself.

Then Mina Li took a deep breath and eased up from the shock earlier and said, "Mary only gives you two hundred dollars a day for pocket money. Where do you get so much money? I'm afraid this money is coming from the wrong place."

Mary Su was already a little suspicious. At this point, hearing her best friend's words, she was even more uneasy. She went forward and grabbed Kris's arm, taking him to the bedroom on the second floor.

Closing the door, Mary asked him in a low voice, "Tell me honestly, where did this money come from?"

"Even you don't believe me?" Kris sighed and said slowly "I borrowed this money from a friend, so don't worry about using it."

There was some disappointment in his words. He took the money out to help her. However, instead of being happy, she suspected him of having come by it unfairly, which made Kris too sad.

He was going to tell Mary that he was now the president of the Huanyu Group, but now he didn't want to tell her. At least for a short time he wouldn't tell her his identity. If she knew that he was the president of Huanyu Group, would she suspect that he had bad intentions towards her? He didn't want her to suspect him.

"Your friend? Which of your friends has so much money??" Mary was anxious and said, "We've been

married for two years and you haven't left the house many times, where did you make friends?

Kris laughed bitterly. He was removed from his family. After becoming a live-in son-in-law, all of his friends around him disappeared.

As the saying goes, “Hitting a man does not hit his face, scolding a man does not expose his shortcomings.”

As a man, Kris's dignity was once again trampled underfoot. He said disappointingly, "I borrowed this money from my classmate of senior high school. He's wealthy now and knew I needed the money, so he lent it to me."

After saying that, he turned around and left the room. Just taking a few steps, he heard Mary say, "I won’t get you into trouble. I will pay you back as soon as possible.”

When Kris arrived at the living room, Mina had already left.

"Mina's character is really bad. If you can't afford to play, don't have to bet with me." Kris whined. and then he went to the kitchen and started preparing today's dinner.


After a few days, the news of Huanyu Group's change of boss had spread throughout Westriver City.

For a while, there was an endless advertising companies coming to Huanyu Group seeking cooperation, almost breaking the threshold of Huanyu Group.

But strangely enough, there are so many companies seeking cooperation with Huanyu Group, but not a company was able to reach a partnership with it.

The more Huanyu Group refused them, the more these companies wanted to cooperate with it. If a company was able to cooperate with Huanyu Group first, then the company could definitely grow rapidly.

The people who came to negotiate the cooperation were all first-rate families of Westriver City, or at least they were the top-ranked families of second-rate families.

Unexpectedly, the Su Family which is ranked behind the third-rate families would want to seek cooperation with Huanyu Group, which overreached itself.

Previously, the Su Family sent Hai Su to Huanyu Group to talk about cooperation, but he ended up being kicked out by Huanyu Group, and this matter had already become the laughing stock of the entire Westriver City.

But they did not give up, and now they send Mary, a woman, to Huanyu Group to seek cooperation, which made them despise themselves. Were all the men in Su Family dead? If not, why would they send a woman to Huanyu Group to talk about cooperation?

When all the people waited to see Mary’s joke, surprising news from the Hanyu Group spread out.

Huanyu Group actually agreed to cooperate with Su Family.

The whole Westriver City was shocked when the news came out.

Was the CEO of Huanyu Group out of his mind? Otherwise, why would he be working with a third-rate family that was ranked at the bottom of the list?

Mary was filled with doubts. She hadn't even warmed up her seat as she sat in the reception room when the Huanyu Group's president's assistant told her that the company had agreed to cooperate with the Su Family and told her to sign the contract tomorrow.

She didn't even see the president of Huanyu Group. This new president was too capricious, which made Mary couldn't understand his thoughts at all.

On the following day, the Su Family gathered at the Dynasty Hotel in Westriver City.

Dynasty Hotel is the only six-star hotel in Westriver City with a per capita spending of over $1,500.

The Su Family's old lady was in a good mood today, and she specially hired out the entire hotel to celebrate Mary’s success of achieving the goal of cooperating with Huanyu Group. And she also notified everyone in the Su Family that they must be present. What’s more, the Su Family invited many partners who worked with their company in order to let them know that the Su Family had reached a cooperation with Huanyu Group..

