Chapter 5 - Enslaved By The Alpha


Anna continues to shower my neck with kisses; I grab her hips and pull her body tighter against mine. All the while, never taking my eyes off Maya. I need to see her reaction to everything I do; I need to see what hurts her the most. She can't hide the pain on her face, but there is also another emotion there. She wants to hate me; she wants to hurt me too. I want to chuckle at her courage despite what she's being faced with. Does she really think that she can hurt me? No matter what she tries, I will never succumb to pain brought unto me by her.

"I've missed you," Anna whispers as she rubs her lower body against mine. "I want to feel you inside me, right now."

I grab her hips and push her harder against my shaft while I continue to look directly at Maya. Her face is pale, and she looks like she's about to faint or puke; I'm not sure which one. She closes her eyes suddenly, and it angers me. I lift Anna away from me and stroll towards her.

"Open your eyes," I order.

She shuts them tighter, ignoring my request. My jaw clenches, and I kneel down before her.

"See, what did I tell you about not listening to me?" I demand. "Are you sure that you want to anger me? Do you want to be taught a lesson?"

She finally listens to me, and I'm greeted once more with intense hatred. I don't know why her rage fills me with so much pride, but it does. I like a fighter, and she's definitely one.

"Shouldn't you be getting back to fucking that woman?" she snaps. "Why are you paying me any attention?"

I grip her neck tightly, "your mouth is extremely hot. Maybe you need something to cool it down."

Her eyes widen, and she tries to pull away from my firm grip on her.

I chuckle, "are you scared that I'm going to kiss you?" I spit with disgust. "You're not appealing to me in the least; kissing you is definitely not on my agenda."

I let my eyes travel down her body, "though it might not be the worst thing in the world."

"You're a monster." She shouts.

Anna walks up to her and, to my surprise, slaps her hard across the face. "Who the fuck are you calling monster? Call him master, bitch. Know your place."

I grab Anna by her arm and pull her out of the room. "What the fuck was that, Anna?" I demand.

"What?" she asks innocently. "Was I supposed to stand there and watch her disrespect you like that? No one is foolish enough to disrespect you in any way; why are you letting her do it to you?"

"She's mine to deal with," I growl. "I've said that before. You do as I say; no one is to lay a finger on her unless I order you to. Was that not my fucking rule?"

Anna folds her arms but eventually nods her head, "I'm sorry. I will not do it again but tell that bitch that she better start to respect you more. She's lucky she isn't on the cold ground like other prisoners; why is she even being given food?"

I grip my hair frustratingly; she's beginning to get on my nerves.

"I don't answer to anyone; you know that, not even you. Leave now, and don't come back until I call for you." I order roughly.

She bites her lips and throws her hair back in a fuss as she does as I command. I pinch the middle of my forehead and walk over to the fridge where I had an ice pack stored. Maya would heal on her own, but since this wasn't a pain brought onto her by me, I wanted it gone as fast as possible.

She jumps when the door shuts behind me. She keeps looking straight ahead, avoiding any eye contact with me. Don't tell me one slap, and she's already lost that spark inside of her. I pull a chair in front of her and take a seat. She finally turns to glare at me.

"I guess you're happy now that your woman has put her hand on me. That must make you feel more like a man, doesn't it?"

I quirk a brow at her failed attempt to anger me. For someone who was stuck with me, she wasn't trying at all to make me like her. Instead, she was trying to make me angry. Such a strange woman she was.

"Let me take a look at your cheek," I tell her as I take the ice pack into my hand.

"I don't need you to take care of me." She hissed. "I will heal on my own; I don't want your help. You enjoy seeing me in pain, so just let me be."

I tilt her head to the side and place the ice pack on her swollen cheek against her wishes.

"I also enjoy doing the opposite of what makes you happy." I remind her. "So let me do this."

I don't know why I'm so angry at Anna right now. Is it because she'd directly disobeyed me, or was there another reason? I push that thought out of my head and focus on the ice pack against her cheek.

Our gazes lock, and her lips part slightly. I continue to stare at her, testing her reaction to me. I suddenly find myself wanting to learn more about her, but it's just to find ways to hurt her in return. The more I knew about her, the more I would learn about her weaknesses.

"I feel sorry for you." She says suddenly, surprising me.

She felt sorry for me? If it's anyone that she should feel sorry for, it should be herself. She was the one locked in a room with nowhere to go.

"And why is that?" I ask her as I move the ice pack away from her face.

"You're lost, consumed with hatred and anger. I don't know why and for what, but that anger is only going to cause you more pain unless you set it free." She tells me.

I quirk a brow before I begin to laugh. Maya narrows her eyes at me, annoyed that I'm not taking her seriously.

"Let me worry about myself, alright?" I tell her. "In the meantime, you should worry about yourself and not others. And I'll watch what I say around Anna from now on; she tends to get a little crazy at times."

Maya's jaw clenches at the mention of Anna, "of course that woman would have the upper hand when I'm the one tied to a chair. She wouldn't dare lay a hand on me otherwise. I can see why you'll like her, though. A woman who takes advantage of the helpless, seems like your type."

Here she goes trying to upset me some more. I ignored her little tantrum and strode out of the room. I had business to get to. I needed to know what Austin and his crew were up to. Did they know that Maya was missing by now? Were they given any leads? To stay on top, I'll have to watch their every move.