Chapter 10 - His Miracle Luna

Later that night Aaron knocked on her hospital room door, he wasn't going to just barge in unannounced.

She didn't want him here and neither did Jocelyn, and Gabriel was just being polite for the sake of his wolf's sanity. When he heard a soft and scratchy 'come in' he opened the door.

To his surprise nobody was here with her, it was just her.

As he closed the door behind him he couldn't help but notice the small smile she gave him behind the mask she was wearing.

He missed being around her like he used to be when they were growing up. Aiden never hung out with her as much as he did always went out and hung with his own friends but not him, he would go over and hang out with her and Jocelyn most of the day. He didn't care that he was 2 years older than them.

Those 2 girls were his best friends growing up, and he was proud to call Jocelyn his future Beta. Had it not been for his brother she would have gotten the spot.

Aaron walked over and sat down in a chair next to her, looking up I seen atleast 4 different medications plus a blood bag going into her through 3 different IV sites, but still nobody will tell me what's wrong, and why she is so ill. He and his wolf were worried sick.

Aiden has called to check in on me, he's asked about her to see if she was getting better and I told him I wasn't sure because I didn't know why they brought her in.

"What's with the face, Ronnie?" Aaron's face lit up upon hearing that stupid nickname she gave him when she was 7.

He smiled a genuine smile and said "I'm worried, Eve. Nobody here will tell me what's going on."

Everly's eyes closed, of course they didn't tell him. Why would they? He only came here to forcibly take her home with hin. A home his brother kicker her out of.

"I'm not doing so well..." she told him softly, she was too tired to fight with him, that's why she let him in, she had a feeling it was him at the door, there was a pull telling her to allow whoever it was to come in, plus everyone else just came in.

"I can see that, but why are you here, Everly? It has to be bad if you are here? Because your stubborn ass won't go to the doctor for anything." Aaron told her.

"That's because I'm a nurse, I can take care of myself." she argued taking in a slow deep breath, with a raised eyebrow.

He completely forgot that she was studying to be a doctor, only was able to get a job as a nurse but she loved it from the times he did see her at the hospital.

"Is it a secret? Am I not allowed to know what's going on?" he asked her softly and looked down at his hands, he would understand if she said yes. He and Aiden hurt her.

"I'm dying, Ronnie!" Everly told him and she seen his head shoot back up at her words, his dark brown eyes locking with her blue ones. "I was poisoned, and if I don't get the antidote in time....I will die."

Aaron's heart clenched at what she said. How? Magic of any kind even poison hardly affects her, he should know, she has had Jocelyn try everything she could on her when they were younger.

He has even gotten complaints from his pack members about Jocelyn using her magic on a human. He told them that he would handle it but in reality he didn't do anything, because he knew nothing bad would happen.

"How is that possible, Eve?" he asked, his wolf laid down and howled in his head at the thought of her dying. He didn't care anymore if she wasn't with him, he just wanted her alive.

Closing her eyes again, she has been putting off going to sleep for an hoir now while waiting on Gabriel to get back from taking Jorge over to Gabriella's house.

"A really powerful warlock!" she told him.

Everly opened her eyes again. "I want you to find someone to be happy with, Ronnie! I'm sorry that it can't be me, your brother ruined that when he kicked me out of my home." she changed the subject.

"I will accept your rejection." he told her honestly.

She shook her head. "I won't do that again, I am willing to handle you marking another just so you can be happy. But if you don't think she is in River Ash, look for her here."

"I can't be here if one of us don't break our bond, Everly. If I stay here and we are still bonded then that will be an issue for you and for Gabriel.. the pull to one another will be just as strong to me as it is to him." Aaron explained and carefully took her hand.

As much as he didn't want to he knew she wouldn't do it again. "This will hurt, probably more than it did with Aiden, but I'm not going anywhere."

He watched her nod and take in a shaky breath to brace herself. "I...." he had to pull strength from his wolf to continue "I, Aaron Parker reject you Everly Reynolds as my mate and Luna of The River Ash Pack."

Her hand tightened in his as tears welled up in her eyes. Aaron was right it did hurt more than when Aiden rejected her, even more than when she did it to him.

She heard the heart machine she was attached to go off due to her heart rate spiking, it was only going to raise when she accepted it.

"You have to accept it, or it will continue to hurt." he whispered glancing at the machine a little worried.

"I..I, Everly Reynolds accept your re-rejection." Aaron heard a sob escaped her when she finished what she said. "I'm sorry, Eve!" he whispered.

Closing her eyes for what seemed like the umpteenth time that night Everly nodded her head "it-it is fine...I'm fine"

"I'll wait for you to fall asleep before I leave." she shook her head at him "I don't know when, Gabriel will be back. Can you stay until he comes?" she asked him her eyes feelimg too heavy to even open.

Aaron smiled and moved a little closer to the bed, "I'll stay as long as I need to." he looked down at their hands and sighed. There wasn't any sparks coming from her touch anymore, but he accepted it earlier today when he saw how sick she really was.

Laying his head down on the bed he felt her let go and place her hand on his head and began playing with his hair, something she used to to when she was tired and fought it.

He drifted off to her slowly running her fingers through his hair.

