Chapter 8 - My Dreamy Old Husband

After Sophia was chased out from her school, her phone crashed to the ground and broke. Since then, she never had the opportunity to buy a phone, and she had never used the number ever since.

He found some mutual classmates of his and Sophia’s, but none of them had her number. After all, she had very few high school friends to begin with.

Since she left Riverdale High School, no one knew what she had been up to and where she went. If she hadn’t suddenly appeared in front of everyone a year later, no one would have remembered her.

After Richard put down his phone, he remained silent while Xyla tugged on him anxiously. “Richard, stop calling her. She won’t pick up! She is determined to let Kayla be her scapegoat. I’ve never expected that she would be so malicious!

After having a promiscuous life that led to her getting pregnant, she even planned to slander Kayla to prove her innocence. We can’t let her get her way, Richard!”

Kayla chimed in anxiously, “Richard, are you still infatuated with that b*tch? She is now slandering me, yet you are still stubbornly doing nothing? Do you even regard me as your sister?”

Richard finally put down all his excuses for defending her as there were no other possibilities. The only explanation to this was that Sophia really wanted to use Kayla as her scapegoat.

After all, she had finally entered Bayside University, so she needed her reputation to be recovered as soon as possible. Otherwise, she could be expelled. Since she had gone through great lengths to enrol into Bayside University, she would not leave easily.

Richard’s face darkened as he contacted another lawyer to make preparations for the upcoming lawsuit.

It was not an abrupt decision when Sophia mentioned that she was going to sue them. In fact, she must have planned it out a long time ago since the moment she received the letter of acceptance from Bayside University.

The court session started after the new academic semester had begun. The plaintiff, the defendant, the attorneys, the witnesses, the jury, and the judge had arrived, with rows of students from Bayside University in the audience. Sophia even invited the principal and the alumni from her high school. In addition to that, some parents also joined the court session, so the seats were packed with people.

As this case involved the Harper Family, many of their family members were here as well. As the plaintiffs, Richard, Kayla, and their mother, Mrs. Harper, had to be present as well.

On the defendant’s side, Dr. Clayton, the doctor of Riverdale High School, was standing fearfully as he looked at the inquisitive glances of the crowd. He had no idea where to place his gaze, knowing that he could not get away from his offences no matter how everything would turn out today.

Initially, he also wanted to hire an attorney to defend himself, but as soon as the lawyers heard that they would be going against Calvin Fields, they immediately gave up.

Although Mr. Fields was young, he was an invincible presence in the legal field.

Sitting in the seats of the defendant was Sophia, who was finally not wearing an ostentatious crop top that showed off her slender waist and belly button. The fitting shirt that she wore had perfectly depicted her voluptuous figure, with her fair skin complementing her prominent facial features, making her look healthy and pretty. When she was broke, she had been through many hardships, and she looked skinny and tanned. Finally, she had the ability to doll herself up after she had become rich. After she changed from her worn-out school uniform into a set of branded clothes, her assertive side immediately showed itself. She looked like she had completely changed into a different person.

After experiencing a hellish journey that was almost like a rebirth, her body and soul had gone through tremendous change. She was no longer the old Sophia anymore.

She had an indifferent look as she sat still in the plaintiff’s seat, making one unable to make out her emotions. Looking at her from afar, Richard felt that his heart seemed to be gently tugged by a string.

Mrs. Harper had never imagined that they would be involved in such a lawsuit, and that her own daughter, Kayla, would be the one being sued. She immediately cursed in front of Richard, “I knew this little b*tch was up to no good! She seduced my son because she wants our family fortune!”

Such a lowly woman must be in it for our money to be involved with my son!

There’s no chance of her getting a penny no matter how she wants to blow this matter out of proportion!

The attorney that the Harper Family hired was also quite well-known in the industry. He was looking forward to crossing paths with Mr. Fields, and he promised the Harper Family that he would definitely win this lawsuit.

The Harper Family looked forward to the result of the lawsuit. Not only had they planned to win, they also wanted to sue Sophia for slandering them.

When the court session began, the plaintiff and their attorney presented their respective cases first. Sophia merely relaxed in her seat while Mr. Fields did all the talking.

He presented each piece of evidence clearly. When Sophia was found by her father, Joe, in Duckburgs, he even sent her to a hospital to verify that she was still a virgin. Apart from that, he also asked her to show her future husband the affidavit at that time. At this moment, this affidavit had come in handy for them.

Apart from that, Sophia had also done a full body-checkup that proved that she was never pregnant, so she had never had a abortion. Apart from that, she was still a virgin.

Both the affidavits had been verified to be real.

After a slight pause, Mr. Fields continued, “Dr. Clayton has also admitted that my client only suffered a slight cold at that moment. However, he illegally claimed that she was pregnant, inflicting a great negative impact to my client’s life and studies. This almost caused a tragedy that was unable to be saved.” Mr. Fields went on in a cold voice without any interest on his face. After all, the lawsuits that he was usually involved in were worth more than billions. Hence, he was completely uninterested in such a lawsuit that only involved 5 million. It was a complete overkill to hire him for this—it was a waste of talent.

However, his client was from such a prominent background that she could cut the queue and ignore everything else.

Dr. Clayton also pleaded guilty and proved that this was the truth, eliciting a shocked murmur from the crowd.

So Dr. Clayton actually gave a fake diagnosis!

Because of his fake affidavit, Sophia was labelled the pregnant girl in school. After some time, there were rumors on social media websites about her dating several guys simultaneously and that she had multiple abortions. This had inflicted a huge damage to Riverdale High School, compelling many parents to write to the school to expel Sophia.

Initially, the principal was very reluctant to let her go as she was the top of her year most of the time. However, after some time, he finally buckled under the huge pressure of the rumors and the parents, who were rich and powerful. After all, he was also forced to make such a decision.

Sitting in the audience seat, the principal sighed multiple times. He knew very well that Sophia’s future must have been ruined as soon as she left the school.

However, he was relieved to hear that she had managed to enter Bayside University, and she even had the ability to hire an attorney for herself.

The court session continued with Kayla’s lawyer pointing out several pieces of evidence to prove that she did not frame Sophia.

However, every evidence pointed to Kayla—the phone number and the Venmo account belonged to her. Even Dr. Clayton was sure that Kayla was the culprit. Even though he had never seen her, he could recognize her voice.

The person who bribed Dr. Clayton to frame Sophia was none other than Kayla!

The claims from the defendant’s attorney were denied by Mr. Fields relentlessly. Finally, the court had come to a decision—it was confirmed that Kayla had slandered Sophia. Kayla had to publicly apologize to Sophia and reinstate her reputation in the newspaper. Apart from that, she had to pay Sophia 5 million as compensation.

When the result was confirmed, everyone in the Harper Family was shocked to find that they had lost to a young woman with no background!