Chapter 5 - Her Triplet Alphas

I had always wanted the Thorn family to give me a proper bedroom but now that the Triplets wanted me to leave my little room, I stubbornly did not want to. Too much was changing too fast. The Triplets were really annoyed that I would not stay in any of their rooms or in a guest bedroom. I went to my room and shut the door locking it. It was after midnight. I had actually used Alex’s bathroom to shower because he did not want me using the ground floor one because then I’d have to walk around in my robe to get back to my room which is what I’d done for the past nine years. I was exhausted but I was curious about my gifts.

Mina got me a designer sparkly baby pink party dress and Tina got me a designer sparkly baby blue party dress. I smiled. The Triplets had gotten me an iPhone, an iPad and a Mac book. I was shocked. I knew they liked apple products a lot but I had never gotten any technological stuff before. This was my first cell phone at eighteen. I’d need their help to set it up. They also got me a proper Winter coat, a baby blue one. It was so pretty! One of the gifts was a small envelope with bow on it. It was a credit card with a note from the triplets with the pin, saying to use it to shop for whatever I needed. There was a pair of winter boots, also baby blue. I wondered how they knew my size but then I remembered Alex’s smell on all my clothes and smiled. There was a proper backpack for school. I honestly did not have one and would hold all my books or use a canvas grocery bag. I felt a little teary-eyed thinking about that. I had never really let myself notice all the normal things I did not have. I wiped my eyes hastily in response to a knock on the door. Felix?

“Come in,” I said. Alex.

“You’re driving me crazy,” he said. Huh.

He scooped me up and carried me out of the room bridal style.

“Thanks for all the gifts. They’re really thoughtful and wonderful,” I said softly.

I kissed his cheek. He grinned. Calix and Felix were standing at the entrance of Alex’s room. Alex carried me into the room and put me on the bed. Calix shut the door and Felix locked it. My stomach clenched.

“Where’s my kiss for the presents?” Asked Felix, pointing to his cheek. I jumped up, eager to get away from the bed, and kissed his cheek.

He grinned. Calix tapped me on the shoulder. I giggled and he bent down so I could kiss his cheek.

“Let’s get some rest. I couldnn't stand that room that’s really just a cleaning supplies cupboard,” said Alex to Felix who snickered.

Hey! It was true though.

“Time for bed,” said Calix, moving to turn off the light.

I was afraid of the dark and had begged their parents in tears for that nightlight.

Calix quickly fetched it from my room. I kept waiting for them to make fun of me for being afraid of the dark but they were arguing amongst themselves.

“I’m going on two nights no sleep cause her scent in my room was driving me crazy!” Insisted Calix.

“Ok, so definitely Calix,” said Alex.

Felix glared at his brothers.

“You rushed her today in all fairness, Felix, so tomorrow when you’re in better control you’ll definitely be one of the two ok. Tonight it’s me and Calix,” said Alex.

“What about what she wants?” Felix asked.

They looked at me.

“I’m really tired,” I said, not wanting to get in their argument. I was still really confused and a little nervous around them. I wanted to talk about the time they hit me and put me in the ice water but I couldn’t even think about it without getting too upset. I turned on the nightlight and turned off the bedroom light. I climbed into the middle of the huge bed. It dawned on me what was about to happen. My inner wolf was so excited. The human me was really nervous and unsure.

Calix climbed eagerly into bed. “Spoon me,” he said. “And Alex will spoon you.”

“Spoon?” I asked.

Alex got in on my other side. Felix spoke from the corner next to Alex, “Awww, she’s so innocent.”

The brothers all laughed. “Can I please show her what spooning is and then I’ll go back to the corner?” Pleaded Felix.

“Fine,” said Alex and Calix in unison.

Instead of coming over to me, Felix’s hands reached out and snaked around me pulling me to him. He pulled my back against his front and curved his body around me putting his arm over me to snuggle me. It was so comfortable. I immediately started to feel sleepy.

“That’s me spooning you,” he told me. “Now spoon me!”

He turned away from me. He was much bigger than me but I snuggled into his back and put my arm around him.

“She gets it now bring her over here,” said Calix.

I was lifted and placed between Calix and Alex. I was not even sure who lifted me which made me kind of excited. My inner wolf was howling in delight again. I spooned Calix now that I knew what that was and Alex held me, his nose near my neck.

“You smell really good,” Alex whispered in my ear.

Calix’s and Alex’s body heat was overwhelming. Being sandwiched between them, I could hardly keep my eyes open. I wanted to hate them. All three of them. I wanted to use this opportunity to break their triplet hearts but my body craved them. I had to fight to not feel happy as Alex whispered to me. He seemed to have a lot he wanted to say to me now that we were lying here in the dark.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered. I was glad he could not see me blush. “I’ve always thought that you know.”

I could not let that one slide. “As if,” I said, getting annoyed with him again.

“Yes, I have,” he insisted. “I’ve always loved your hair. I’ve always pulled on the curls. You know that.”

I considered that part of their bullying.

“I stole this before I knew you were my mate,” said Alex, showing me the hair tie he had put in his pocket the other day.

I gasped. They had took my hair tie because they thought my hair was pretty? Guys were so weird.

“Good night, Chasity,” Alex whispered.

“Good night, Chasity,” said Calix.

“Goodnight, baby,” said Felix.

“Good night guys,” I said.

“Can I kiss you?” Alex whispered so softly I almost missed it.

“Um, Ok,” I said.

Alex kissed my would-be marking spot. The tingles that shot through me made my whole body feel extra warm and I drifted off into a deep peaceful sleep.