Chapter 6 - His Miracle Luna

Jocelyn knocked on the door to the room that Everly was staying in, the next morning.

When it opened she frowned when she seen the state of her friends appearance.

"You need to see a doctor, Evie!" she stated.

"I am fine..." Everly waved her off and walked back over to the chair she was sitting in with her book.

Jocelyn followed her in and sat in the chair across from her. "Evie, you look terrible. I'm worried and so is Alpha Gabriel!"

Everly looked up at her from her book and smiled. "I appreciate that, but I am fine."

"Everly Azalea Rose Reynolds!"

She knew she was in trouble when Jocelyn used her full name on her like that, and with that tone.

"This is my life, Jocelyn. As I said I feel fine. Now, let me go back to my book, I have nothing else to do with my time thanks to...him." she still don't know why it hurt her when she thought about him and what he did.

Everly looked away from Jocelyn, and out the window, the beautiful garden outback reminded her of her the one her mother used to have before she was murdered.

Aiden and his brother Aaron came by 2 weeks later on their 18th birthday and ripped the pants up, it felt like they were ripping her own heart out of the ground as she watched them destroy the garden her mother worked so hard to make.

Later that night Jocelyn had to take her to the emergency room because she fainted. They told her it was due to a panic attack, but it felt off, so she believed them and just went back home.

"Atleast let me try something on you?" Jocelyn asked her softly.

Everly shook the thoughts of her past away and looked back at her. "Nothing you have ever done has worked. Even your mom can't get ordinary spells to work on me."

She sighed in defeat "can you please just work with me, Everly? I came here for you, I won't watch you die!"

Everly looked away from her again, she hated it when Jocelyn got emotional. It didn't happen very often, and 9 times out of 10 it was always for her. "I love you, I really do Lyn, but I'm not going anywhere."

She could hear her sniffling, but she knew if she looked back at her she would start crying too. Everly heard her get up and her heart broke at what she said.

"If you die, tell whoever is waiting for you to wait. Because I'm coming right behind you."

A single tear slipped down her face as she heard the door close.

Jocelyn walked down the hall and towards the dining area where she found a somber looking Alpha Gabriel.

Gabriel looked up from his coffee, he heard everything that was said, and sighed. "I can find a powerful witch to help us."

She nodded and sat down access from him. "Depends on how strong that poison is sir. A weak one will last for months but a potent one can kill you in less than a week."

Gabriel nodded. Seems like his mate was given a strong one at how ill she has been for the last 2 days. He's just glad his son wasn't here to see it.

"How fast do you think you can find someone?" Jocelyn asked

"My mother has a few warlock and witch friends, I could ask her but if I tell her it's for, Everly, she won't help me." he said honestly.

"It's because she human isn't it?"

Gabriel shook his head "No, she thinks that, Everly, has cast a spell on me. Has me under some type of spell that made me call off my wedding to a woman that SHE setup."

"Well..." Jocelyn giggled a little "she kinda does have you under her spell sir, it's the spell of the mate bond. It's really hard to get away from."

Everly's hand flew to her mouth as she braced herself on the wall.

She originally came here to apologise to Jocelyn, but when she heard her talking to Alpha Gabriel she didn't want to interrupt them.

Turning around, perhaps a bit to quickly she grabbed the table next her to steady her unsteady feet.

She shook off her dizzy state and began walking back to the room, she heard a voice call her name but she ignored him and continued walking.

Why wouldn't he tell her?

Did wanted her to suffer the way Aiden made her suffer? But he's been so kind, and that's the bond. She knows why now.

That also explains the attraction she has for him, and the pull towards him everytime he is around her.

This also explains everything with his son too, why she feels so protective over him.

Gabriel could have just told her.

She isn't some fragile flower that needs to be in a protective glass case.

Gabriel gently grabbed her arm stopping her as they reached the bedroom door. She was already breathing heavily from the exertion.

"We heard you nearly fall in the hall, are you alright?" he took in the dim look of those beautiful eyes that he has grown used to looking into nearly everyday.

