Chapter 9 - His Miracle Luna

Gabriel sat in the chair as her and Jorge slept it's been a few hours since Michael had given her the drug and there wasn't any change in her health.

In fact it seemed to be getting worse, they had to put a mask on her durring the night because her breathing was becoming an issue.

He offered to take Jorge home, but she told him he was fine. It was now around 4 almost 5 am and Gabriel hasn't slept a wink.

He knows that Aaron was out in the waiting room because his warriors and Beta told him he was laying on the chairs.

I was nice enough to have a nurse put him in the private room across the hall from us so he could sleep comfortably. I'm not that cruel, even if my reputation says I am.


I moved my head up and smiled as much as I could at the sound of her tired voice.

"You are tired too, lay with us!" she tried moving over but Jorge wouldn't let her go, he was afriad she would disappear if he did.

Standing up I moved him with her then slipped my shoes off.

Everly smiled at him when he laid down, she could see the worry lines on his face and she didn't like that she was the cause of them.

"I'm going to be fine." she told him, even if she didn't believe it. She was always on the winning side of things after her parents death, but she felt in her heart that this time it wasn't going to be in her favor.

Gabriel sighed and looked her in the eyes, they looked dim, like they had lost all the life they had when she came here.

Her being rejected and kicked out of her home had broken her, and he seen that.

She tried really hard to hide it but he could see it in the week he's known her.

And with her friend here confirmed it all.

"I talked to the warlock that had poisoned your pills. He was already working on an antidote ehen I called him, it's just gonna take a little time." Gabriel told her not breaking eye contact.

"I don't know if I can last much longer, Gabriel... I'd already taken enough of it for it to work it's way through my entire system-" Everly tried to tell him but he cut her off.

"You will not give up! As far as I have seen you are strong, stronger than anyone I have ever met. And for a wolf to say that about a human you better believe it." he told her and placed a hand on her cheek.

She smiled at him a single tear slipping from her eye "Well this human don't feel all that strong."

He watched her take a deep breath, the mask she wore barely filling up with air as she let air back out, he knew she was struggling to breathe.

It was only a matter of time before they put her back to sleep and gave her a breathing tube.

She already told Michael she didn't want one, so it would have to only be done on a life saving basis, otherwise she wouldn't let them do it.

"I want, Aaron gone by..." he looked over at her and seen that she had fallen back asleep before she could finish what she wanted to say.

Gabriel snuggled closer to his son and her and closed his eyes.

He would be able to catch a couple hours before he had to get up and take Jorge home to get him ready for school.


When Everly woke up again it was because she heard Gabriel talking softly to Jorge before he picked him up.

She fell back asleep before they left the room.

The next time she woke up it was because she jolted herself awake by coughing, she sat up holding her chest as she did.

Someone sat beside her and removed the mask from her face just as red covered her and the blanket, she tried to catch her breath between coughs but all that did was make the coughing worse.

She felt that if she didn't breathe soon she would eventually pass out.

Everly could hear the alarms in the room going off, the person beside her telling her to breathe but she couldn't.

The sparks on her arm told her it was her mate, but his skin tone also told her it wasn't Gabriel.

She shook her head frantically telling Aaron she couldn't and she felt him get up and run to the door, he screamed something but she didn't catch it because black dots covered her vision from the lack of air.

Her body fell back agasint the pillow again and she could feel herself choking on the liquid in her throat, her eyes closed just as someone turned her on her side.

This time it wasn't Aaron, she heard Jocelyn and Kyle's voice n the room.

They patted her back and whispered "it's okay, Luna.. I'm here with you" It was Kyle.

He then rolled her onto her back again and put a nasal cannula on her to help her breathe.

Everly then felt a wet cloth on her face and arms, it made me shiver because of the fever I had still.

"What is wrong with her? Nobody will tell me a damn thing when I ask!" Aaron asked in an angry tone as he watched Jocelyn clean the blood off of Everly.

"That's none of your concern, Aaron." he heard Jocelyn reply not even looking over at him.

He scoffed "She is my mate, Jocelyn, I have a right to know!"

Turning around swiftly, Jocelyn's hair fell from it's ponytail at the force of her turn.

"So you care about her now? Where the hell was that care at when you and your brother realized she was your mate? Or when you marked and mated Casey? Because I told your dad what happened that night he knew where we were. He has always looked after Everly after her parents died, especially after what happened with her father."

The fire in her tone made Aaron shift a bit, he always tried to not piss Jocelyn off. "All you did was make it worse by making her feel more pain by marking another female knowing she would feel it, Aaron. Human or not that shit hurts."

Jocelyn picked up whatever was in arms reach at threw it as hard as she could at him, he didn't even move like she thought he would he just let whatever it was hit him.

It hit him in the head but he stood there like it didn't faze him a bit.

Unfortunately for him it was a bedpan, good thing it was clean or he would have been grossed out.

"I hate you and your brother so much for what you both have done to her." she told him with tears forming in her eyes, they were angry tears "You used to be her best friend, Aaron, then you went off to summer camp and came back thinking you were better than everone else. You and Aiden both did."

Aaron stood there ignoring his throbbing head, his wolf howled out in pain at everything she said. She was right, every single thing she said was right.

"When she is better, if she wants to reject me again... I won't fight her on it." he said with a sigh then walked out.

Jocelyn calmed herself down before she turned to her mate. "Can you help me?"

"What do you need?" Kyle asked, he was still in awe over what she said and did, he knew now never to get on her bad side.

