Chapter 8 - His Miracle Luna

Gabriel sat in a chair, he felt like he was just doing this, the only difference this time was she wasn't awake.

He should have turned around when she said she didn't feel good. He grabbed her hand in his and placed a delicate kiss on the back of it.

"I'll be right back my love." he whispered and stood up.

Walking out he went into the waiting room that was closed off due to his men standing gaurd. When he reached them Kyle walked over and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"How is she?" Kyle asked Jocelyn was beside him wanting to know aswell.

He glanced over at the 2 Alpha's and mind-linked them.

"Michael has her in a medical induced coma to help. He said it might help fight off the poison but he's going on a guess here." Gabriel told them both.

"My mother?" he questioned looking at Kyle.

"Being guarded at her home. Jorge has been taken to Lena's." Kyle told him with a firm nod.

Gabriel nodded and moved past him and walked over and sat in front of the twins.

"Why are you both here?"

Aiden and Aaron looked at each other then back at him. "We came for our mate!" Aaron answered him.

"I'm sorry?" he questioned, he must be hearing things. Did he say 'our mate'

"According to Everly, Aiden rejected her and Aaron has a chosen mate. So she belongs to neither of you." Jocelyn stepped closer, she's been wanted to rip Aiden's head off since he denied her, her posiotion, Aaron would have given it to her but Aiden convinced him otherwise.

"That's true, but Casey found her fated mate the day Everly left and wants to be with him. And my wolf wants his..." Aaron said bluntly not looking at her, his eyes were locked on the one who had his arms wrapped around what belonged to him.

"No.." Gabriel told him.

"She belongs to me Rodriguez, and I never rejected her. I simply marked another." he told him with a low growl his eyes glowing golden.

"The day you both ripped up her mother's garden. I took her to the ER! That was the night you marked Casey wasn't it?" Jocelyn questioned him.

Breathijg deeply Aaron looked away and nodded his head. "Why does it matter?"

"Because she felt it you jackass! The doctors kept looking at her with pity, they told her it was just a panic attack and she believed them." Kyle had to hold her back from lunging at him.

"You both knew for 4 years and just kept going on with your lives like she didn't exist, and now that she has found somewhere safe to live that accepts her for who she is you want her as your mate?" Jocelyn flung her hands in the air and a gust of wind blew the twins back and out of their chairs.

"You both can go screw yourselves. Because as long as I'm alive she will never go back to that pack!" she snapped at both of them.

Gabriel smirked at them and stood to his feet. "Besides, I'm her mate. Who do you think she's gonna pick? You or me?"

As he walked past his warriors he said "escort them off my territory..."

"I'm not leaving until I talk to her.." Aaron told him getting to his feet and dusting his shirt off.

Stopping Gabriel turned and glared at him. "You'll be here a while then! And Aiden goes nowhere near her, not after laying his hands on her."

Aaron looked at his brother a scowl on his face. "You said you rejected her, you never said you hit her, Aiden!"

"I want guards at Everly's doors while I'm away the only people allowed in there are Kyle, Jocelyn and Michael!" he instructed his warrior.


Gabriel was still seething as he pulled up to his mother's place. He slammed the door to his car and his men stepped out of the way seeing how angry he was.

He opened her front door and ran up her stairs to her office.

She was sitting there drinking a scotch when he opened the door.

"Nice to see you have come to see me in my prison son!" Olivia snickered.

"Why?" was all he could think to say standing in front of her now.

Sipping from her glass she rolled her eyes "I told you why! She has you under her love charm, Gabriel."

"SHE IS HUMAN MOTHER!" Gabriel yelled at her.

Standing up from her chair she smiled. "I suppose I know that now. But whose to say she didn't have a witch do it for her?"

Shaking his head he groaned "You really don't see it do you?"

"See what? Some human bedding my sweet boy for his position? Because I see that!" Olivia snapped at him.

He smiled at her "the way I look at her mother, when I talk about her, you don't see how my eyes light up?"

