Chapter 5 - Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

As Charlotte and Gaston fell onto the ground together, the crowd collectively gasped in shock.

Charlotte’s arm was throbbing painfully. But when she looked up, the Rolls-Royce Phantom was long gone.

Almost instantly, the security guards rushed over and detained Gaston.

“Zachary Nacht, I curse you! You’ll die a horrible death!” he yelled desperately.

Soon, the guards stuffed a cloth into his mouth to stop him from yelling more and dragged him away like a dead dog.

Charlotte stared after him with sorrow. Father told me that the business world is like a battlefield. But it looks like hell to me.

A careless mistake will cause one to sink into an endless quicksand.

The mysterious man in the Phantom is none other than the devil incarnate who controls everyone’s fate.

Alas, the poor have to work for the devil even though they are barely surviving.

The moment Charlotte left Divine Corporation’s building, she received a text from the bank, informing her of the successful transcation to the kindergarten, amounting to one hundred and eighty thousand. Her balance in the account was three thousand nine hundred and eighty-eight.

Ah, it’s expensive to bring up kids nowadays. The triplets’ school fees plus meal allowance amount to one hundred and eighty thousand!

The rest isn’t even enough to buy formula milk for them. What should I do?

After battling with her own thoughts for a long while, Charlotte turned and entered Divine Corporation once again.

It’s just Wesley. He won’t do anything in broad daylight, right?

The man’s right. I’m no longer the rich heiress. I need to support my family and the kids. Pride isn’t important right now.

Charlotte was waiting for the elevator in the lobby when many bodyguards appeared, escorting a man to the VIP elevator.

Everywhere that man went, people would bow and greet him politely. “Good morning, Mr. Nacht!”

As she was far away and not tall enough, she didn’t manage to see what he looked like. But that man was obviously Zachary Nacht, the president of Divine Corporation.

Hmm, why does his figure seem familiar to me?

Shaking her head, she chided herself for being star-struck.

Why would I be reminded of that gigolo every time I meet a tall and muscular man?

He’s the president of Divine Corporation and an influential and ruthless man. There’s no way he’s a gigolo at Sultry Night!

“Mr. Nacht, the one who pulled Gaston Looney away was an onlooker—No, she has just registered as our new employee five minutes ago as a secretary on the thirteenth floor. Her name is Charlotte Windt,” reported Ben Nacht.

His boss said nothing as he scrawled his signature on a document. The man only replied with a grunt after he was done with his work. “Mm.”

Charlotte would be paid eight thousand monthly during her probation period, including basic insurance. Her salary would increase to ten thousand once she passed probation.

After going through the entry procedures, Charlotte was counting silently whether her salary was enough for her family’s expenses. I’ll need to spend eight thousand every month on the kids’ formula milk alone. That’s not including our expenses…

She was deep in worry when a few other employees came to welcome her. “Hello, Charlotte. Welcome to the administration department!”

“Oh, thank you.”

Charlotte shook hands with them warmly. This was her first official job, so she knew how important it was to build a good relationship with her colleagues.

“As usual, we’ll have a welcome party for you. Is that okay?”

“Of course. Dinner’s on me!”

“Ha! I like how smart you are. We’ll leave right after work.”


When it was time to get off work, Charlotte had some unfinished work, so her colleagues left and waited for her downstairs.

After finishing the paperwork, she grabbed her bag and headed to the elevator. But before she could reach it, the doors closed right in front of her.

At the same time, the doors to the VIP elevator parted. She scurried in without hesitation.

“This is the president’s private elevator. Please leave right away,” the bodyguard reprimanded her.


Before Charlotte could react, the mysterious man in the elevator made a gesture. His bodyguard received his order and stopped driving her out.

Charlotte looked back, but immediately turned away. It’s the devil incarnate, Zachary Nacht!