Chapter 10 - Enslaved By The Alpha

"My family, I'm sure you've heard of them. My father is King Jeremy, and my brother is alpha prince Austin Lance Vinci." I answered him, hoping that this would help him change his decision.

His eyes widen for a second, and then totally surprising me, he doubles over laughing. What was so funny? Was he also another enemy of my brothers? Could I have walked myself into another trap?

"You expect me to believe that you're somehow related to that family?" he demands. "If that were true, your brothers would be hunting streets and forests for you. First of all, they wouldn't even let you out of their sight, let alone let you be taken by someone as ruthless as fucking Kane. I'm sorry, but I don't believe you, and even if I did, I was not about to let you go until getting a good taste of you."

"You're making a huge mistake," I tell him when he takes a step in my direction. "I am telling the truth, and my family will reward you greatly for getting me back safely home to them. However, if you even lay a finger on me and they find out, they will have your head and those of your entire pack as well. You do not want to do this."

He pounces forward, and I slap him hard across his face, "stay the hell away from me."

He tries to grab me, and I bite down hard on his wrist until I taste blood. Ben shouts in pain and tries to free his hand from my strong grip. I reluctantly let go but not before punching him hard on his face.

"You'll pay for that bitch!" He shouts as blood trails down his lips.

He grabs both of my hands and forces me down on the ground. I scream in anger when he tries to kiss my neck.

I knee him hard in his shaft before he can try anything more, and he howls in pain.

Good. Feel the pain. This was just the beginning of his misery; I wouldn't let this sick man touch me.

His body is suddenly lifted off mine, and I blink up at the last person I was expecting to see right now.

Alpha Kane. Did he come for me? That doesn't make any sense. Why would he sell me only to come right back for me a few minutes later? Unless, could this be another one of his sick, twisted games? He had it in him to do something this insane.

"Getting your ass beaten by a woman Ben?" he asks him. "How weak are you?"

"Didn't you teach this whore how to please a man?" he demands. "I paid good money for her. How can she not know to be submissive? And is there something wrong with her? She somehow thinks that she's the sister of Prince Austin; she's delusional if she believes something like that. You're not crazy enough to mess with their sister."

Kane laughs, "I've always thought that a woman with a lot of fire inside of her gave the best experience in bed. You don't know how to handle her well, that is all." he tells him. "And I'm sorry to tell you, but she's telling the truth. She is, in fact, Princess Maya, and I'm crazy enough to mess with that family. You do not know me that well."

Ben's face turns ghostly white by Kane's confession, "are you fucking insane? You can't mess with the—,"

My eyes are wide when Kane snaps the man's neck like it were a piece of stick, preventing him from finishing his sentence. He lights the body on fire and turns to me. How can he kill so quickly without any emotion at all? I was not expecting that; I don't think Ben saw that coming either. One minute they were having a normal conversation, and then Ben was dead.

Kane turns to look at me, and there is a knowing look on his face right before I begin to run from him. . . Just like before, I don't get far; his incredible speed throws me off-guard, and he grabs me from behind and pulls me to a stop.

"Why can't you see yet that it's useless to run away from me?" he asks.

I angrily shove his body away from mine. "You sold me to that psychopath! Do you have any decency at all?"

He tilts his head to the side and studies me, "you have said countless times that I am a monster. Then why are you asking me questions that you already know the answer to?"

I cross my arms and face him with so much hatred that I'm sure he can see it from my facial expression alone.

"I thought that being away from me would make you happy. Wasn't that what you wanted? I was only giving you everything you wished for from the beginning, but somehow, I'm the bad guy? I think sunshine that you do not know what you want. Maybe I need to show it to you." he continues speaking nonsense.

Kane suddenly backs me up against the tree behind of me, and I'm trapped with nowhere to run to, "he doesn't know how to pleasure you, does he?" he whispers, "He doesn't know how to make your pussy wet; he doesn't know how to turn on your precious little body."

I'm surprised by his questions, and it only angers me more by how much it affects my body.

"And you somehow know these things?" I snap. He doesn't need to know that his words are, in fact, making my body writhe with need. This is expected, however. The mate bond must be causing this reaction in my body, nothing else.

He chuckles, "I think you know the answer to that."

"I'm sure that any man other than you can give me pleasure." I hiss.

Kane growls, and it's the first time that my words seem to affect him this strongly. He grabs my waist, and I gasp when I feel his very aroused dick pressed up against my lower half.

He squeezes my cheeks together and leans into me, "it's about time we test that theory."

I don't have time to prepare when he crashes his lips to my own. My breath hitches at the first time our lips have ever touched. And I have one word for it; electric; kissing Kane is like having electricity rush through my veins. I want to beg him to kiss me more, to touch my body, to give me everything I've ever wanted from a man. I'm angry, oh so mad at myself for feeling this way, but I can't seem to help myself.

And then I lose all control. I'm grabbing onto his hair, pulling it, tearing his shirt, scraping his back. I feel so wild and like my body has awakened for the first time in my life. I can't seem to stop myself, and Kane isn't stopping either. We're both wild and hungry for something, and I'm not sure what it is yet.

This is wrong, so so wrong. . . Then why does it feel so right?