My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball

My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball

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Read My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball by Likable. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here    Rosalie Jacobs had been married to Byron Lawrence for three years before finally getting a divorce. The entirety of Coast City frowned upon her as the outcast wife of a rich family. Six years later, Rosalie returned to the country with a pair of twins and became a world renowned miracle doctor.Countless people flocked to marry her.Suitor No. 1 said, "Miss Jacobs, are your children missing a father? What do you think of me? If you agree, I will treat them like my own." Suitor No. 2, "Miracle doctor Jacobs, I was blown away by your beauty and talent when I first met you. I would like the chance to love you to the best of my ability for the rest of my life. President Lawrence is blind to turn his back on you. I would never leave you!" Just then, a little girl appeared. She hugged Rosalie's leg and said, "Mommy, daddy has been kneeling on the washboard for three days and three nights now. He asked if you’d calmed down yet. If you have, he wants to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get remarried."
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Chapter 1

Divorce“Byron Lawrence, I’ve been married to you for 3 years. We’ve been husband and wife these 3 yearsonly on paper. I’ll allow you to be with your dream woman, I give up on this marriage! You can go chaseher after tonight! For now, just take it as compensation for my feelings toward you all these years,alright…”After saying this, Rosalie leaned in and kissed the man in front of her. Her kiss carried a pas

Chapter 2

Ditching the Wife and ChildrenRosalie made her way to Quentin’s office quickly.The moment she entered; she saw her two little boys sitting on the sofa as they swung their calves.Their eyes lit up when they saw her come in. They immediately slid off the sofa and ran over. “Mommy,you’re finally out! Here I thought you were going to live in the research room in the future!”“Mommy, are you tired? Sit down quick

Chapter 3

A Non-Speaking Little CutieRosalie only felt worried on their way out of the airport and had turned back from time to time to makesure if the man had followed them.Fortunately, they did not see the figure again by the time they walked out of the gates of the airport.Rosalie was relieved.The two little ones she was leading found it strange that their mommy turned back almost every threesteps along the way.Ho

Chapter 4

Best If You Died Out ThereA guess flashed through Rosalie’s mind. This little girl, she could not be hard of speaking, could she?Thinking of this possibility, she felt pity for the little girl and whispered, “Give me your hand, will you?”Then, she offered her hand forward.The little girl looked at her timidly, but her expression softened when she heard her voice.Rosalie was not in a hurry. She waited patien

Chapter 5

So You’ve Actually ReturnedByron looked at her coldly for a few seconds.Wendy pinched the palm of her hand placidly, afraid that she might give herself away.“You better be telling the truth.”Byron looked away after a moment to look toward Luther who was waiting at the side. “Have we heardanything from the police?”Luther’s tone was heavy, “Not yet for now.”Saying that, he carefully glanced at Byron and added

Chapter 6

You’re….Byron’s DaughterThe Drunken Divine’s Dwelling was the largest private restaurant in Coast City. Their service wasexcellent, and their dishes were full of color and flavor. It was only open to exclusive customers andreservations needed to be made a month in advance.Mary had managed to pull a few strings to get their number yesterday.The layout of the restaurant was also very elegant. Each seat was se

Chapter 7

Hate That She Sullied His GazeThere were only two people in the booth.Byron scanned the booth once before his gaze finally landed on his daughter.The little girl was feeling wronged after Rosalie upped and left all of a sudden just now but seeing herown daddy now, not only was she fearful, she even sunk her head grumpily.Byron’s gaze sunk slightly.“Little lady, are you all right?”Both father and daughter we

Chapter 8

Haven’t Given Up on Her Yet“Mommy, who is that person Byron Lawrence? Why are we hiding from him?”When Lucian and Nox saw their Mommy in a trance, they shook her hand and asked.Rosalie slowly came back to her senses. She caressed their heads and smiled as if nothing hadhappened. “He’s no one important, he just has a little bit of a grudge with mommy since last time. If youtwo hear this name in the future, y

Chapter 9

The First Time She Dared Resist HerTwenty minutes later.The car came to a slow halt afront the Lawrence Manor.Estie did not let anyone carry her down. She propped against the seat, got out of the car slowly, andwalked ahead without saying a word.Byron followed her silently.The moment father and daughter entered through the doors; they heard a call…“Estie!”Wendy was in the living area swiping on her mobile p

Chapter 10

He Might Have Recognized YouThe four of them returned to the villa immediately.Rosalie and the two little ones were still hungry and plowed through the food that Mary had taken away.After eating, the two boys went upstairs and showered.Mary looked at her best friend meaningfully. “I don’t quite understand why you’re hiding from Byron.Didn’t you two agree to divorce that time? Why are you so afraid of him no