Chapter 6 - My Dreamy Old Husband

In the end, after her speech, Sophia returned to her seat under the crowd’s scrutiny.

Among the large group of goody-two-shoes university students, Sophia stood out with her pretty face and bold clothes. Her affairs spread like wildfire throughout the university after what happened just now.

The freshman orientation ended soon, and everyone got up to leave the auditorium.

Sophia took her time and walked out of the auditorium when there were less people. Nothing happened when classes started over the first few days in the university. Nevertheless, there were the freshman orientation, freshmen meeting, hostel distribution and the works.

My priority right now is to win the lawsuit to prove my innocence. Otherwise, Bayside University might expel me over this distasteful incident.

It was impossible for Sophia not to know who had set her up.

Dr. Clayton was the one who ruined my reputation. As long as I follow the clues and continue investigating him, I should be able to uncover interesting things, Sophia thought to herself while walking out of the auditorium. She walked along the boulevard to the parking booth to look for her motorbike. The freshman orientation had almost ended by then, and so students were leaving one after another. Most sophomores and juniors had yet to return to the university, and so there weren’t many people on the boulevard. There were the occasional students along the route, but those were rare.

Suddenly, Sophia came to a complete halt in her steps because there was a couple in front of her entangled in a make out session. She thought the back view seemed rather familiar. Isn’t that Richard and Xyla?

The guy had a clean white shirt on, whereas the girl was wearing a crisp, white sundress. They looked like a prince and princess who had just walked out of a fairytale. In fact, they looked like a match made in heaven.

This scene looks familiar.

A year ago, I had the worst fight with Richard in our relationship over something similar to this scene. That day, I walked out of the high school library and witnessed a handsome couple making out passionately in the grove. I felt my world crumbling around me at that moment, and there was a ringing sound in my ears. I felt as if someone was stabbing my heart repeatedly.

I always knew that Xyla had a crush on Richard. I just didn’t expect them to end up together.

I was stupid enough to expose them on the spot. Richard and Xyla kept apologizing to me profusely. I lost it and slapped Xyla so hard that she got a nosebleed. In the end, Richard spat, “I didn’t expect you to be so unreasonable.” Then, he left with a weeping Xyla.

From then on, Richard and I couldn’t return to the way things were before, and we started a cold war.

I just entered senior year in high school, and schoolwork was getting even more demanding. I felt increasingly pressured with the cold war I had with Richard; coupled with the sudden change in weather, I came down with a cold. Hence, I was forced to get some medication from the high school hospital. Unexpectedly, Dr. Clayton diagnosed me as two-months pregnant after giving me a once-over when I was merely having a cold.

Furthermore, there were many students in the hospital that day. Rumors of my pregnancy spread because I was a well-known figure, who often represented the student body, and had received many awards along the way.

I was well aware of whether or not I was pregnant. I’d been together with Richard since sophomore year in high school. We did nothing apart from holding hands, and I’d never had other boyfriends before him.

I begged the principal on bent knees not to expel me. I kneeled in front of Richard to beg him to trust me, but in return, he stared at me with nothing but disgust.

Today, the familiar scene replayed in front of her once again. However, unlike the past, Sophia no longer felt any heartache. On the contrary, she felt the irony of the situation, as if the entire situation was taunting her.

The couple in front of her finally stopped making out, and they separated shortly. Xyla clung onto Richard’s arm affectionately while smiling sweetly at him in a docile manner. Her gaze was tender and loving while she stared at the man in front of her.

Sophia could see Xyla’s tender expression from her position. Xyla could see her too, but Richard couldn’t.

Triumph flashed through Xyla’s eyes when she saw Sophia. It was the exact same look she had a year ago.

Nevertheless, Sophia’s face maintained a blank expression; she just put on her pair of sunglasses and earphones calmly. She switched on her music and brushed shoulders with the two of them casually with a spring in her step.

Xyla felt slightly puzzled. Didn’t she see us?

She couldn’t possibly look like that if she saw us.

Previously, when Sophia was expelled, she went to the Harper Family continuously for several days to beg Richard for help. At that time, she acted like a lowly dog. I’m sure she’s overwhelmed deep down in her heart when she ran into the love of her life again!

Hence, Xyla deliberately called out for Sophia, who walked past them. “Sophia? Is that you, Sophia? What a coincidence!”

Richard snapped back to his senses, as if he had woken up from a dream. Something gleamed in his eyes, and he seemed as if he was about to say something. However, Sophia acted as though she did not see them, and she walked past them lightly and swiftly.

Xyla wouldn’t let it go, and so she chased after Sophia to tap her on her shoulder before greeting her with a friendly smile, “Sophia, Sophia!”

Sophia finally stopped walking to turn around to look at the couple. She took her sunglasses off, revealing her large and dark eyes. She looked up at them lazily. “What’s the matter?”

Xyla clung onto Richard, like a winner shower off her spoils of war. “Sophia, who would have thought we’d meet again in university! We are schoolmates again! Why don’t Richard and I take you out for Japanese today? Our treat! We can go to the restaurant you’ve always been reluctant to splurge on!”

Having Japanese food was just like any other meal for the couple, but for Sophia, it was once even more luxurious than a Christmas feast.

Sophia wore her earphones back on coldly. “I’m not free.”

She turned around to continue walking forward.

Xyla wouldn’t give up, and she chased after her. “Sophia, didn’t the school expel you previously? How did you end up in South Bayside High School? Did your new boyfriend send you there?”

