Chapter 10 - My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball

He Might Have Recognized You

The four of them returned to the villa immediately.

Rosalie and the two little ones were still hungry and plowed through the food that Mary had taken away.

After eating, the two boys went upstairs and showered.

Mary looked at her best friend meaningfully. “I don’t quite understand why you’re hiding from Byron. Didn’t you two agree to divorce that time? Why are you so afraid of him now? Besides, what was the reason for your divorce? You didn’t actually tell me what happened a few years ago.”

Meeting her gaze, Rosalie subconsciously lowered hers. She hesitated for a while before reluctantly describing the situation back then to her.

“Rosalie, you sure are ballsy!”

Mary did not actually expect her best friend to drug Byron and then get pregnant with his child secretly.

No wonder she wanted to run after hearing Byron’s name today!

Rosalie bit her lower lip bitterly. “I don’t want him to know about Lucian and Nox. Moreover, when I gave him the drug, I was afraid that he still had a grudge, and considering who he was, it would be so easy for him to exact revenge on me. If I were alone, I wouldn’t be afraid of him, but I have two children with me now.”

With that, she laughed at herself. “Maybe I thought too much. Maybe he doesn’t care about this at all. I’m not an important person after all.”

“That’s not a certainty!”

Mary frowned. “I think, he might have recognized your voice. When he came in just now, he asked where you were. The way he looked was as if he was looking for you to settle things!”

Hearing this, Rosalie was stunned before she felt a prickle in her heart.

Sure enough, to him, she had only left animosity that night…

Mary saw her best friend’s downcast gaze and bitter expression and comforted her stiltedly, “You don’t have to worry too much. Coast City is huge, and you guys don’t have any connections in your work, so you definitely won’t bump into each other.”

Rosalie bowed her head slightly and she held onto that same luck in her heart.


Lucian and Nox’s voices sounded in her ear all of a sudden.

Rosalie and Mary immediately stopped their discussion and looked up toward the staircase.

The little ones had already showered, their hair was still wet, and their fair skin glowed with water vapor. They were each wearing cow pajamas and were coming down the stairs.

They came in front of them. Raising their heads, they looked at them. “What are you talking about?”

Mary looked at how cute they were and had no other thoughts in her head. She immediately crouched down and hugged them both to her with each arm. “You two are so cute! Why don’t you come back with your godmother, eh? I like you both too much!”

Lucian and Nox could not utter a word with how she was rubbing their cheeks.

Rosalie watched with amusement.

She hurriedly rescued her two boys from her best friend’s claws. Then, she thought about something else.

“I almost forgot. Our return home had been too hasty this time and I’ll be very busy with the follow-up work. I can’t bring Lucian and Nox with me and wanted to ask you if there is a suitable kindergarten nearby that they can attend? Also, I’ll have to look for a nanny. ”

The two went silent when they heard what their mommy said.

Considering their intelligence, they would not need to go to kindergarten at all.

However, their mommy was indeed very busy and so they could only cooperate.

When Mary heard this, she pondered silently for a moment. “There is a good kindergarten place!”

Rosalie looked at her best friend and said, “Tell me about it.”

“There is a kindergarten for the upper class near here and it’s pretty good. It’s famous in Coast City and their teaching is also very extensive, they can learn the languages of many countries. The teachers are well-known, and many rich families would kill trying to get their children in. So, there is no need to worry about the little ones being bullied in it.”

Mary introduced.

Hearing this, Rosalie immediately replied, “That so? I’ll look it up online. If there’s no issue, I’ll send them there.”