Chapter 5 - His Miracle Luna

Jocelyn slowed down her car as she came up to gates of The Mystic Shadow Pack, she still couldn't believe her best friend ended up here alive.

She seen the person that looked like the man in the picture known as Alpha Gabriel... Everly was right, he did look yummy.

She got out of her vehicle as he began walkimg over.

"Welcome Jocelyn!" Gabriel greeted, he extended his hand.

Jocelyn ignored his hand and hugged him. "Thank you, how is she?"

He chuckled lightly looking at his men then hugged her back for a second before letting go.

"Great! But she wants to leave and go to the human settlement!" he stated bluntly.

She shook her head with a roll of her eyes. "Yeah that's not happeneing. What do I need to do Alpha?"

Gabriel smirked at her willingness. "Join my pack!"

Shrugging her shoulders. "Considering I just left my last one and didn't tell anyone except my parents and brother...I'm game."

He motioned for one of his men to bring over the cup he had on the hood of his car. He took out his knife and cut his hand.

He let his blood flow into the cup slowly when he was satisfied with the amount he handed her the cup. "You just left right? Didn't go rouge?"

She shook her head, "My parents said that I shouldn't just in case I wanted to come home."

Well then this might sting a bit, he thought.

Jocelyn drank the blood in the cup

"now you need to pledge to me" Gabriel had one of his warriors stand behind her just in case she fell.

Taking a deep breath Jocelyn shook out her hands preparing herself. "I, Jocelyn Barns pledge my loyalty and life to you Alpha Gabriel Rodriguez of The Mystic Shadow Pack."

The second she was finished she could hear everyone in her old pack talking all at once in her head making her grab it.

Arms wrapped around her as she felt the snap from her birth pack then everything went quiet and the pain in her head subsided.

"Welcome to the pack Miss!" The warrior holding her said before stepping back.

"Thank you."

Gabriel smiled when she looked at him. "Everly said that you were denied your right to be Beta! I already have one, but you can train with mine if you like..."

"Trying to butter me up?"

Everly has already told her everything about him wanting to know where they were from and who their Alpha was.

Gabriel chuckled "well I can try..."

"No disrespect Alpha Gabriel, but I've known Everly since we were babies. We grew up together, and our old Alpha may have been a classic jerk but I won't let you go and-"

"I won't kill him, just...ask him why he let such a beauty go?" he questioned clearly unable to think of a reason wanting to know why he wanted to know who he was.

Jocelyn looked at him with wide eyes.

Now she gets why he's being so nice to her friend and why he let her come join the pack. It all made perfect sense.

"She's your mate isn't she?"

Gabriel moved closer and covered her mouth, "nobody knows yet"

She removed his hand from her mouth and glared at him. "Do you plan on telling her? Or am I gonna have to use a spell on you to get you to tell her?"

Gabriel chuckled again "I plan on telling her young hybrid, don't worry. I just need help to bring it up, as I said she wants to leave."

Jocelyn calmed down a bit then groaned loudly. "The River Ash Pack!" she said looking back up at him.

He thought for a second, don't they have.. Everly only ever refers to them having 1

"That pack has twin Alpha's!"

"Which is probably why Everly hasn't told you where she is from, or who rejected her. Hell he's lucky I didn't hurt him myself before I left."

Shaking his head, he could feel his wolf pacing in his head. "Which one was it? And did he say why he rejected her? Because I don't believe him doing it just because she's human."

"You are gonna have to pry it from her sir, but he did tell me that he didn't want to. He was hoping to find a chosen mate before she found out, but his wolf took over when he seen her fall in the hospital hallway and helped her up." Jocelyn explained.

"Hospital?" he questioned.

"She used to be a nurse at our old pack hospital!" she smiled remembering how hard she worked to get that far. "She won't get to finish collage now because of him, she was almost done to. She's really smart."

Gabriel smiled, he already noticed that. She had corrected him several times on a few things he had done wrong yesterday.