It also implied that their partners need to please the Su Family from now on, because the Su Family would soon take off.

Mary was the only main character at today's celebration. The table where she ate was located next to the Su Family's old lady.

As her husband, Kris naturally had to sit beside her.

But as soon as he sat down, there was an angry scolding from behind.

"Do you know the rules? Is this a seat you can sit? Give your seat to Miss. Xu quickly."

It was Hai Su who said that.

The sharp Jane Tang instantly saw the woman standing next to Hai Su. She stood up at once and said to Kris, "You stand up quickly to make way for Miss Xu."

This young and beautiful woman was called Xiaorou Xu, the daughter of the Xu Family that was famous for collecting antiques in Westriver City. She was a guest that invited by the Su Family's old lady personally

The Xu Family is also one of the top three ranked families among the second-rate families. It is said that the Xu Family's collection of antiques was so large-scale that it could open a museum. Jane Tang wouldn't dare to offend such a person.

Actually, Xiaorou Xu didn't want to come here, but the Su Family's old lady had invited her several times, she had no choice but to come here.

As a family of collecting antiques, Xu Family not only studied domestic antique treasures, but also foreign artworks. Xiaorou Xu suddenly noticed Mary at a glance. Because the necklace she saw around Su Mary's neck was the "Heavenly City ".

As a collector, Xiaorou likes to collect necklaces the most.

But she really doesn't have any "Heavenly City ", not because she couldn't afford it, but the necklace is limited to 18 editions worldwide. It's not something you can buy with money. Without extensive social networks, it’s impossible to buy the necklace.

"Why don't you give your seat to Miss Xu, are you deaf? Can't you see Miss Xu coming over?" Hai saw that Kris was not moving and yelled out in anger.

Kris sat on the seat with his legs crossed, snacking on sunflower seeds, completely ignoring Hai.

Jane Tang was angry. She was very afraid of offending the Xu Family's daughter. She stood up, pointed at Kris and scolded, "Why don't you get out of here. Hurry up and give your seat to Miss Xu."

Although Kris lent them 8 million to solve the company's problems, in Tang Jing's view, he was always a loser who relied on women to support him.

Fortunately, he had a rich classmate who was willing to lend him some money.

"Kris, you'd better give your seat to her." At this time, Mary turned her head and said in a low voice.

"Ok." said Kris.

Kris smiled. He could ignore others, but he had to listen to his own wife.

He stood up, walked to the next table and found a seat.

Seeing Kris get up, Hai eagerly pulled out chair for Miss Xu and said respectfully, "Mr. Xu, please sit down. That man just now is our Su Family's live-in son-in-law. He's just a loser who relies on women to

raise him, so don't take offence at him."

“I don't mind.” said Xiaorou, but she kept staring at the necklace around Mary's neck.

"Is this the one from the ' Heavenly City ' series, 'Endless Love'?"

Sitting close to Mary, Xiaorou realized that this necklace was really beautiful. No woman could resist its attraction.

"Miss Su, may I ask, where did you buy this necklace?"

Mary laughed. As expected, a beautiful woman like Xiaorou would be attracted to the “Heavenly City "necklace. Looking at her envious eyes, she enjoyed the feeling of being envied very much.

"A friend gave it to me." Mary said softly.

"A friend?" asked Xiaorou.

"Her friend is so generous to give her a 20 million dollar necklace. How come I don't have a friend like this? "Xiaorou thought to herself.

She really liked the necklace and couldn't help but ask, "Could you ask your friend to buy one for me too? If he can help, I'm willing to send him an antique of the same value as the necklace as payment."

Xiaorou spoke in a low voice, but the people at the nearby tables all looked over.

The "Heavenly City" was auctioned for 20 million. Xiaorou was so generous to send antiques of the

same price as a reward.

So it seemed that the Xu Family was even richer than people thought they were.

"Mary, you call your friend quickly and ask him to buy a “Heavenly City” necklace for Miss Xu as well."Jane Tang was excited. This was definitely the best opportunity to befriend Miss Xu, and she thought if she missed this opportunity, she wouldn't have it later.

Mary bit her lips, seemingly hesitant. In the end, she took out her cell phone and dialed Wei Mingdong Wei's phone.