Chapter 4 - Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

On Monday morning, Charlotte sent the kids to kindergarten with Mrs. Berry before she went to Divine Corporation.

For the past few days, she had blasted her resume out to thirty-five companies. Seventeen of them called her for an interview, but they either rejected her or asked her to wait for their decision.

Only one company offered her a job—the legendary Divine Corporation!

Strange. The SMEs didn’t want to hire me, but why did the corporate giant in the industry, Divine Corporation, call me instead?

When she arrived at the HR department, she finally realized whose plan it was. “It’s you?”

“Long time no see, Miss!” Wesley Holt greeted her with an evil smile. “You’re still pretty after all these years.”

“Wesley Holt, my father fired you from Windt Corporation and left orders that you are not to step into H City for the rest of your life. How dare you return?”

Charlotte knew who he was. Wesley used to be the vice president of Windt Corporation. He tried to take advantage of her, so Richard fired him. She never thought she’d see him again after four long years.

“The Windt family is over the hill. Do you think you’re still the rich heiress?” Wesley snickered. “You’re nothing. I am the one who gives you this job!”

Giving him a glare, Charlotte spun on her heels and left.

“Charlotte, this is your final chance. If you walk out from this door, I guarantee you won’t find a job in H City, unless you are willing to become a hostess in a bar!” Wesley uttered arrogantly.

Furious, Charlotte stormed out of his office.

I will never give in to someone like him!

When she exited the building, a crowd had formed at the entrance.

There was a middle-aged man with gasoline poured all over his body. He was holding a lighter, trying to threaten everyone.

“Stay away. I want to meet Zachary Nacht, now!”

The staff stayed away while the bodyguards were on alert.

A few higher-ups tried to persuade him. “Mr. Looney, calm down. We can talk this out.”

“Calm down? Do you know what he did to me? I accidentally offended him, and he made me bankrupt overnight! How could I calm down?” Gaston Looney exclaimed.

At his words, Charlotte was reminded of her father, Richard.

I still don’t understand how Windt Corporation went bust suddenly. We were doing so well.

I didn’t even get to see Father before he died.

Did someone sabotage Father back then?

“Mr. Nacht is here!” someone shouted.

Charlotte looked up and saw a Rolls-Royce Phantom coming to a stop. The bodyguards swarmed toward the car and cleared a path. Seeing that, the crowd made way for him.

Gaston rushed to the car and stood in front of it. “Zachary Nacht, I demand an explanation today!” he shouted.

Everyone fell silent and gazed at the black Rolls-Royce nervously.

The most horrifying and influential person in H City is in that car!

Charlotte saw a figure in the backseat looking at his phone without a care in the world.

His driver and bodyguard in the passenger seat remained seated, waiting for his instruction. A heavy silence hung in the air.

The expressionless man then made a casual gesture.

Immediately, the vehicle sped ahead with every intention to hit Gaston.

The onlookers were dumbfounded, let alone Gaston. He froze on the spot in disbelief at the other party’s callousness.

The car was about to hit him when Charlotte rushed forward and pulled him back.

At that, the man in the car looked up and noticed Charlotte. A complicated look flashed across his gaze at the sight of her.