Chapter 5 - Master Odell’s Secret Ex-wife

Her subtle grin was icy and enchanting.

There was an initial look of shock in Odell’s eyes, but it was quickly replaced by a dark cloud that was cast over them.

“You dare to threaten me? Do you have a death wish?” To think that in these three years where they have not met, she had grown into such a fierce creature!

His menacing expression was the same as the look he had three years ago when Tara had suffered the unfortunate miscarriage. It was the same look as the one he had when he ordered to have Sylvia slapped sixty times after she gave birth. All these past events that had been gathering dust suddenly raced through her mind.

Sylvia was rather taken aback.

With a faint smile, she suddenly pressed the razor blade harder into Odell’s flesh. The razor blade immediately sliced through the dermis of his skin, so fresh blood slowly oozed out of the cut. She smiled grimly and stated, “Master Carter, you’re the one with a death wish if you still refuse to let go of me.” Odell gave her a look, his piercing eyes seeming like they were going to puncture two holes through her head.

Sylvia remained still like a statue with the same smile fixed on her lips.

Eventually, Odell let go of her wrist. Sylvia drew back several steps in an instant and took off to the back exit so swiftly as if her feet were carried by the wind.

She darted a glance back at Odell who was still rooted in the same spot while glaring at her. She brandished the razor blade in her hand and smiled so brightly that her eyes turned crescent-shaped.

“See you.”

Odell’s expression was filled with gloom.

Damned woman!

It was only by that point that the bodyguards who were pursuing Sylvia arrived at the scene. Upon noticing Odell’s terrible expression, they quickly halted.

The bodyguard, who seemed to be the superior of the two, asked in a weak voice, “Master Carter, did you see anyone suspicious passing by?”

Odell lashed out at them. “Scram!”

The bodyguards quickly removed themselves from his sight.

Odell was still standing in the same spot facing the back exit and remained there for what seemed like forever.

To think that this woman showed up out of nowhere after three whole years had passed.

As if returning was not bad enough, she even made a show of coming here and threatening him with a blade!

Truly… such audacity! After some time, Odell took out his phone and made a call. He ordered in a tone that was not to be refused, “Find out where Sylvia lives and bring her to me immediately!”

It was late at night by the time Sylvia got home.

The first place she went to was the bedroom.

Aunt Tonya was seated on the edge of the bed while Isabel, who was wearing a bright pink nightdress, was sleeping soundly on the bed. When Aunt Tonya saw Sylvía returning, she promptly enquired, “Sylvia, did you manage to see your son?” Sylvia’s expression softened when she heard the mention of her son. “Yes, I saw him.” As she said this, she took out her phone and presented Aunt Tonya with the photo she had taken of Liam.

Aunt Tonya’s eyes shone brightly when she saw the pictures, “He’s a good-looking boy. His eyes are just like Isabel’s. Both of your children look like you.” Sylvia smiled. Aunt Tonya asked cautiously, “Did anyone catch you when you snuck into the Carters’ villa?” “Nobody saw me.” Sylvia did not want to worry her, so she kept her confrontation with Odell a secret.

From what she knew about Odell, chances were that he would send someone to come after her.

The house was bought under the name of Aunt Tonya, so there was no chance he would catch a whiff of her scent.

Suddenly, they heard the sound of blankets shuffling coming from behind them. As soon as Sylvia turned to investigate, she saw Isabel poking her head toward the phone and staring into the display with her large round eyes. Aunt Tonya remarked in surprise, “Isabel, aren’t you supposed to be asleep?” Sylvia also furrowed her brows slightly.

“Mommy, I can’t sleep if you’re not home.” Isabel pouted and burrowed herself into Sylvia’s arms.

Sylvia could put up no resistance whatsoever to her daughter’s soft, pillowy body. Sylvia reluctantly took her into her arms and turned to Aunt Tonya. “Aunt Tonya, why don’t you go and rest? I’ll put her to sleep.”

Isabel chimed, “Good night, Aunty.” Aunt Tonya gently tweaked Isabel’s nose before retreating from the room. Sylvia sat Isabel on the edge of the bed. Isabel pointed at the picture of Max on the display with her plump pointer finger. “Mommy, is he my brother?”

A short “hmm” was Sylvia’s answer.

As Isabel fixed her eyes on the picture of her brother, they flickered with radiance periodically while she twitched her lips from side to side.

‘My brother is so handsome! I can’t wait to see him.

‘I wonder if he wants to see me as well.

‘No, it seems like my brother doesn’t even know about my existence.

‘But that’s alright. When they meet again, he will know how much of an adorable sister he has.’

After spending a day putting things in order, Sylvia took Isabel to a nearby kindergarten the next morning.

They had returned to the city just in time for the opening semester of kindergarten. Since it was going to be more than two months until they start filming the movie Isabel would star in and she was old enough to go to kindergarten, Sylvia figured that she might as well enroll her in the kindergarten. After all, it would be a good opportunity for Isabel to make some new friends.

Sylvia did not want to risk too much exposure due to their reputation, so she specifically chose a rather private kindergarten with higher standards for entry. One thing that was clear was that Isabel was different from many other children who would break out in tears the moment they had to be separated from their parents upon reaching kindergarten

She was peculiarly curious about her new surroundings the moment she exited the vehicle. When Sylvia brought her to the classroom, she did not seem even remotely bothered. In fact, she even waved goodbye enthusiastically to her, “Goodbye, Mommy. I’ll miss you! Mwah!” Sylvia left kindergarten with a bright smile. As soon as she left, a vehicle stopped outside the kindergarten.

The previous old butler emerged from the car and opened the door for Liam Carter who was wearing a suit.

Liam waltzed into the classroom as soon as the bell rang.

Isabel, who had just found her seat moments ago, looked at the new arrival with widened eyes.


Liam noticed a pair of eyes on him and met her gaze. Isabel immediately began waving her hands enthusiastically in his direction, her radiant smile

brighter than the sun. There was a certain sort of glow in Liam’s eyes as he approached this girl. Outside the classroom, the butler and the two bodyguards who were still keeping an eye on Liam heaved a sigh of relief.

Liam had always been reclusive and rarely spoke. He was especially not fond of playing with other children his age.

They were concerned he would be ostracized in the kindergarten, so it was particularly surprising to see him approaching a fellow schoolmate. The little girl did not only seem overwhelmingly receptive, but she was also very good looking, on par with Liam. In fact, the two shared similar features.

Perhaps even children were more like to befriend good-looking peers.

The butler chuckled at this observation.

One way or another, he knew he had something to report to the madam back home.

In the classroom.

Isabel took Liam by the hand as soon as he came behind her.

This was Liam’s first time sharing such a degree of intimacy with a stranger. Nevertheless, not only did he not feel uncomfortable in this scenario, but he even noticed how warm the heat of her palms felt.

He took a seat beside her.

Isabel huddled beside him and drew closer to his ears before carefully whispering, “Hey, brother, I’m your sister.” Liam eyed her suspiciously.

His sister?

Isabel could sense his doubt and proceeded to ask, “Is your father’s name Odell?”

Liam blinked.

It seemed as if he was wondering how she came to know of that.

Isabel took out a mirror from her bag and set it between the two of them so that they may look at their reflections. “Look, aren’t our eyes similar?”

Liam blinked.

Isabel also blinked.

He was taken by surprise. They did look quite similar. The problem was, why was he just finding out now that he had a sister?