"Yes, I'm fine I was coming to ask if you or Jocelyn could help me make something to eat but felt nauseous at the thought. I decided to go lay down instead." she lied and looked down at his hand still on her arm.

She would probably feel tingles had she not been wearing a long sleeved shirt.

Gabriel followed her gaze and hesitantly removed his hand. "I can still make you something light. A soup maybe?"

Everly smiled and raised her hand to gentlycup his cheek but stopped halfway.

This stupid bond is making her do things she didn't want to do, putting her hand back down she stepped back. "Thank you Alpha Gabriel, I would appreciate that."

"Please call me Gabtiel?"

Now she knows why he keeps pressing her to call him by his name and not his title.

She stepped back and reached for the door handle "I'll be in the shower sir. Just have Jocelyn let me know when it's done or you can knock and let me know yourself. I can come to the dining room."

She watched him nod his head as she stepped into the room, before she closed the door she swore she heard him say 'my brave Luna' but she could have been wrong.

Azriaiel sat in his desk chair his eyes wide with the revelation he just discovered.

How can a human be immune to witch spells like that? That's impossible...unless. No she died at birth.

Shaking that thought off he focused on the second thing he found out; she was mated to Olivia's son? And Olivia don't know.

Gabriel is going to be so pissed off when he finds out about what the both of them has done.

He got up from his seat and rushed to the room where all his herbs and potions were at.

He began grabbing things and began mixing stuff together in the pot. It takes a good 3 days to make an antidote for the spell he used.

He just hoped he had time.


Later that night it was near 9 pm and Gabriel had brought his own personal doctor to his home since Everly wouldn't go to one on her own.

Jocelyn was with him, because he knew she could calm her down enough once she realized we called a doctor to check her over.

He knocked on the bedroom door, he got no answer but he could hear her racing heart rate. It seemed to fast for his liking.

He opened the door, but she wasn't in the bedroom he followed her scent to the bathroom and opened the door but something was blocking it.


I pushed harder on the door and seen her hand come I to view, then I smelled...blood?

Once I made it in I sat down on the floor and picked her up placing her in my lap.

The floor and toilet had blood on it. So did her shirt and lips. Was she throwing up blood?

"Everly?" I brushed a hand over her cheek to move some hair the was stuck to her face due to the cold sweat.

She was running a fever now too.

This was the first time my skin has made contact with hers and those tingles felt heavenly.

She moaned out due to my touch but that was it. Her body went slack against mine again and I looked up at Michael.

"Let's move her to the bed Alpha!" he said in his professional tone, throwing all friendship out the window.

I nodded he and Jocelyn helped me get up as I held her close to my chest.

Jocelyn went in first and went to the dresser to grab a new shirt. She pulled out a night gown and I raised an eyebrow at her.

She raised one right back at me "You two can turn around" I chuckled and placed Everly on the bed.

" I won't look, I promise, let me help you." I told her honestly.

Jocelyn nodded, she knew she could trust him "he can turn around though"

Michael turned as he raised his hands in a surrender. "I'm a doctor, ma'am I've seen naked women before."

"My best friend won't be one of them!" she snapped.

As both Gabriel and Jocelyn stripped Everly of her clothes, Gabriel noticed a mark on her shoulder.

After helping Jocelyn put the night gown on her he moved the this strap out of the way while holding her up, he then traced it with his finger tip.

It glowed in a mixture of different colors, making Everly moan out again.

"That's never happened before." Jocelyn said, looking at it mesmerized by the colors.

I looked over at her. "What is this?" I asked then looked back at it. It had the symbols of 'Earth, Water, Fire, Light, Mind and Air' in it.

Shurgging her shoulders she looked at the birthmark "she's always had it,it's a birthmark"

Gabriel continued to stare at it, he knows he's seen this symbol somewhere but he couldn't think where he has seen it before.

He shook his head and fixed her strap then laid her down on the bed and let Jocelyn fix the nightgown so that Michael could examine her.

About 20 minutes later he walked out of the room a sad expression on his face.

"What is it, Michael?"

"It's not good sir..." he said softly, he looked at both of them then sighed.

