Chapter 10 - His Luna's Already A Luna

Nick POV

‘She bit you?’ Nick asked shocked, when his Beta report he’d been bitten by Ky’ra.

‘Yes, I was just doing my job, trying to protect her and get between her and the rogues. Doesn't like it.”

‘Back off a bit, she’s the warrior that backs up all the patrols I believe and her wolf can handle herself. I’ve seen it myself.’

‘How much off? This is the future Luna were talking about here? You are going to claim her right boss!’

Nicks mouth twitched into a smile ‘Yes Jeremy.’ he recalled what his mate looked like. Tiny pretty thing, Goddess she’d barely come up to his chest, he was going to tower over her. Well on the bright side he can just pick her up and toss her over his shoulder and make her go with him. He chuckled to himself. She was to little to cause him much trouble.

‘And you didn’t want a mate.’ Rip snorted at him interrupting his thoughts.

‘I never said that, just wasn’t actively looking for one.’ He wondered what her name was. The patrol he’d been with last night had only called her by her wolfs name, he’d have to get Alpha Corey to bring her to him in the morning. Explain he’d scented her, but also knew she’d be on patrol so left it till shift was over.

The Alpha in him would respect that, putting the packs safety first, when there were so many rogues roaming around. He lay in his bed and wondered. What she would make of him. His pack was one of the largest around and his reputation did precede him and well should.

Alpha duel you older brother and kill him to take over at 25, gives you a reputation. It also helped that those loyal to his now dead half brother Liam, who had fled from being slayed had spread the word of his duel and Rips display of power.

Nick rolled over in the bed and slept till the sun was up. It was nice to wake up refreshed. He showered, shaved and fixed his hair, got ready to officially meet his mate. He smiled she had looked right at him yesterday, rolled her eyes at him and the way he had been looking at her. Probably used to people staring at her wolf, then being shocked by her appearance. She and her wolf were complete opposites.

He was waiting outside the Alpha’s office promptly at 0615.

Alpha Corey looked him up and down, raised an eyebrow “Who you trying to impress son?”

“I found my mate last night, I’ll need an introduction this morning. I don’t know who she is.”

that grabbed Alpha Corey’s attention “You just left her out there?”

“My Beta spent the night watching her, she’s fine.”

“You’re and odd ball, you know that right. What Alpha doesn’t go and claim what’s his, right away?” he said going into his office. Shaking his head.

Nick followed him into the office “She was on patrol, figured you’d rather she stay on patrol with all the rogues out there, then be in my bed.”

Alpha Corey was almost laughing at him “Fair enough, you got a description?”

“Go one better, got her wolfs name...Ky’ra I believe.” he smiled, he could only imaging this Alpha wouldn't be to happy to loose one like her. He wouldn’t if she was one of his warriors.

“Oh really, has that wolf scent you out.” Alpha Corey was actually chuckling now, very amused it seemed “She’s a stubborn one that one.”

“It’ll be fine, I’m sure and as long as you bring her here, before 10am, we’ll be all good by the goddess.”

“Hmm, I hope your right son!” he sat behind his desk and smiled to himself “lets deal with Lucinda first shall we.”

“Yes lets.” Nicks tone changed instantly, he was going to enjoy having a piece of that girl. Though he was still reeling, from the knowledge she had been wolf-less, up until a few months ago.

He watched Alpha Corey’s eyes glaze over for a minute. Then he turned to Nick “did you think up a good punishment?” amusement still clear in his voice.

“Not really, had other things on my mind.” his mouth twitched.

Alpha Corey’s Beta, Gamma and Delta all burst into the room grinning stupidly, pushing and shoving each other out the way. “Boss please tell us the bet is still on!” Beta Adam asked excitedly.

“Oh its on, and I’m upping the pot today.” Alpha Corey laughed “500 bucks, she takes one look at him and tells him off right away.”

Nick frowned at them all. Again they were wagering on the out come of this Lucinda chick. He didn’t understand them at all, the woman had ruined his car and needed to not only explain herself, but also apologize to him.

There was a knock on the door and the Alpha called out for them to come in. To his surprise his Mate walked into the room, his mouth twitched on one side. Well lets deal with her first then, she had taken three steps into the room before coming to a halt. He watched her glance around the room, she was frowning and when her eyes met his. A beautiful golden brown, he smiled right at her, his 1000watt smile, that he’d literally seen, could make she-wolves go weak at the knees from.

Saw her nostrils flare as his scent filled her and to his surprise. She did not smile back at him at all, actually glared right at him, angry it seemed.

Alpha Corey interrupted their meeting “Lucinda you’re here.”

Nick’s eyes widened at her name, no way it couldn’t be, he thought. His eyes moved to Alpha Corey, that bastard knew. The minute he’d said her wolfs name he’d known, his eye’s moved back to his Mate.

“Hell’s No.” she yelled into the room and then just turned and stalked from the room and slammed the door shut.

Alpha Corey and his whole Alpha Unit burst out laughing his Gamma was staggering around holding his abdomen. He must have informed them. That was why they had all come bursting through the door, waiting on the bet and upping the anti. Bunch of bastards all of them.

Nick was staring at them, a little more than dumbfounded. What the hell just happened “What the…” he turned his eyes on the men in the room.

Alpha Corey stopped laughing, “Sorry son, you might have your work cut out for you, where Lucinda is concerned, and going around calling her a mutt. Didn’t help your cause.”

Rip was more than pissed off. Though Nick couldn’t tell who at. They clearly only had themselves to blame. Had she just rejected them? He didn’t think so, no pain coursing through him. He had seen more than a few rejections in his life, his father do it, both his brothers had done it. Caused actual physical pain to both parties involved.

No she was just shocked, as much as he was. They were going to have to try this again. He frowned “I guess I do.” he nodded “Might need a few more days in your pack Alpha Corey.”

“Granted...that is just more fun for us.” he chuckled.

“Is everything a joke, or a betting opportunity around here?”

“Ah you just got to learn to lighten up, is all son”

“If you don’t mind, we’d love to bet on how long it takes you to get her to come around.” Beta Adam laughed.

“I do, bloody mind, actually.”

“About your car Nicholas? how would you like me to punish your Mate, the future Luna of your pack!”

Nick was rubbing his temples now. Crap his mate had done that “I guess where not at this point. I still expect your pack to pay for the damages though. It happened under your watch,”

“Sure, I’ll take it our of her pay.”

Nick glared at him, this just turned into a nightmare.

“What?...I was going to make her pay for it anyway.” Alpha Corey smiled at him.

He had absolutely no idea what to do right this minute. Jeremy was going to have a field day with this one. On the bright side he knew where she lived and that helped.

“I think she might need a minute son.” Alpha Corey piped up again.

“Me too.” he muttered.

“You going to reject her?” Corey’s tone was suddenly dead serious all amusement was gone from it. The whole atmosphere in the room was suddenly very serious. All eyes were on him. The joking was gone from each and everyone of them.

“No. I will claim what is mine. You and I might need to sit down for a proper discussion about this.”

“Agreed” James nodded “I’ll go tell Gabby.”

Nick watched as Corey dismissed the Gamma, “Who’s child is she?”

“None of ours.” Alpha Corey replied.

“Her family?”


“What! All of them?” he frowned.

“Bar her twin sisters, yes.”

It was a lot to absorb “I have to go and talk to my men.” he said and left the room.

He really did need a moment to come to terms with the news.