Chapter 10 - My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day

Anika was back to normal in a flash.She sat on the sofa after walking over.

"I guess Connor told you."

Anika noticed Connor after the wedding.

Mrs.Jenkins had invited her to meet up, and she received a phone call from the other party later on.

Kayden's special aide, Connor, worked really hard.

Kayden must have been aware of what had happened.

"I want to hear it from you."

Kayden stood still and paced in front of her.

He regarded her with contempt, as if he was interrogating her.

For a few seconds, Anika raised her eyes and silently looked him.

She smiled and asked "What exactly are you referring to? I changed the groom since you ran away from the wedding.Seems fair to me."

"I already told you on the phone that the wedding was going to be postponed,’’ Kayden frowned and said with a heavy tone.

"Not canceled."

"Kayden, you stood me up on our wedding day.And it was you who decided to meet up with Lucy the night before the wedding.Who do you think you are to postpone the wedding?"

Anika's gentle demeanor was noticed by everyone around her.

She was used to controlling her emotions and disliked pointless debates.

It wasn't that she didn't have a temper, mind you.

She had to cope with visitors and worry for her grandfather in just two days, and she was drained to say the least.

She could only hold back the rage created by Kayden's disappearance, but she couldn't avoid addressing Kayden's questioning at this time.

‘‘Why did he seem so certain that he had gotten out of the marriage earlier?’’ Kayden had never seen her lose her calm before.

She frowned and relaxed, content in knowing that rage was better than alienation.

After all, who can manage to stay calm when their loved on married another person? Kayden pondered on the situation and realized how hard it could've been for Anika to wait there, feeling helpless and alone.

He knew he brought this upon himself.

Their marriage was meaningless.

It had to be a mutually beneficial arrangement.

He would help her resolve her request.

Despite the fact that the scenario was tense, he promised to handle the aftermath and offer her a better wedding.

Kayden's tone softened as he considered this, and he reached out to touch her shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Anika; I wasn't expecting the flight to be delayed.Lucy was the reason"


Anika suddenly patted his hand away and said coldly, "I'm not interested in hearing about you and her any longer.We've done our parts, and it doesn't matter anymore."

Whenever he mentioned Lucy, Anika had a gut feeling she'd be drawn back into the smothering atmosphere of the prior conflicts.

She had a terrible time escaping and did not want to face it again.

Anika breathed a sigh of relief and turned away from him "You may now go.I'm going to reset the password, and I'm f §=hoping you won't be back."

She realized she was going to move in a few days after expressing that.

In truth, there was no need to be concerned if Kayden didn't make it.

After being ordered to leave, expectedly, Kayden wasn't happy.He couldn't do anything too dramatic because of his upbringing.

"Let's talk about it when the emotions have calmed down.”

Afterwards, he turned around and left.

Anika heard the door shut, but she was still trapped in the last phrase.

‘Heh, that's it again’ Their demeanors were more kind.

They would finish up in silence every time they said they were arguing.

With the passage of time, Kayden began to believe that this would be the solution to the problem.

However, how was this possible? There was slow singing in the last clubhouse room.

A group of more than a dozen men and women had gathered, joking and teasing one another.

Some of them were Misty's famed rich second generations, while others were Jenkins Entertainment Group performers.

Kayden sat silently at the side, his entire body projecting a posture of not approaching strangers.

He rarely participated in such gatherings, but he was dragged in by Gavyn.

Gavyn just had a glass of wine with someone and hesitated for a moment before coming over to console his depressed friend, "Kay, don't even think about it.Anika really likes you.How could she marry someone else?"

It wasn't that Gavyn that helped Anika put in a good word, but that she was indeed very good to Kayden.

Mrs.Jenkins, who was known for her ruthlessness, couldn't find anything wrong with Meyer Anika.

Gavyn spent two days digesting the news of Anika and Zac getting married.

He did not expect that Anika would actually dare to change her groom.

Although she could save face by doing so, she was inferior to the Jenkins Family.

If she wanted to marry Kayden again, she would face even greater resistance.

Kayden had been pleasing the Jenkins Family for the previous few days in order to alleviate their displeasure with her and had even made a few concessions for Anika in the second room.

‘’Could it be that Anika was angry that Kayden stood her up on their wedding, and was deliberately trying to cause trouble for Kayden because she liked him?’’

