My Dreamy Old Husband

My Dreamy Old Husband

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Chapter: 1498
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Chapter 1

“Mr. Edwards, your daughter is tan and thin. She even had an abortion in high school, and the wholeschool knew about it! It caused such a commotion that parents signed a petition to get her expelledfrom the school! With her terrible track record… Tsk, I can’t go above 50,000!”“Those are fake information! It’s just rumors! Master Levine, please have a look at the affidavit! She justturned 18 years old, and so

Chapter 2

His voice was cold and mysterious, yet elegant and melodious. He sounded inexplicably tantalizing,and Sophia was soon reveling in his voice.On the other side, the man in the suit, whom she initially thought was her hubby, was standing at theside respectfully now.Does that mean that this man standing in front of me, who looks even better than a model in televisionshows, is actually my hubby?So he isn’t bald,

Chapter 3

Is 20 minutes enough… enough… enough…?Sophia blushed as the words lingered by her ears.Michael thought about it seriously. “20 minutes is too short.”In the end, he still decided to deal with the matter first. They were married after all, and they could wait,but the incident in Europe couldn’t wait any longer. After he exhorted Daniel and Hale on some matters,he rubbed Sophia’s messy hair and left in a hurry,

Chapter 4

There were quite a lot of Sophia’s old classmates sitting in the hall, and they were all surprised to seeher.Isn’t this Sophia, who was expelled from school because of her bad reputation after getting pregnant?Sophia didn’t seem to have registered their shocked faces and just started giving her speech. “Goodmorning, I’m Sophia Edwards, first year student of Business Management and Economics Major…”Kayla’s ey

Chapter 5

Sophia had a calm and indifferent expression after her speech. She stood on the stage, clad in a croptop, but she didn’t seem frivolous as one would expect. On the contrary, she looked free andunrestrained, which made her stand out among the many students present. She wasn’t about to step down, nor was she affected by the rumors. Sophia merely observed thecrowd below the stage whispering among each other. He

Chapter 6

In the end, after her speech, Sophia returned to her seat under the crowd’s scrutiny.Among the large group of goody-two-shoes university students, Sophia stood out with her pretty faceand bold clothes. Her affairs spread like wildfire throughout the university after what happened justnow.The freshman orientation ended soon, and everyone got up to leave the auditorium.Sophia took her time and walked out of th

Chapter 7

The news of Sophia taking legal action became a huge issue. The past incident almost ruined herfuture. Furthermore, she was a student at Bayside University, and so her reputation was extremelyimportant.If she refused to go to court over this matter, it would directly affect her reputation at Bayside University.In fact, it would affect her enrollment in the university.After the university understood the situa

Chapter 8

After Sophia was chased out from her school, her phone crashed to the ground and broke. Since then,she never had the opportunity to buy a phone, and she had never used the number ever since.He found some mutual classmates of his and Sophia’s, but none of them had her number. After all, shehad very few high school friends to begin with.Since she left Riverdale High School, no one knew what she had been up to

Chapter 9

After the court session ended, the Harper Family refused to apologize, and it was clear that they werenot satisfied with the results. They even stated on the spot that they would appeal the court decision.Although the court case was not completely won, from the speeches just now, it was clear that Mr.Field’s expertise was unrivaled. Even if they were to file an appeal, he would probably crush theopponent as

Chapter 10

Sophia was secretly shocked to hear that. Michael is coming back? It seemed to finally hit her that shehad a husband. Only half a day after their marriage, he had disappeared without a trace.If it weren’t for his big mansion and his picture in the master bedroom, Sophia would have forgottenthat she had gotten married. He had not been around for almost a year, so she could hardly rememberhis looks. She merely