Chapter 3 - His Miracle Luna

The next morning Gabriel knocked softly on her door before peeking his head inside.

He had dropped his son off at school before coming to see her today, and he was grateful to beable to have her to himself this time.

She was still asleep, but was stirring slightly when he closed the door behind himself.

When she rolled to face the window he heard heard a hiss come from her.

I guess she forgot she had an injured shoulder, he had to suppress a laugh because she was muttering at herself as she rolled onto her back.

When her eyes fluttered open she nearly jumped out of her skin when she seen him.

"Jesus christ man!" Everly placed her hand on her racing heart "You scared the living hell out of me."

"I'm sorry!" Gabriel said with a chuckle and sat down. "you are cute when you scold yourself by the way"

As she sat up in the bed she tried to avoid looking at him because if she did he would be able to see the pink on her cheeks.

Gabriel picked up the bag from the floor and placed it on the bed next to her. "I talked to the doctor. She said you could go home in a couple days, but my sister thought that you would be more comfortable in your own clothes until then."

Finally looking up at him she gave him a smile "Thank you!"

"I don't know what she put in there, but she also threw in toiletries too." he laughed.

Why was he nervous all of the sudden?

"You said you had 2 sisters right? Who am I thanking for this?" Everly asked opening the bag.

"Gabriella, the baby of us...the spoiled one! Then there's the oldest Lena she has twin daughters who are a year older than Jorge." he seen her nod her head while rummaging through the bag.

"Have you....have you thought about what we talked about?"

"What part?" she asked him while trying her hardest to avoid looking at him.

He cleared his throat hoping it would gain her attention "Everly?" she seemed awfully nervous.

Has something happened that he hasn't been told?

Hesitantly she looked up at him, and when her eyes locked with his her breathing felt like it could just stop by the intensity of his stare.

"Have you thought about joining the pack? We have other humans here, you won't be harmed." he explained.

Yeah but I'm sure they aren't being threatened by your mother.

Sighing she looked down at her hands. "I....I don't know. I also don't think I should be in you home."

"Why do you think that? I told you it wasn't an issue. Besides I work most of the time anyways, I'm not there so you would have the place to yourself." Gabriel really didn't want her to leave the pack or not come to his home.

Chewing on her bottom lip she decided to ask. "Are you engaged? Wouldn't that be an issue if I showed up at your home?"

He leaned back in the chair, now he understood her hesitancy. "Who told you about that?"

Everly shook her head, it wasn't her place to start drama in a place where she knew nobody. "I hear things."

She waited for him to speak but after a few minutes of silence it was becoming uncomfortable.

"Join the pack, Everly. We can do it right now if you'd like!" Gabriel said.

"Why is it so important to you if I join? You don't even know me!" Everly asked him while moving the bag to the end of the bed.

He smiled "Would you run if I told you?"

Oh gosh that smile was going to be her undoing. "I wouldn't have left my last home had I not been forced to."

She sighed "That bastard knew for 4 years that he was mated to me before he rejected me."

"Well I don't know how he stayed away from you for 4 years, because when I met Jorge's mother I couldn't stay away from her." he said with a smile remembering his Lydia "as an Alpha the pull to your mate is really strong!"

Everly looked away from him, she unconsciously touched the cut on her bottom lip and closed her eyes when she remembered how she got it.

She can't feel what wolves feel, and that made her jealous seeing all the couple's in her old pack find their other half.

She wouldn't ever have that now because of Aiden.

"I think it would be best if I went to the human settlement after I recover. I don't belong in the werewolf community." she whispered sadly trying not to let her emotions get the best of her.

"Is that what you really want?" Gabriel asked masking his wolf's sadness as he whimpered in his head.

Everly shook her head. "No, but it's what's best!"

"Stay for 1 month, and if you still want to leave then I will have some of my warriors escort you to the settlement." he offered.

She looked back at him, with a mixed look of shock and....relief even? Because if she was honest with herself she didn't want to leave at all. She's been around wolves her whole life, it's all she knew.


Gabriel walked into his home, as his son ran towards his room. He stopped and sniffed the air and a groan left him; when he walked into the living room he seen them.

"Why are you here?" he narrowed his eyes at them both.

"We came to talk son" Olivia said sweetly.

Gabriel scoffed "And why is she here? I already told you that I'm not marrying her."

