Master Odell’s Secret Ex-wife

Master Odell’s Secret Ex-wife

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Synopsis about Master Odell’s Secret Ex-wife

Read Master Odell’s Secret Ex-wife by Eggsoup. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereSet up by her husband’s muse, Sylvia Ross received the divorce papers while she was pregnant. She did not try to salvage the marriage because not only did he have her slapped sixty times but he even tried to take her child away! “Odell Carter, have you never loved me at all throughout these years?” she asked. His reply was uncaring and cruel. ”I’ve only ever felt nothing but hatred for you.” Three years later, Sylvia Ross was born anew after the baptism by fire. She returned to Westchester City with the daughter whose existence she kept secret all this time. Upon encountering her again, Odell tried to force himself into her life. “Let’s get married.” Sylvia could only chuckle. “Sorry, that ship has sailed.”
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Chapter 1

“Congratulations , Mrs. Carter, you’re having a pair of twins.” The gynecologist handed the ultrasoundreport to Sylvia.Sylvia took the sheet with trembling hands.Twins!Odell must be ecstatic to hear of this piece of news.Sylvia thanked the gynecologist earnestly before leaving the hospital with her copy of the report.She entered the car.The driver promptly asked, “Madam, would you like to head home?” With a

Chapter 2

Sylvia was kicked out of the property shortly after Odell left with Tara in his arms.She was swiftly placed under house arrest after returning home, forbidden to leave the house for anyreason other than when she needed to perform her routine pregnancy checkup. This was also thesame period when she received the divorce papers. After that, Sylvia never saw Odell again-until amonth after she gave birth. It was

Chapter 3

Sylvia felt a terrible throb in her heart. She looked at Odell, the man that she had adored for more thana decade, who now looked back at her with complete indifference and disdain.Not only did he not believe Sylvia’s explanation, but he even wanted to have her slapped sixty times forTara’s sake.Sixty slaps would ruin her face entirely.Sylvia cried out, “Odell, why don’t you break my legs or something? Anyth

Chapter 4

Three years later.“Oh my God, look, it’s Isabel Ross!”“She’s even cuter in person than she is on TV!”“Little Belle, look over here! I love you!” Sylvia, who was holding Isabel in her arms, was not expectingto be immediately swarmed by people at the airport the moment she disembarked the plane.She quickly lowered the brim of her hat and inspected her mask to see if she had worn it properly overher face. Meanw

Chapter 5

Her subtle grin was icy and enchanting.There was an initial look of shock in Odell’s eyes, but it was quickly replaced by a dark cloud that wascast over them.“You dare to threaten me? Do you have a death wish?” To think that in these three years where theyhave not met, she had grown into such a fierce creature!His menacing expression was the same as the look he had three years ago when Tara had suffered theu

Chapter 6

Isabel noticed the doubt in his eyes. She proceeded to produce a mahogany amulet in the shape of atiny fist and presented it to Liam. The amulet immediately caught his attention. Isabel raised thequestion innocuously, “Don’t you have something that looks like this too?”Liam nodded.He certainly did. It was stashed inside a drawer in his room.According to the words of his grandmother, it was gifted to him by s

Chapter 7

Shortly after that, inside a private room on the second floor of the Elysian House, Odell was seatednext to Tara while Sylvia and her two colleagues sat with them at the table. Perhaps due to Odell’sintimidating aura, both of Sylvia’s colleagues kept their heads low and did not dare to utter a word ormake any sort of movement. From the moment he sat down, he had been staring fixedly at Sylviawithout any atte

Chapter 8

The mother, son, and daughter trio hugged for some time before breaking up. Sylvia sat on the floorwith them and listened to Isabel narrate her meeting with Liam in kindergarten.After she finished telling her story, she turned up to her mother with her chubby face and seemed likeshe was expecting praise. Sylvia smiled and lowered herself to plant a kiss on her daughter’s cheeks.“Good work, Isabel.”Isabel chu

Chapter 9

In the black car that was speeding down the road, Liam sat in his child seat and was staring straightahead.He said, “No need to pick me up tomorrow. I’m going to have dinner there. I’ll go home with Uncle Benand Uncle Jacob after dinner.”Uncle Ben and Uncle Jacob were the bodyguards responsible for safeguarding him.He was telling this to Odell, who was sitting next to him. Odell frowned, looking a little dis

Chapter 10

At Sylvia’s residence, after sending Liam off, she brought Isabel inside and spent the better half of theday coaxing her. No matter what she did, the kid continued pouting and was in a dismal mood.Sylvia was running out of ideas.It was right then that Isabel’s phone rang. Liam was calling.She immediately picked up the call. Sylvia could not tell what was said on the other end of the phone,but a wide smile qu