"According to just examining her, she is deteriorating fast. I need to run tests. Is she taking anything at the moment?"

"Yes, they are in her bag.." Jocelyn went into the room to retrieve her purse. Upon finding it she she smiled and raced to it.

She opened and rummaged through the purse. She found the pain pills only to find the bottle still full. She knew that she wouldn't take those, she don't like how they made her feel.

Going back in it took her a whole minute to find the other bottle. She dropped the purse when she seen the bottle.


Gabriel rushed in hearing the urgency in her voice. "What?"

She turned around, her hand shaking. "It's this, this is what's poisoning her." Jocelyn's eyes glisined over after she said it.

Why would somebody do that?

The bottle was half gone now, taking 4 a day on time like she was supposed to do. And what was meant to make her better was what's killing her?

Gabriel took the bottle from her hand, he went out and handed the bottle to his friend.

"This is the poison. I want it tested, and an antidote found. Ask the witches we have here to help you."

Michael nodded, but didn't move.

"What is it? Speak freely..." he told him.

"She is a rouge sir, your mother has told us not to do anything to help her." Michael told him honestly. He has known Gabriel since they were children.

"My mother?" Gabriel growled, he took a step closer to his friend "that rouge is my mate, Michael. Now, please help me save her?"

He nodded his head quickly and rushed out of the house going to his laboratory to tell everyone what he said, and to put a rush on the results.

"My Beta Kyle is coming over." Gabriel said sitting beside Jocelyn on the floor.

Jocelyn laid her head on his shoulder and wiped away a tear from her face. "You need to make her a pack member. Her being a rouge won't help, it will just make her sicker."

"I can't do it without her pledge, Jocelyn."

"You can, you can mark her." she looked up at him.

He shook his head "I won't do that without her knowing what we are to each other."

They both turned when they heard movement on the bed. Gabriel got to his feet quickly and rushed to the bed.

On instinct he brushed her hair behind her ear, and Everly leaned into his touch.

"Evie?" Jocelyn called out as she sat on the opposite side of the bed.

Seeing her eyes open and land on her, she gave her a smile "How are you feeling?"

"Fine.." how did she get in the bed? Everly lifted her hand up but it brushed over something that left behind sparks.

She looked to her other side and seen Gabriel sitting beside her, like right beside her. His body heat warmed her skin from his close proximity.

He frowned at the answer she gave but she didn't look away from his gaze. Her fast heart rate seemed to skip a beat when he licked his lips.

"You fainted in the bathroom, Evie. Why didn't you tell us you were throwing up blood?" Jocelyn asked her.

Everly turned her attention to her "because I wasn't" she only remembers laying down, she has no memory of getting back up after she ate dinner.

Jocelyn studied her face and nodded, she truly wasn't lying about it. It must have just been the one time.

"I found out what was poisoning you! It was your antibiotics."


"I'm having a friend of mine check into it, we have a few witches here too. They can try and find a cure." Gabriel told her, cutting her off.

"They have to be powerful, Alpha. They can't be a low level witch or warlock or it won't work." Everly told him feeling a little nauseated, she closed her eyes hoping that would help.

"Your heart is really fast, Evie..."

She nodded her head biting down on her bottom lip.

Gabriel fought with his wolf to hold or touch her, he wanted so bad to hold her and whisper into her ear that everything would be alright.

Ignoring it he grabbed her shoulder and lifted her up, he slipped in behind her and pulled her back against him.

At first her body was tense, but then it relaxed against his, he ran his hands down her arms not caring if she felt the sparks that erupted from him touching her.

He listened as her breathing began to even out and he knew she was going to fall asleep again.

Jocelyn laid down on the other side of the bed just as the front door opened up.

Whoever walked in was getting closer and the masculine smell of Leather and Woods hit Jocelyn her wolf purred in her head as the bedroom door opened.

The man standimg there was absolutely handsome. His chiseled jaw ticked as he looked at her, his eyes glowing golden meaning his wolf was at the forefront.

"Mate!" he said and goosebumps rose on Jocelyn's skin.