Olivia stood up from the chair she was sitting in "Now don't be rash, Gabriel."

"Mother, I am 28 years old. I can make my own choices, and I'm choosing not to marry her" Gabriel said and pointed at Brenda. "I should have never agreed to it in the first place."

He looked over at Brenda, he could see she was upset, but also relieved at the same time.

They got along for the sake of his mother, played the perfect couple only for the Alpha's when they were around. But nothing more.

Hell she didn't even want to marry him, his mother threatened her mate and her if she didn't agree to it. Has her play a role when they are out in public for the pack to think they were really in love.

Most of them knew it wasn't real, but others bought it.

"Go see Theo!" Gabriel told her and her eyes shot up to him, they darted over to his mother then back to him.

"No, Gabriel, you know that I can't!" she didn't say it out loud but rather mind-linked him.

Olivia smiled in satisfaction when she seen she hadn't moved. "Leave the girl be, she wants to be here tonight. She don't want that warrior."

Gabriel rolled his eyes at his mother. "Clearly she don't mother. And I know for a fact that Theo is free tonight, so Brenda... go spend some time with your mate." he commanded her. He didn't want to but she wouldn't move against his mother.

"Thank you, Alpha" Gabriel watched as she made a quick exit out of the room, he waited until he heard the door close to begin speaking to his mother again.

"No more women, no more sudden marrage proposals, you cannot and will not tell me what to say anymore mother. Dad is dead, and you can't control me anymore."

He didn't want to sound hard and cold but since his father had passed she had become such an overbearing woman to be around.

Throwing her hands in the air "But you are gonna let that...that human come stay in your home?"

Gabriel had to bite back a snarl. He'll tell her, he will tell everyone eventually.

"She has nowhere to go mother. Our packhouse is full! And I can't send her back out there where rouges can kill her."

Not to mention all the other creatures. There's even been sights of vampires roaming their woods plus a few witches.

The witches he didn't mind so much, but a human out there with a rouge vampire was asking for trouble.

If a vampire fed too much on someone and they died they could turn into one, a rabid one at that without help.

Olivia fake pouted. "And you what? Feel like she's your responsibility? Do you not see what she is doing to you?" she asked him. "She has put a spell on you, and you can't even see it, Gabriel."

He laughed in her face. "You think she's a Witch?" he asked her with another laugh.

"Or a Fairy! They have powers too!" Gabriel looked down at his feet shaking his head. "This is unbelievable. Not everybody is our enemy mother"

"You don't know that, she shows up and the next thing I know you've called off your engagement and and have her moving in." Olivia looked at him hoping for some kind of explination.

"Mom go home, I have to get dinner started for Jorge. And leave me alone about Everly, she's been through enough without you making things worse." Gabriel said in a softer tone.

Olivia couldn't help but notice how soft his voice got when he said the humans name.

And it made her wonder....

"Son is she?"

"Go home mother." he asked her again.

Nodding her head she picked up her purse and walked to the entryway of the living room, she turned and asked "Can I have Jorge this weekend? I have the twins so why not add him as well!"

Gabriel smiled "Of course you can!" she smiled and walked out of the room then the front door.

When Olivia got into her car, she quickly dialed a number and turned her car on then reversed out of his driveway.

When the call connected, and a gruff hello was heard she smirked "Azriaiel? Any chance you could come by later this week? I need a favor!"


Later that night, as Jorge was brushing his teeth as Gabriel leaned on the doorway. "Little man?"

"Hmm" Jorge couldn't exactly answer him with his toothbrush in his mouth.

"Everly, doesn't know if she wants to say or not. Do you think you can help daddy to get her to change her mind?" It was a long shot but from the one encounter he seen with them he could tell she really liked his son, and he was already in love with her.

Jorge quickly spit out what was in his mouth and grinned widely, making Gabriel chuckle because he still had remnants of toothpaste in his teeth.

"I'm sure I can make her stay daddy. I got her to come back with us after the bad wolf hurt her even though she didn't want to." he frowned at that, his Beta never told him that she refused to come back with them to get medical treatment.

"While your at it....see if you can get her to tell you what pack she came from!" Gabriel said with a sly smile on his face.

Jorge nodded and went back to brushing his teeth. "She'll be here in 2 days.. But you are going with Nana this weekend so it will have to wait until Monday after school."