Olivia looked at him for a moment, then thought for a second. A gasp left her, Jorge has done nothing but talk about her in awe too.

"She is my mate mother. No spells have been cast on me,other than The Moon Goddess' blessing." Gabriel said a tear falling from his eye. "Now all I can think about is how I'm going to loose her."

Olivia's hand was covering her mouth, she asked him once but he never said a word he simply sent her home so she just assumed it was the spell talking "I'm sorry."

"Sorry won't save her mom, she's nearly immune to magic. So who did you use to poison her?" he asked softly.

"You promise not to hurt him, because I could tell he didn't want to do it." Olivia said

"No promises mother..." Gabriel told her.

She nodded and pulled out a pen and paper and wrote down a name and number on it. "He's the Fairy Kings witch. He's the strongest warlock I've ever met."

Nodding his head he took the paper from her and looked at it, then bolted out of the house and to his car.

When he got in he quickly dialed the number his mother gave him.

Putting it into reverse he spun out of her driveway as the phone rang, just when he thought it was going to go to voicemail it picked up.

"Yes? Who is this? I'm busy!" the voice said.

"My name is Alpha Gabriel Rodriguez, you know my mother. I need your help sir" Gabriel told him and it was quiet for a moment.

"So she finally told you what she had me do..oh thank God. I didn't want to do that. I'm currently working on a cure now. I need more time though." Azriaiel said in a rush as he watched the concoction slowly boil.

"How long? She don't have much time left sir!" he said sounding a little defeated.

"Another day maybe a little longer.."

"I'm giving you 36 hours to deliver it or both you and my mother are being killed if she dies." Gabriel told him and hung up.

As he he turned onto the road to his sister's house he thought of her smile and he wanted to tell his son, but he wanted to tell him with her.

He stopped in her driveway and sighed. How is he gonna bring it up to him that his Nana made Everly sick, and that there is a possible sure but she might not get it in time?

How do you tell all of that to a 5 year old?

He got out and slowly walked up to the door and knocked.

When it opened he seen Gabriella. "Hey big brother, any change?" she asked quietly so that the kids couldn't hear her.

"Possible antidote, but it might not get here in time." he sighed and she nodded moving so he could walk in.

He walked toward the playroom and smiled when he seen the girls prancing around in their tutus while Jorge side-eyed them because he wouldn't participate.

When he seen his father he bounced to his feet and ran to him clutching his legs. "Please save me! Natalia and Katya are trying to make me dance in a tutu!"

Gabriel chuckled lightly and bent down picking him up "next time tell them boys don't wear tutus but can dance in pants."

Jorge laughed at his dad and looked behind him hoping to see Everly with him. "Where's Evie? She said she would come with you to pick me up!"

He sighed and cleared his throat. "She is sick Jorge, daddy had to take her to the hospital."

"Will she be okay tommorrow?" he asked him innocently.

"I don't know son. We can go see her tonight before we go home if you want? But she'll be asleep..." Gabriel told him and Jorge nodded excitedly.


As they walked out of the elevator Gabriel seen Aaron still sitting in the waiting room. He was the one with his hair down, where was his brother.

He got up and walked over to him stuffing his hands into his pockets. "I'm sorry about today. I didn't know that she was yours too."

"There is no 'too' about it, Aaron. I know who she's going to choose it won't be you or your brother." he told him and stopped in front of the door, his son wiggled out of his arms.

"Daddy she's awake." Jorge exclaimed and ran into the room.

Both Aaron and Gabriel ran in after him and seen that she was choking on the breathing tube that the nurses had placed down her throat to help her breathe.

Gabriel hit the call button while Aaron went over and tilted her head back and gently pulled on the tube taking it out.

"You're okay, just breathe Eve.." Aaron said as short pants escaped her in quick gasps.

Gabriel watched as he got her to calm her breathing down, but what shocked him was the way she leaned into his touch.

She hasn't seen his face yet, so those sparks she feels she probably thinks are his.

