Chapter 2 - His Miracle Luna

"Jorge?" Gabriel yelled as he raced towards the emergency room.

Jorge jummped off of the bed and ran to the sound of his fathers voice. "Daddy!" he squeals when he sees him, his sneakers making loud noises against the floor as he ran.

"What happened, why did you run away from the nanny?" Gabriel asked him as he picked him up.

He noticed a scent on him that made his mouth water and he didn't know why, but he liked it so he didn't mind.

Huffing Jorge looked away. "She said that Brenda was gonna be my new mommy. I don't like her, she's mean."

Gabriel chuckled at him, he then looked down at his arm "How did this happen?" he watched his son shrug his shoulders "I tripped, but a nice lady came and helpped me." Jorge pointed around his father toward the beds.

Walking back to where his son ran from Gabriel was hit with the most delicious scent he had smelt. It was almost better than the fragrance of his mate Lydia, but this...this was different.

It was sweeter.

When he reached the area he seen the nurses rushing around a woman but he couldn't see her face because they had her on her side facing away from him while they worked on a horrible bite mark.

"What happened? Who is she?" I asked my Beta who was watching them from the other bed across from her.

"We had a breach about some rouges, I was already looking for little man here so I joined them. I didn't expect to find a human with them" he shrugged "one of them had already attacked her before we got there, Gabe!"

"She's human?"

Kyle nodded "She told Jorge she was."

Gabriel nodded. "Did you catch her name?"

Jorge perked up "I did!"

Both Kyle and Gabriel laughed at him. "What is it?"

"Everly" Jorge said proudly.

Everly. Gabriel thought to himself, then smiled.

He only broke out of his thoughts of how sweet her name sounded in his head when someone stepped in front of him and it just so happen to be Brenda.

"Baby, you said you wouldn't be long!"

Kyle rolled his eyes he knew how Gabriel hated being with her, he only agreed to the marriage to appease his mother.

They both had to play a part out in public, especially Brenda, because his former Luna would threaten the poor woman if things didn't look the way she wanted it.

"I have asked you not to call me that." Gabriel said, he really wasn't in the mood for her tonight despite what his mom wanted.

"Doctor Roberts? Let me know when she wakes please? I would like to thank her for saving my son's life when she wakes up!" he told the doctor that was working on his mate.

"Kyle can you have a guard posted at her room when they are finished up please?" Kyle nodded his head "Yes Alpha!"

As they started walking away, he felt Brenda walking behind him. "Go home Brenda!"

"But I want to go with you..."

Yeah not going to happen, I'm not marrying her now that I have found my second chance mate. I don't care that she is human.

It's a blessing for all creatures of the Moon Goddess when they find out they have a second chance at love.

"Go home! I have to get my son ready for bed, and I have work to do." Gabriel growled, then walked away leaving her there.


Beeping, gosh what is that annoying sound? Someone make it stop.

There's pain too, why is there pain?

There's that fucking beeping again.

Turning her head to the right Everly opened her eyes a bit, she seen the source of the noise and wanted to smash it to smithereens.

She also seen a woman in the room writing on a clipboard, seeing her head pop up and look at her, she gave her a smile.

"You're awake, that's good." she sounded so bubbly, how is someone this bubbly? She even had a huge smile on her face, while I'm here with the biggest frown line ever.

Is that what I look like when I go to check on my patients in the morning, or when they need assistance?

"Is there any discomfort? If there is I can let the doctor know and she can give you something for it."


Pain, check

Confusion, double check

I suppose she seen how out of it I was and wrote something down before putting a glass of water in front of me.

I hissed as she helped me sit up more on the bed, but so I didn't have to stay up that way on my own she lifted the bed up for me.

"Here..." She offered me the cup and I nodded politely at her, after taking a few sips I handed it back to her. "Thank you" She smiled at me again with that big smile of hers. "You are quite welcome"

"I'll have someone bring you something to eat, and-"

"The little boy?" I cut her off, I vaguely remember being brought in here but I remember him, I want to know how he is. "Is he alright?"

The nurse nodded her head "he sprained his wrist, but he is alright!"

"Oh thank the Goddess..." I mumbled leaning my head back against the bed, and released a breath I didn't know I was holding.

"As I said, I'll have your breakfast brought up, and your medications brought in as well." she glanced down at the chart once more then left the room.

I honestly could careless about my wellbeing, as long as that little boy is alright then that's okay with me.


Gabriel was sifting through his paperwork when he got the call from the doctor that Everly had woken up.

I don't think he had ever seen his son get ready that fast before in his whole life.

As they walked out of the elevator his wolf began prancing around in his head and wagging his tail.

At first he was upset that she didn't have a wolf or some other shifter he could communicate with, but remembering that she risked her own life for our pup covered that up drastically.

He had his warriors trace where they thought she came from, and found a jeep about 2 miles from the border, they said it had her belongings in it and looked like the rouges attacked her from the road.

Perhaps she needed help and ran in his pack to seek it out? He'll ask her all those questions in due time, but first he just wanted to see her.