Gavyn Jenkins was even more taken aback when he learned that Zac was willing to play the role of a phony groom just to save Anika’s face.

Thinking of this, Gavyn looked at the silent Kayden and said, "Who is Zac Hill?"

Everly has a good family background, and the Mason family gallantly hinted that she would ignore him for a few years.

When Zac was down, he had been in debt for a few years and had been crushed by many people.

He was like a madman who only wanted to make money after that.

Getting involved with such a person, much alone his connection with Anika, wasn't always a wise idea.

Gavyn didn't want Kayden fighting Zac for Anika, so he said: "Uncle Cooper mentioned that he was the bridegroom for the North City Project, didn't he? Simply hand it over to her.You should try to persuade Anika.She should be soft-hearted no matter how upset she is since she loves you so much”

Gavyn talked a lot, and Kayden only responded "Yes."

"Kay, you've gone too far this time,’’ Brandon, who had just strolled over, stated with a shake of his head.

‘Isn't it too much hassle to have the groom flee on the wedding day? Nataly's temper might even dare to pour sulfuric acid on his face if he did this’ Gavyn couldn't stop himself from saying, "You can't say that, Brandon.Because of him, Lucy was attacked.He can't just sit there and do nothing.”

Even if Lucy's injuries were minor, Kayden did implicate her.

The attacker didn't see Kayden, but when he found out about Lucy's affair with Kayden, he targeted her instead.

"Was he also implicated in the hot search?" Brandon chuckled.

Gavyn took a breath and paused.

"Lucy's fame is on the rise.It's not in her best interests for her to address the scandal right now.She also stated that she and Kayden are just friends and that she has no control over the media's coverage of their relationship.’’

Brandon was two years their senior, and Gavyn had always admired him.Brandon, on the other hand, has always believed that the other party was assisting Anika since Brandon and Nataly married.

Lucy was unmistakably the one who had grown up with them as childhood sweethearts.

Brandon turned to face Kayden as he heard "She has no control over it.What about you, Kayden?"

Kayden narrowed his eyes and scratched his brows."I explained it to Anika several times, and she never brought it up again.It was merely a petty dispute."

He had no idea that a few unnecessary scandals would make his relationship with Anika problematic.

"Oh Kayden, do you still like Lucy?"

Brandon ultimately decided to go straight for the heart of the matter.

Kayden frowned subliminally and blurted out, "Is that even possible?" he asked, "I see Lucy the same way I see Kayleigh"

"However, since you two have dated, everyone knows that you have always loved her, even me" Brandon said with a smile.

"That's because—" Halfway through his words, he was interrupted.

"Brandon, are you here too? Looks like you're finally allowed to go out tonight!"

Lucy was covered in dust, and she was still wearing the evening dress she wore on the red carpet.She smiled and greeted Brandon before going to look at Kayden.

"Ah Kayden, have you met up with my cousin?"

Kayden remained silent and gulped a mouthful of wine without expression before he shook his head.

Lucy raised her brows and added, "I understand.I'm afraid I won't be able to.Is it possible for me to help you in explain this to her?"

She knew what she said.It was obvious that this was not the first time she had done this.

Kayden sighed and shook his head in the end, "She's angry.Let's have a discussion about it."

"Alright then." Lucy smiled and answered.

Then she sat next to Kayden and went to speak with Gavyn.

Despite the silence, there were a number of Jenkin Entertainment artists in the box.

Their eyes were wide with curiosity at this point.

Some of them couldn't help pulling out their phones and dragging their friends back into the circle.

Lucy was getting cozy the Jenkins Crown Prince for a drink.

Lucy leaned against the sofa and put down the wine glass.

She subconsciously glanced at the phone in her hand.

On the other side, Anika took a shower.

She blew her hair dry and laid down on the bed with her exhaustion after a day of tidying up.

The once-large bedroom was now crammed with boxes, making it appear tight.

During the day, Anika tried to drag all the boxes into the living room, but there were too much stuff.

In the end, she only managed to move about half of them.

‘‘Forget about it.I wouldn't be so reckless as to let myself carry my bags alone when Zac had arranged her to move the next day, would I?’’

It's possible that it's true.Having thought of this.

She took her phone and decided to book an appointment with a moving company just in case.She remembered that Alena had mentioned this to her before she graduated.Her phone screen lit up.

Anika opened Viber to look for the chat record, but found a message lying quietly at the top of her contact.