He woke up suddenly to loud alarms going off, his sleepy state long forgotten when he looked up and seen her machines going erratic.

Before he could get up to hit the call button the door flug open and people swarmed in the room, he got up and was immidatly pushed out of the way.

He went to ask what was going on when he heard her flatline, a sound he never thought he would hear, his own heart felt like it stopped as nurses worked to get it going again.

They shocked her once, and nothing happened then a second time and still nothing. He seen Gabriel enter the room when they shocked her a third time, his face was pale and he himself looked like he wasn't breathing.

That stupid machine was still showing no reaction from her, and it made my knees want to give out on me. They nervously glanced around and seen their Alpha in the room and for the hell of it the doctor had them shock her 1 last time.

When her body jerked from the electricity coursing through her body then settled back on the bed, that damn doctor waited 10 seconds before calling it.

"Time of death 22:48-" Michael stopped when he heart a beep, he looked at the machines to make sure he wasn't hearing things and he heard another one, then another.

He instantly felt relief fill him when he seen her heart rate rising, his Luna was a fighter. He had to yell at his staff to get them out of their shocked state by giving them orders.

He walked over to the 2 men standing in a corner away from everyone. "As you can see, we got her back. But I don't think she can handle much more."

"Can she last till morning?" Gabriel asked him not moving his eyes off of her as they placed a brething tube down her throat, and it hurt him knowing she didn't want that.

"I don't know, I'm surprised she came back at all. But we will do our best to make sure we get her there." Michael told him and walked back to his team.

Aaron turned to him "what happens tommorrow morning?"

Gabriel shifted his eyes to his "her cure arrives.."


Gabriel walked in and handed Aaron a coffee, the 2 of them has taken turns all night sitting with her, so they both could get some sleep.

Aaron even told him what happened, he was a little shocked to say the least that she refused to reject him again.

But when he told him why she wouldn't he felt his heart warm. She was a rare gem, always thinking of others before herself, he learned that from both Aaron and Jocelyn.

It was now nearly 7 in th morning and he was getting anxious. Azriaiel said he would be here before dawn and here it was after daybreak.

Taking out his phone he scrolled through the numbers, when he found his he hit it and put it to his ear.

He answered on the first ring. "I'm coming, I had to find something to put it in." Azriaiel told him spooning the antidote into 2 separate bottles. "I need her awake, Gabriel!"

"That's gonna be difficult, considering she coded last night!" his eyes closed at the memory.

Azriaiel sighed deeply "we have to find a way to get her to drink this if she isn't awake."

"She has IVs hooked up,any chance those would do?" Aaron asked Gabriel

Opening up a portal Azriaiel quickly stepped through it surprising both men. "It might. But we can try both, we need her woken up.." he said hanging up his phone and puttinf it in his pocket.

Gabriel nodded and mind-linked Michael, telling him that he need to wake up Everly.

About 5 minutes later he walked in with a bag full of saline and ephedrine.

"Okay I need that bag empty and is that to rouse her?" When he nodded Azriaiel took the syringe from him, he took the cap off with his teeth and jabbed it into her heart.

"S-Sir there are more delicate ways to administer that drug." Michael told him a little shocked that neither Gabriel and Aaron didn't move a muscle to stop him.

"We don't have time for that, I need her awake now..." he watched as her heart rate picked up because of the drug, he just hoped she had the will to wake up herself.

He seen her fingers move, and he made quick work in removing the tube from her mouth. He then moved to where he was sitting on the bed beside her, her head fell limply to the side and all he was thinking was she only had to drink the potion he made.

Problem was it tastes horrible. "What is her name?" "Everly!" he nodded and turned her face back towards him "Everly, sweetheart? I have your antidote and I need you to drink it."

He got no response from her, so he looked back at Gabriel who nodded and walked over. He leaned down placing his hands on her face with his head against hers, he whispered something to her but he didnt hear it.

When he stood upright he gripped her shoulder and lifted her up then sat behind her on the bed, he reached his hand out for the potion and I handed him 1 of the bottles.

"You promised you would fight, now please drink this.." Gabriel whispered into her ear, he felt the smallest of nods from her and he lifted it to her mouth.

The moment it entered her mouth she automatically spit it out, Gabriel groaned and said "You have to drink it, it's the only way love." she cried out and placed her hands on his telling him she would try again.

He could feel her struggling to drink the potion down without throwing it back up, Goddess only knew how it tasted. When she was half way through with it, her machines started going off again. He went to pull back but she shook her head.

Michael moved closer, he was prepared just in case something happened and Gabriel seen that.

"Almost finished" he whispered, her fingernails dug into his hands as he tilted the bottle higher, he glaced over at her machines.

Her heart rate was falling again and so was her breathing. Even her blood pressure was low, she was ready to go back to sleep when the bottle was finally empty.

Her body fell back against him and he placed the bottle on the table beside him. "You did great." It was then he noticed Azriaiel hooking up the bag to the central line that went right into her artery.

"She should be better within the day..." Azriaiel told him as he adjusted the drip on the bag, looking over he seen a birthmark on her shoulder when Gabriel shifted her position.

It made him take a second glance.

That's impossible.