And while Jorge was doing his homework before mom picked him up he asked her to help him, and he listened in and she told him how to do things in a different way that was easier to remember and it was more fun.

"Come on I want to see Evie!" Jocelyn said walking backwards toward her vehicle.

He chuckled, "for the time being I've transformed my study into a room for you. It has a bedroom and everything so that helps." Gabriel smiled at her before she reached her car.

"You didn't have to do that."

"Everly wouldn't want you anywhere else." he smiled again.


As they pulled up he watched Jocelyn jump out of her car, and restrain herself from running into the house.

Gabriel got out of his own vehicle and with a shake of his head. "It's unlocked, go on in."

"Oh thank the moon!" Jocelyn exclaimed and bolted to the front door. When she opened it she smelt the faint smell of rouge in the house.

She knew it was her friend though so she wasn't the least bit worried.

When she raced down the hall her shoes making it hard to run properly, when she neared what looked like the kitchen she halted in her haste.

A grim look took over her features by what she was seeing. Why was she seeing it, why the hell was there a dark green aura over her?

She pushed it aside for a moment and smiled.


The chamomile tea Everly was drinking slipped from her hand when she jumped at the sudden yell.

She hastily turned around and grinned at who she seen. "Jocelyn? When... when did you get here?"

"An hour ago!" Jocelyn said and ran into her embrace nearly knocking both of them over.

"You were right though, that Alpha does look delicious enough to eat." she said that purposely aloud because she knew that Alpha Gabriel was close enough to hear them.

Gabriel smirked as he stopped.

She has been talking about his to her friend? She she does feel something, but she has no clue what those feelings are.

Don't worry my Luna, you will. I will tell you everything. And soon.

"Everly, have you eaten anything from a stranger in the past 24 hours?" Jocelyn asked when she pulled away, and placed her hand on her cheek.

She did seem awfully pale.

"Everybody here is a stranger to me. But no, just Alpha Gabriel and his sister's, plus myself have made the food I have eaten..."

"You have a dark green aura around you, Evie! Someone or something has poisoned you."

Everly laughed at what she said, "I know nobody here, who would..." she trailed off remembering what Gabriel's mother told her.

"Who did it?" his voice cut through her train of thoughts and it caused a shiver to run down her spine.

Looking up and over at him she smiled and shook her head. "No one, I've made no enemies here"

"The look on your face said otherwise." Gabriel pointed out.

"Evie, I can't help you if I don't know what's going on. And on top of that, you are damn near immune to almost anything magical I throw at you. I'm shocked this even worked." Jocelyn said.

Everly smiled at her "Apart from being tired and a bit nauseated, I feel fine."

Gabriel growled at her "I want a name, Everly!"

She stepped away from Jocelyn and walked over to Gabriel. "The name of the person who poisoned me or the name of the guy who rejected me? Because for all you know they are the same person!"

Gabriel scoffed at her, Jocelyn was right.

She was smart, to damn smart for her own good. And how can a human be immune to a witches power?

That he didn't get. It had to be a really powerful warlock or witch that did this, if even Jocelyn's magic didn't work on her.

But she was right, nobody knew her here.

"I'm tired, let me go rest and I'll help you with your things okay, Lyn?" Everly told her friend and walked out before getting a response.

When she was safely in her room she let out a shuddering breath and slid down the door, her mask breaking now that she was alone.

Her tired body wanting nothing but to give in right there, but she had to get off the floor and get into the bed.

She severely watered down how she was feeling she hasn't been able to keep anything down, just assumed it was a bug, but now with Jocelyn here telling her she was poisoned, it made sense.

"She is lying sir" Jocelyn said looking over at him. "She's a really good liar, but I know her. Her eyes dilate when she's not feeling well"

Gabriel looked down the hall toward the bedrooms and listened for her. He could hear soft sobs coming from her room and it broke his heart.

"Why wouldn't she just tell us who she thinks did it?" Jocelyn asked him.

He sighed "she don't want to leave, but also doesn't want to stay either. And by telling me, she thinks it would make me mad enough to kick her out."