Gabriel nodded at his warrior then knocked on the door before opening it, Jorge wiggled his way out of his arms and bolted towards the bed.

"Son be careful."

Everly snapped her head from the window at the sound of a Spanish accent entering the room, it was more toned than the one she heard lastnight and it made goosebumps rise on her skin.

When she turned her eyes fell on the little guy that ran towards the bed. "Hi" Jorge said with an excited tone, causing a soft giggle to leave Everly. "Hi" she smiled at him.

Gabriel was in awe, not only at the sound of her laugh, but the soft tone of her voice, and she's only spoke one word.

He never got to see her face last night, but seeing her now he just wanted to run his fingers through her light hair, or touch the dimples that were on her cheeks when she smiled, oh and those bright blue eyes that seemed to rival the sky in it's color her right eye had a bit of hazel running through it on the bottom and it made her look even more beautiful to him.

"Evie, this is my daddy!" Jorge said bouncing on his feet.

Oh that nickname coming from him was just so cute. So much sweeter than when her best friend Jocelyn called her 'Evie'

Looking up Everly noticed how small she felt in his presence, yes Aiden and Aaron were Alphas too and not exactly hard on the eyes, but this man was clearly sculpted by Gods.

His tanned skin tone and dark hair made his dark grey eyes look so mesmerizing to look into.

He had a tattoo on his neck that went down past his shirt that she so wished she could see the rest of.

His lips looked delicious and inviting, unconsciously she licked hers then cleared her throat. "Hello Alpha, I suppose you already know who I am because of your son?"

Gabriel raised both his brows, a little shocked that she knew he was the Alpha, but regardless he nodded his head and gave her a smile.

"Yes I do. You're Everly, the 'nice lady' that saved my sons life. I'm Gabriel" he took a seat in the chair by her bed. "May I ask how you came so far from the human settlement? And why you smell like a rouge?" To him she didn't smell like one, but to his warriors she did.

To him all he smelt was Pineapple and a hint of Jasmine.

Everly looked away from him closing her eyes, she wanted so bad to forget what Aiden did, it hurt more than the attack did.

Gabriel went to grab her hand to sooth her but stopped himself. She knew about his kind but wasn't sure if she knew about the mate bond of two people, so he placed his hand on her knee and squeezed it gently.

"You are safe here," she looked back at him, and he swore he seen sadness in her eyes. "Where is here exactly?"

"The Mystic Shadow Pack!" Once Gabriel said that he heard her heartrate pick up. So she knew more than he thought she did. "As I said, you are safe here." he reassured her.

Everly nodded her head, she managed to run into the largest pack in the US?

That's just her damn luck, she was lucky they didn't kill her for trespassing.

"The Alpha of my old pack....he banished me. I was brought in as a pack member as a baby when I was found in the woods abandoned nearby, nobody knew where I came from, so the couple that found me asked if I could be a pack member so that other people wouldn't confuse me for a hunter."

Gabriel nodded, it wasn't unheard of but it was rare. He had a few humans living in his pack as members but that's because they are mated to a few of his warriors.

But a baby? That has never been done before. "Why did he banish you?" Gabriel asked her.

Everly looked down at her fingers, she wanted to keep it to herself, but she felt like she should tell him the truth, she didn't know why, it was the same thing with his son and the need to make sure he was safe.

"I....I-I...well he was bonded to me." Gabriel had to refrain from growling at what she said.

"Was?" he questioned.

"He rejected me, and banished me." Everly wiped away a tear as quickly as it slipped out.

So she did know about the bonds, she had a mate and the bastard let her go?

Why would he do that, she's beautiful.

And all werewolves knew that if they had a human as a mate that once they were marked by them that their human mate would heal faster if injured and their hearing and eyesight would become sharper. Unfortunately they would just never have a wolf, they would just be a better human.

"He told me that he needed a strong Luna. Me being human wasn't it for him. But....if I hadn't touched him when I tripped, then I wouldn't have known about it." she also knows about the sparks and tingles.


This is gonna be harder than I thought it would be, she can't be no older than 20-21 and has been rejected by her mate and kicked out of her home.

"How did you know about, Jorge?" Gabriel asked curiously.

Everly looked up to meet his gaze "I was running, then I heard crying. I thought they attacked a child. I was afraid the sound would draw them near again so I ran towards it and found him. I helped him get into a tree before they surrounded me again."

She sighed "honestly as long as he was safe I didn't care about what they did to me"

"My warriors found your vehicle. They brought it to my residence, if you would like. I have a spare room. When you get discharged you can stay there until we find you someplace to put you permanently." he changed the subject seeing she wasn't going to give him anymore information on her past and where she came from.

Gabriel honestly just wanted her near him. The pull of the mate bond would force him to want to be near her at all times, he knew she wouldn't feel it like he does, but by the way she looked at him earlier told him she felt...something.

'"Thank you, Alpha. But that isn't necessary." Everly couldn't impose on him, she didn't know him and it would feel like invading someone else's life if she accepted the offer. She's been on her own since her parents died when she was 16. She just couldn't accept.

