Chapter 6 - Her Triplet Alphas

Everything that happened yesterday felt like a dream: Mina and Tina befriending me, all the presents and the triplets’ confessions. I was actually afraid to open my eyes in case I found myself in my cot in the cleaning supply room and the triplets hated me again. However, I felt extremely warm, too warm to be in a bed alone and too comfortable to be in my cot. I moaned, stretching out. It was only about five o’ clock in the morning but that was my usual wake up time to start making the family’s breakfast. I did not want their parents to despise me even more now that I might be interested in their sons. I wondered if I could sneak downstairs and start breakfast. The Triplets did not wake up until noon on Sunday but the parents would be up by seven o’ clock. I tried to extricate myself from Alex and Calix. Alex woke up, groaning, and pulled me back to him.

“What’re you doing? Do you have to use the bathroom or something?” He asked groggily.

He looked really cute with ruffled hair. I did not have the heart to lie to him.

“This is the time I usually wake up,” I said softly. “I have to make you guys’ breakfast.”

Calix laughed and yawned. “We wake up at like noon, don’t we?”

“Yeah, but your parents wake up at seven,” I said.

“They’ll fend for themselves, don’t worry,” said Alex, tightening his grip on me.

Felix stirred. He snatched me from Alex and Calix when their grips slackened.

“Hey!” Calix protested.

Felix draped me across his chest which was quite comfortable. His hand found my behind again, and he started to squeeze my cheeks. This is what I was afraid of.

“What’re you doing, Felix?” Asked Alex suspiciously.

“I’m bonding with my gorgeous mate,” said Felix.

I remembered Felix eating the last pancake so I got nothing and telling me I was fat. I winced at the memory. Felix noticed my strange movement.

“Sorry, Baby,” He asked.

“You think I’m gorgeous?” I said.

“You are,” he said simply.

“The other day you called me fat,” I said.

Felix stiffened. From the silence, I could tell that Calix and Alex were uncomfortable too.

“And you took the last pancake. I literally ate nothing that day. I spent the whole day organising stuff for you guys,” I said.

The memories flooded back.

“Shh, Baby, I’m so sorry,” whispered Felix, kissing my forehead.

“Don’t touch me!” I screamed. I jumped out of bed.

The triplets all sat up.

“Felix, you fucker, what did you do? She wasn’t scared before,” yelled Alex.

“YES I WAS!” I screamed so loudly that all the triplets jumped and their parents literally ran into the room.

I burst into tears, sobbing uncontrollably. I was so confused. The Triplets rushed to comfort me.

“NO!” Bellowed their father, still powerful despite making them the new alphas.

They sat back down.

“What is she doing in here?” He asked quietly. His tone was dangerous.

“I can’t sleep with her in that cleaning supplies room. I can’t stand it,” said Alex, taking responsibility.

“Then why did you not put her in a guest room?” Asked Romeo.

Their mother was quiet, letting their father handle this.

“Um,” said Alex.

“Look, Dad, everything was good, wasn’t it Chasity?” Asked Calix sweetly.

“It’s my fault,” said Felix and he sounded truly broken. “I’ve been pushing her a lot and I’m sorry. She was literally so happy up until she came over to my side of the bed which was five minutes ago.”

I felt sad for myself but now the stupid mate-bond was making me want to comfort Felix.

“Felix, we’re ok right?” I asked softly, my inner wolf needing reassurance. Since when was I so weak?

“Always, Baby, I fucking love you, Chasity,” he said. His brothers looked shocked.

My eyes widened. Did he mean that? It sounded so real. My inner wolf told me he did. I was not expecting Felix to fall the hardest and the fastest. He had been the meanest!

Romeo ignored Felix’s confession of love for me.

“Chasity is very young. She is eighteen. You boys are still young. You are twenty-one. You have had numerous girlfriends in swift rotation,” said Romeo.

Major shade from their Dad.

“As far as I know Chasity cleans, cooks and studies and that’s about it. You can’t sneak your very inexperienced mate in here at night. There’s three of you and you all hated each other day before yesterday. It’s too much for her,” said Romeo.

Whoa. Did Romeo actually care about me? He definitely loved his boys. Maybe now that they had been fated to me, he had to salvage what remained of my wellbeing.

“We really didn’t do any…mating stuff though,” Calix said.

“Maybe in your eyes, Honey,” cooed Calix’s Mom, “but in Chasity’s eyes it may seem different.”

The Triplets were looking crestfallen and I desperately wanted to comfort them. I was wholeheartedly regretting my scream. I wanted this awkward moment to be over.

“Let me start on breakfast. It’s already late,” I said, turning to leave. Felix rushed at werewolf speed, closed the door and stood in front of it.

“I know I already fucked up this morning but while I’m ahead,” Felix shrugged, “Over my dead body, Princess.”

I stared at him.

“I am still one of the Alphas of this pack and whether you wanna be with me or not, you will never lift a finger in this house again.” Said Felix, narrowing his eyes.

“Hire a maid and a cook again. Two each if it’s too much for one person,” Felix directed this at his parents.

They looked annoyed but Felix was an Alpha.

“I agree,” said Alex, nodding.

“Same,” said Calix, winking at his Mom so she would not get too mad.

She ruffled Calix’s hair and left with Felix opening the door for her.

“Before today is over, sort out the bedroom situation and decide which guest bedroom will become Chasity’s,” said their father. He left.

All the Triplets were once again sitting on the bed with me standing nearby.

“Baby, I’m sorry for all the times I called you fat,” said Felix.

I was so shocked, I actually laughed.

Alex rolled his eyes. “What my idiot brother meant was you’re beautiful.”

I blushed. I realised Alex had never actually called me fat. I remembered him claiming to have always had a crush on me. I wondered if that were really true.

Calix was the only one who had ever complimented me before the mate bond. He would be the easiest to forgive.

I went over to Felix and put my arms around him and climbed into his lap. My wolf was screaming at me to do it. I decided to give in. Alex and Calix looked shocked.

Felix nuzzled my nose with his. I realised Felix’s wolf had been calling to mine. I realised something else.

“I’ve never seen any of your wolves,” I said.

The Triplets grinned. They were wide awake now.