His Luna's Already A Luna

His Luna's Already A Luna

Author:Novel Square Bookworm
Chapter: 86
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Synopsis about His Luna's Already A Luna

Lucinda an 18 year old wolf-less Luna Survived and rescued her packs remaining females and children from a s*******r by an invading Alpha. Given sanctuary by another pack in secret to keep them safe. 8 years later Lucinda now an expert in bladed weapons and Compound Bows finds herself Fated to her second chance mate. An imposing Alpha who's thoughts on Luna's a little more than off, only interested in a mate if they can create him a strong heir. Will he learn how to love and bond to a fated mate? Can he gain her trust to find out about her secret past? A tragedy all have heard of, but understand nothing about. Can the two of them come together and will their goddess gifted Mate Bond be strong enough to save her from her past.
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Tears fell from Lucinda’s eyes as she sat in the front room of the White Lotus Packs pack-house, leaning against the far wall. She was covered in blood, twin girls between her splayed legs, only born 10 minutes ago, their umbilical cords roughly severed and knotted hastily, were lying crying on the floor. Her eyes were watching a horrific scene to be beheld inside the pack-house walls, the invading Alpha, Alpha Darwin and her current Luna Felecia fighting brutally. He was trying to forcibly claim her now, that he had killed her Mate and their Son, the future heir to the White Lotus Pack.She could see the 60 women and children who had been here for safety in the pack-house as the raging battle outside had begun, a battle that had turned into a full-blown slaughter. Alpha Darwin was on a mission for only one thing; the woman he was now fighting with to claim by force.

CH 1 (8 years after swearing allegiance to Half Moon Pack)

Lucinda POVSitting quietly in their camp, waiting for the cover of darkness, with their scents masked so as not to be detected by the rogue wolves that they were getting ready to attack, would not smell them when the time came, to retrieve the three young she-wolves that had been kidnapped from their pack just a few days ago, while they had been shopping in the nearby human town.

CH 2

Nick POVHe halted his team as they made their way down the valley. He had not scented anything other than the rogues and their captives, four of whom were from his pack. But his wolf sight had just picked up movement past the treeline, on the other side of the narrow valley before them, looked like a special unit, they were all moving in-sync with each other and he could clearly see they had a purpose, five to twelve not good odds.

CH 3

Lucinda POVThomas had informed her that she had nearly shot and killed an Alpha. She had simply raised an eyebrow and shrugged it off. “Shouldn’t have been sneaking up you boys.” was all she’d said, it didn’t both her at all, more mere amusement.

CH 4

Nick POVJeremy, his Beta, had dropped an envelope on the desk in front of him. He was smiling that stupid grin he got when there was something mischievous about to happen. Nick raised an eyebrow at his Beta, who’s grin just got bigger, and he just stood there staring at him, it seriously couldn't be that funny. Though Jeremy thought lots of things were funny nowadays. The man was 6”4’ with dark brown eyes, short light brown hair and dimple in his chin, and one deep dimple in his right cheek which was showing with his clear amusement over whatever he thought was funny.

CH 6

Nick POVThe five hour drive to Half Moon Pack ,was too long, and put him in a bad mood. His 6”10’ frame never really fit into any vehicle comfortably, he always felt cramped. Even in his personal Hummer

CH 7

Nick POVThe night was bothering him to much, the room he had been placed in, thought was very nice and comfortable, was not sound proof. Not only could he hear his Beta and that red head. Who was clearly really enjoying herself, he to could hear what was going on in other rooms on the first floor.

CH 8

Lucinda POVWell rested, fed and dressed in her retrieval gear her bow slung on her back Lucinda grabbed the two smaller cases on her kitchen table and headed into the pack house. She wouldn’t normally train the twins fully kitted out but today was a special day, and she already had permission from Alpha Corey to do so. As long as he got to see the pictures.

CH 9

Nick POVHe’d been out stretching his legs with his Beta when they’d walked around the corner of the pack-house, Rip had pushed his way to the surface. Turned his whole body and attention to the packs training grounds, there she was all kitted out again, still couldn’t see what she looked like. To his surprise had two small proteges with her ‘ah that is why they are so close to her.’ he thought to himself, she’s their trainer.

CH 10

Nick POV‘She bit you?’ Nick asked shocked, when his Beta report he’d been bitten by Ky’ra.