"Please please please..." Jorge begged while grabbing her hand.

The smile that crept up onto her lips made Gabriel smile as well. "I'll have my sisters grab your things from the jeep and set the room up for you."

Before she could even decline a second time, he stood up and her words got caught in her throat.

Goddess he was so tall compared to her 5'2 frame.

She only just met him and she was already crushing on him, way to go Everly.

"I'll let you get some rest, Everly! And if you like we can discuss you becoming a member of the pack once you are all healed, or sooner if you are up for it so that my pack don't think that there is an outsider here!"

Jorge smiled up at her a squeal leaving his mouth. "Really?"

Everly brushed his hair from his eyes and smiled at him. "I don't know yet, I'll talk to Alpha Gabriel about it later!"

Gabriel tried to hide the smile that formed on his face when she said his name. "I'll come by again tommorrow, if that's alright to see how you are doing!"

"Yeah, I have nowhere to go!" he chuckled, and leaned down to pick up Jorge.

"Do we have to leave?"

"Yes, you have a playdate with your cousins today at aunt Lena's house." Gabriel said as he forced himself to back away from the bed.

"But I don't want to go see Katya and Natalia!" Jorge pouted, Gabriel heard that melodious giggle again before they walked out.


"Baby brother you are just in time for lunch!" Lena smiled as she heard the front door close.

"When we get done here, I have a favor to ask!?" Gabriel said as he watched his son run off to go play with the twins.

She looked back up after tasting her food she could see a change in him and she knew something had happened since she last sen him. "Whats up, Gabriel?"

Gabriel sighed "Alexander told you about the rouges last night right?" he seen her nod "They chased a human into our borders."

Lena gasped at the news, her mate didn't mention none of that, just said there was a breach and that there was rouges. "Are they alright?"

"Yes, thankfully. She risked her life to save Jorge...he ran away from Mary again and into the woods, she heard him crying while she was running from them."

"Wow...a human?" Lena questioned "Yep, and there is more.."

"More than that?"

Gabriel nodded "She is mate."

Lena dropped the spoon she was tasting the food with on the counter. "What?"

"The girl, Everly! She is my mate!" he smiled remembering her smile. "And she is so beautiful...and selfless, and her eyes they-"

"You sound smitten already baby brother." Lena teased a smile creaping up on her face. "This is fantastic news." she added.

"I haven't told her though, and she knows about mates and everything. She used to belong to a pack." Lena's face scrunched up in confusion. "Then why was she near our borders?"

"Her Alpha bansished her....after rejecting her." another gasp left Lena, it's true werewolves rarely rejected their mates. But for an Alpha to do it was almost unheard of.

"That bastard! What pack did she say she was from?" Lena asked, she wanted to call and give him a peice of her mind.

"I don't think she wanted to tell, so I didn't probe her for the information." Gabriel said softly, he also wanted to tear out the fuckers heart. But he knew that would go against the rules of the Council to attack another Alpha without reason.

Sighing Lena propped her head on her hand "You said you needed a favor?"

"I need you and Gabriella to set up my spare room, her things are in her jeep and I don't feel comfortable going through it, I told her that you both would do it instead."

"And she agreed to stay with you?" Lena half laughed at her brother.

"Well...Jorge begged, and she seems to really like him." Gabriel told her honestly.

"Alright fine. When lunch is over we will pick up Gabriella from her boyfriends and head over there." Lena told him rolling her eyes playfully.


Hearing a knock on the door, Everly sat up a little straighter on the bed before it opened only to reveal an older woman dressed in a sun dress.

She was very beautiful, her dark brown eyes and dark hair made her tan complexion look flawless.

"You must be, Everly. I'm Olivia, Gabriel's mother."

Blinking rapidly she quickly smiled and held out her hand. "Good afternoon ma'am." she didn't think that she would be meeting his mother, why was she meeting his mother?

"My son has informed me that you'll be staying with him until we can find some place for you to stay, yes?"

Everly nodded slowly. "I tried to tell him no, but your grandson wouldn't let me."

Olivia nodded "I understand. But please know this, my son was supposed to be married next month, he also told me he was calling his wedding off to his fiance, Brenda!"

She didn't know why but she felt a bit upset after hearing that he was engaged, but also relieved that he called it off? She really shouldn't be feeling that way for a man she just met let alone another Alpha.

Why the hell was she feeling this way?

"He didn't have these doubts until you showed up here. So whatever spells you have cast, I need you to reverse them."

And there were Olivia's true colors Everly thought.

"I'm not a Witch ma'am. I am a human, clearly you can tell by my scent." Everly tried to tell her but the scowl on her face said she didn't believe her.

"All I smell on you is rouge, and I'll be damned if my son is bedded by the likes of you!" Olivia said walking to the door.

"Undo whatever you've done to my son, or I'll find someone to help me get rid of you!" The look in her eyes made Everly shiver.

But she didn't do anything.

If her son called off his engagement that wasn't her fault, there had to be a reason for him doing that prior to her showing up here.