New boyfriend!

Richard, who was nearby, clenched his fists tightly reflexively when he heard that term.

True enough, she has another man. If it weren’t for the help of another man, how could she have possibly entered Bayside University?

It seems like someone else has been keeping her on the side all along, whereas she has been lying to me all this while! She has been toying with my feelings all along!

Naturally, Sophia knew what stunt Xyla was trying to pull. She succeeded in snatching Richard away. What is the point of dragging me into the drama now?

Therefore, Sophie continued walking forward while ignoring Xyla. Xyla was about to say something to Sophia, but Richard dragged her back viciously while reprimanding her, “What is there to chat about with someone like her? Is it not humiliating enough for you?!”

Xyla’s adorable face scrunched up sadly. She held onto Richard’s hand innocently while swaying slightly to soothe him. “I have always had a good relationship with Sophia. Previously, I was the one who snatched you away from her, and I’ve always felt bad about it. Now that we are in the same university, it’ll be so awkward whenever we bump into each other. I’m just trying to resolve the misunderstanding between Sophia and me as soon as possible…”

Richard regarded the adorable girl in front of him, and he was once again impressed by her kindness. He couldn’t help himself and kissed her rosy cheek while speaking to her in a serious tone, “I have no feelings for Sophia at all. You are the only one in my heart, and you’re the only person I love.”

Xyla blushed, and she threw herself into Richard’s arms. She punched his chest playfully with her small fists. “Richard, you’re making me blush…”

Out of Richard’s sight, a trace of twisted triumph gleamed in those adorable and pretty eyes.

Even though she managed to enter the same university, Sophia can never snatch Richard away from me!

Previously, I ruined her reputation, and so I can very well achieve the same thing in this university!

Her time in Bayside University is limited!

At the same time, Sophia, who was already sitting on her Yamaha bike while fastening her helmet, sneezed. She had an odd feeling, as if someone was talking about her behind her back.

I said that I’m filing a lawsuit, and so I will go to court.

I’m not sure what Michael’s job is. The strange thing is that, despite his large family business and handsome face, I just couldn’t find anything online about him. There are countless ‘Michael Fletchers’ online, but none of them matches his description.

Apart from my marriage certificate, I just can’t seem to find a trace of him elsewhere.

However, I know that Michael is extremely influential and powerful. In fact, he has the ability not to play by the rules. Previously, I begged the principal on bent knees to not expel me, but he rejected me. On the other hand, Michael secured my education path and household registration within less than a day. He even got me into Bayside City’s best high school, South Bayside High School, without a hitch.

Michael’s right-hand man, Hale, already investigated everything on behalf of Sophia.

It was true that Dr. Clayton framed her. A school doctor like Dr. Clayton wouldn’t find trouble with a poor student for no reason. The only explanation was that he was paid to do that. At that time, Dr. Clayton had indeed received an unaccounted deposit of 200,000 in his bank account.

On the second day of the semester, Dr. Clayton of Riverdale High School received a subpoena from the court.

He had long forgotten about what happened six months ago. In fact, Sophia, who was chased out of the school in utter humiliation, was the last thing on his mind. Hence, he was in shock when he received the court subpoena. He panicked and broke into cold sweat.

Previously, when I received the money, she promised that there wouldn’t be any problems for me.

There haven’t been any issues over a year. Why am I receiving a court subpoena now all of a sudden?!

The person suing me is none other than the poor student from before, Sophia Edwards!

Dr. Clayton made a phone call in a hurry. After dialing the number, a female voice greeted him soon enough from the other end of the line. Dr. Clayton started scolding her over the phone, “Didn’t you promise me that there wouldn’t be any issues? I’ve received a court subpoena now! So what should I do now?!”

The person on the other end of the line sounded like a young girl. She started sobbing softly, as if she was extremely heartbroken. “Dr. Clayton, I’m so sorry. I was immature at the time, and I was just pulling a prank. I didn’t expect things to get out of hand, nor did I expect Sophia to be expelled. I least expected you to end up with a lawsuit; I honestly wasn’t expecting this!”

In reality, Dr. Clayton had no idea who she was. Previously, before Sophia dropped by the school hospital for a check-up, he received a phone call that instructed him to diagnose her as pregnant. He was promised 200,000 upon completion of the task. In fact, he received 100,000 on the spot in his bank account and another 100,000 after he completed the task.

Therefore, Dr. Clayton issued Sophia a pregnancy diagnosis report that destroyed her reputation in school. After that, he received 100,000 as promised.

Seeing as the girl on the other end of the line sounded young, he figured she was most probably a lawless rich kid. Dr. Clayton wanted nothing more than to shift the blame, and so he advised her softly, “You are still young, and so it’s natural to make mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance as long as they are capable of change. They won’t do anything to you since you were still a minor at that time.”

The girl sobbed over the phone before replying to him in a determined tone, “Dr. Clayton, don’t worry. Once you’re in court, you just have to state that Kayla Harper, who was in high school senior year Alpha Class at the time, instructed you to do that. Explain that you had nothing to do with the incident and just blame everything on me, Kayla Harper!”

Dr. Clayton let out a sigh of relief, and he committed the name to memory. After hanging up on the call, he immediately showed up at court. He was extremely cooperative with the investigation. Kayla Harper did everything! I had nothing to do with it!