Enslaved By The Alpha

Enslaved By The Alpha

Author:Novel Square Bookworm
Chapter: 116
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Synopsis about Enslaved By The Alpha

He f****d me to watch as he f****d another woman right there in front of me , he did it because he wanted to hurt me , wanted to make me feel pain … he knew it would hurt , knew it would kill me inside to see him with another woman , for the heartless Alpha Kane was none other than my very own mate … but he did it anyway , for pain was all he wanted me to ever feel . ………………………………………… Alpha Kane had one thing and one thing only on his to do list and that was to find the person responsible for his father Alpha Eric's death . When he had gotten all the information he needed , he had set his plan in motion , he was going to kidnap King Jeremy's daughter and make her his slave until he finally killed her and let her family experience the same pain he felt after losing his father . What he hadn't expected to find out however was that the woman he had planned to kidnap and kill was his very own mate ! The Alpha Prince and His Bride Book 4 (Stand Alone Novel ) #Dreame writing Marathon—Love Story Contest
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Chapter 1

His hands are in her hair, his lips on her neck, as his body moves against hers. He's touching her, touching a woman that was not me. She's moaning his name and enjoying it a lot more than she should. He knows that I'm watching; he knows that I'm hurting. This is exactly what he wants; he wants to see me suffer. He wants to show me that he can do whatever it takes to break my heart, and that's precisely what he's been doing ever since the day he kidnapped me and brought me to this sick place.I feel the tear roll down my face; there is nothing that I can do. I'm tied to this chair; I cannot leave no matter how badly I want to.

Chapter 2

~ALPHA KANE~Finding out that your father was brutally killed by people he once considered friends was the worst news I ever expected to receive. I still remember the day that it happened, that sickening feeling in my stomach coupled with the thrashing of my home. I'd completely lost my mind that day. Since then, all I could think about was making Austin and his family pay for what they did.

Chapter 3

My heart jumps out of my chest when he leans even closer me. He grabs my chin and brings my face closer to him, "do you know who's the kidnapper here? It surely isn't you. You're my prisoner; you do not get to ask any questions. You don't get to speak unless I tell you to either.""But. . ."

Chapter 4

~KANE~She narrows her eyes and clamps her lips tighter than before. Her blatant disrespect irritates me; she didn't have a choice in the matter; she had to do whatever I wanted her to do under my roof.

Chapter 5

~KANE~Anna continues to shower my neck with kisses; I grab her hips and pull her body tighter against mine. All the while, never taking my eyes off Maya. I need to see her reaction to everything I do; I need to see what hurts her the most. She can't hide the pain on her face, but there is also another emotion there. She wants to hate me; she wants to hurt me too. I want to chuckle at her courage despite what she's being faced with. Does she really think that she can hurt me? No matter what she tries, I will never succumb to pain brought unto me by her.

Chapter 6

~MAYA~When I awake the following day, something isn't right. My hands do not feel heavy; I don't think that they are even tied. This must be a dream; that monster wouldn't have felt sorry for me and let me loose. I open my eyes hesitantly, and I'm disappointed when I'm greeted with the same room as before. I'm still in this dreadful place. That hasn't changed. I look down at my hands, and to my surprise, the chains are definitely gone, and my hands are placed on my lap in front of me.

Chapter 7

~MAYA~"Get your hands off me!" I shout. "You have no right to touch me."

Chapter 8

~MAYA~My fear has doubled since a few hours ago after learning that there is a chance that my mate is going to sell me to another alpha. At least with him, I knew that I disgusted him so much that he didn't even want to touch me, but I'm not so sure that I'll be lucky with the other alpha if he decides to purchase me from him.

Chapter 9

Kane takes a sip of his drink, and even though he acts unbothered, his eyes are on Ben's fingers digging into my waist. I can't tell if he's annoyed or happy that another man is touching me. The mate bond is supposed to affect him just like it affects me, but so far, all I can see is a cold, heartless man staring back at me. I don't understand my luck; almost everyone finds a mate that shows some sort of emotion but not mine; he's the worst of them all."Drink some more." He tells Ben, "we will finalize the payment in a few minutes, and then you can leave with her."

Chapter 10

"My family, I'm sure you've heard of them. My father is King Jeremy, and my brother is alpha prince Austin Lance Vinci." I answered him, hoping that this would help him change his decision.His eyes widen for a second, and then totally surprising me, he doubles over laughing. What was so funny? Was he also another enemy of my brothers? Could I have walked myself into another trap?