Opening her eyes the first thing she did was close them again due to the light above her head. When she tried again it was a bit more tolerable she looked down at the foot of the bed and seen Gabriel.

But of he's down there where are those tingles coming from on her cheek?

She looked back up and seen Aaron, a look of pure panic on her face as she looked between the both of them.

Shaking her head she moved his hand away and tried moving as far away from him as possible.

"Eve, it me Aaron. It's not Aiden. You know the difference between the 2 of us, always has." he even called her by the nickname he used to use before when they were friends in Elementary School.

He kicked her to the curb when he hit Middle School.

Gabriel moved up and grabbed her hand that she had reached out for him. "Why is he here?" Everly coughed her throat still felt like something was in it.

"He says you are his mate. Is it true?"

She nodded her head and turned towards Gabriel so that she didn't have to see Aaron's face. "I don't want him, Gabriel!"

Aaron growled at her and grabbed her shoulder forcing her on her back. "I'm taking you back home."

"I'd rather die than go anywhere with you and Aiden!" she spat at him.

The door opened and Gabriel turned to see Kyle, Jocelyn, Michael, and Aiden come in.

He heard Everly take in a deep breath and tighten her hold in his hand.

"I, Everly Reynolds reject you Aaron Parker at my mate and as your Luna of The River Ash Pack!" when she was done a cry escaped her and her other hand went to her chest.

This one hurt more than when Aiden rejected her.

Aaron growled at her and raised a hand whem his brother ran over and held him back.

"Just accept it! She has...she don't want us Aaron." Aiden told him looking over at Everly as his wolf let out a low whine in his head.

"I won't get a second chance mate for rejecting her, but you being rejected by her, you might."

Jocelyn scoffed "I wouldn't count on it. You both ignored her for 4 years. You even marked another." she said pointing at Aaron.

Aaron looked down at her and growled again before shaking his arms free of his brothers grip.

"I, Aaron Parker reject your rejection!"

Looking him dead in the eyes she said, "Then you will sit in your pack knowing you will never have me." Everly told him and turned back to Gabriel, when she did, that was when she noticed Jorge.

His eyes looked so full of fear and panic and it hurt her knowing he was here to see all of that. "Jorgie?" she called and he looked over at her a smile slipping onto his face.

Gabriel picked him up and Everly moved over some so he could lay beside her. When he did she kissed his forehead to distract him while Gabriel escorted both Aiden and Aaron out of the room.

The man she assumes is a doctor came over and looked at her a bit shocked. "You shouldn't be awake right now. I put you in a medically induced coma until we finished our antidote."

"Well have you?" Jocelyn asked him placing her hand on Everly's shoulder.

"Yes, may not work." Michael said skeptically.

"I still want to try it.. it might help until you guys figure something else out."

"It could make things worse, Evie." she heard her friend tell her.

She shook her head. "Things are as bad as they can get, Lyn! How much worse can they get?"

"You dying!" Jocelyn said her voice cracking.

A little sob was heard from the little boy in Everly's arms and she hugged him tighter. "I'm not going anywhere, Jorgie."

"Promise?" Jorge asked her lookokg up at her with tears in his eyes.

Smiling at him she nodded "I promise"

Jorge placed his head down against her chest and closed his eyes. "If you go anywhere I'll be upset."

Everly couldn't find a reply to that. She just ran her fingers through his hair, a few minutes later Gabriel walked back in a smile on his face.

"Aiden is leaving, but Aaron won't go. He has requested to stay a few days until you are better." Gabriel whispered looking down seeing Jorge half asleep.

She nodded her head "make him sleep in his car." Jocelyn said behind her, making her smile.

"That's mean, Jocelyn!" Everly stated.

A nurse walked in and handed Michael a syringe then left. Michael walked over and looked at her with a professional look.

"Are you sure you want to try this?"

Nodding her head she gave him her arm that Jorge wasn't tangled in, and gave him a smile. "Like I said, it's as worse as it can get."