"Her bed needs to be changed, but I want to get her cleaned up." she explained.

"I'll go start the bath," he turned to his future Luna "I promise I won't look at anything I shouldn't." he seen her fingers twitch and he smiled knowing she heard him.

About 15 minutes later Gabriel was walking down the hallway when he seen Aaron, he was supposed to be in the room with Everly. Why was he standing outside her room?

"Why aren't you sitting with, Everly?" he asked him. When he stopped in front of him that was when he noticed the blood spots on his shirt.

Aaron sighed and explained what happened down to the fight with Jocelyn and her throwing a bed pan at him.

If Gabriel didn't look so worried he probably would have laughed at him about the bed pan issue.

"I believe Jocelyn is giving her a bath, cleaning the blood off of her. I'm sure you can go in though. I'm the one not wanted here."

Gabriel gave him a sad look "If she does reject you and you wish to can. Your pack has an Alpha regardless."

"I appreciate that Gabriel, but I'm an Alpha. I can't live under another Alpha. We would fight too much." Aaron told him.

He nodded and went to the door, Gabriel nodded at him before he entered the room.

His Beta was changing the sheets and bankets on the bed when he walked in, does he know we have nurses for that?

He shook his head, he then heard running water and soft talking.

It was just Jocelyn talking but she was telling her where to move her arms and what not, this made me frown so I went in and seen her having a hard time keeping her up.

Just when she turned her head to yell for Kyle she seen me. I was already taking my shirt and shoes off then I slipped my jeans off, I left my boxers on for Jocelyn.

She moved and I slipped in picking her warm body up and leaning it against my chest, she was shivering even though her skin was warm.

If my timeline is correct Azriaiel has a little over a day now to get here with his cure, but at this rate I'm afraid he won't make it in time.

"When she gets out, Michael said she needs blood. She lost alot of blood this morning, before we got her in here she threw up more..." Jocelyn said worry evident on her face.

"Okay, what's the problem then?" Gabriel asked confused.

"This pack only has 1 bag of her blood type" she explained.

"What is her blood type?" he asked her, not understanding her worry. They have humans here that can donate more.

"AB-" Gabriel's face fell, he looked down at her, her usual rosy cheeks were pale and her lips slightly chapped due to not being able to hydrate herself on her own, only relying on the constant IV drips, that at the moment weren't being used.

"O..." she coughed a few times her throat still hurting and sore from earlier. Everly took in a deep breath and tried again. "O- will work..." her voice sounded scratchy and it hurt to speak.

"Okay, I'll tell Michael." Gabriel told her kissing her head.

"And I will call Alpha Jack about getting your blood bags transferred here." Jocelyn whispered rubbing the warm cloth down her arm.

She looked up because she felt her Alpha's eyes on her. "It's Aaron and Aiden's father. She has been donating her own blood since she was 16 after the vampires killed half our pack, almost killed her, drained half her blood supply before Alpha Jack got there."

She shuttered at the thought, her parents weren't able to make it to the underground bunker with the rest of the families, they were warriors.

Everly told her that when she opened the door to go out herself 4 vampires were already there, waiting for someone to come out. They forced her to watch as they murdered her mother, but what they did to her father...was tragic.

Jocelyn looked up at Gabriel when they both heard her wheezing, her heart wasn't as fast as it was the day before in fact it was extremely slow today.

"Love you need to let them put you to sleep so they can put a breathing tube-"

"No!" Everly said with as much confidence as she could muster in that moment. Her eyes opened finally and she looked at Jocelyn with a pleading look.

"She won't do it sir!" Jocelyn said looking away from her strong willed best friend.

Tightening his hold around her waist he looked down at Everly then to Jocelyn. "Why not?"

She turned back to him and sighed. "She told you her parents died right?" he nodded "as you are now aware we are from The River Ash Pack and 4 years ago we were attacked by rouge vampires."

"What she didn't tell you is that they were killed in front of her and that the vampire that attacked her was her own father. They turned him on purpose, just so he could kill his own child."

Everly never thought she wouldn't have to hear this story be told again, she never wanted to hear this story be told again. It has been told many times that her dad died and was turned because of her, it got so bad that even she started to believe it.

It wasn't until her Alpha told everyone that her father saved her by letting them turn him instead of her. He lied to the pack about who attacked her, but she told only Jocelyn the truth.

"Our pack doctor had to put her in a medically induced coma while on a breathing tube. When she woke up she had no memory of the attack but had night terrors about them due to PTSD! It took her a good 2 weeks to get her memory back. Then came the twins 18th birthday and they came and destroyed her mother's garden, that very same day!"

Gabriel's heart broke hearing all of that, he was there chasing down rouges who got away, then helping the families with the dead. He remembered hearing about a teenage girl whose father was turned after her mother was murdered.

But he never thought it was his girl they were talking about. Too bad Aiden didn't know they were mates then and rejected her so he could have found her before. He knows that sounds horrible but he was there to see all that tragedy, he couldn't imagine living it.

"She's ready to get out." Jocelyn told him and he nodded his head. "Kyle promised her he wouldn't look at anything, if you want to dry off."

Gabriel nodded his head and Jocelyn called for Kyle after she let the water out.

"I got you some clothes from the house lastnight, Evie." Kyle chuckled at her just as he lifted her up with a towel wrapped around her body. "She got you pajamas, Luna!"

"Not...your Luna..yet." Everly told him, groaning at the irritation in her throat.

Kyle laughed again as he walked back into the room. "Regardless you are to me and my mate... Luna!" all that did was earn another groan from her.