My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day

My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day

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Chapter: 116
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Chapter 1

It was another day of May in Misty Bridge City.The clouds were low and the weather was stifling.As soon as the typhoon passed, the air was filled with moist mist and a breeze blew into the roomthrough the window.The clock ticked, slowly pointing to eight o'clock sharp in the morning.A soft sound came from outside the door.After receiving Anika's response, Sara walked into the hotel's main suite in her profes

Chapter 2

Suddenly, a sentence was like a heavy stone smashing into the calm and undisturbed water surface.The two sides instantly fell into a deadly but surging silence, and the atmosphere gradually becamesuffocating.After a moment of silence, the man’s deep voice carried a wave of thin anger that could not beconcealed."I admit that I shouldn't be absent from the wedding.We have an emotional misunderstanding, and I w

Chapter 3

By Film and Television City were famous locations for shooting movies and TV dramas.A lot of different filming crews were gathered there.Lucy often came here to shoot, but she did not like to stay in hotels.After all, those movie crews gathering in the city were so many that they were all eyeing and thenfighting for the rooms of five-star hotels.There was even a time when the movie crew tried so hard to book

Chapter 4

After hanging up the phone, Anika caught a glimpse of the red exclamation mark on her Viber icon.She could not help but notice, so she clicked it.Her fingers slid down and there were dozens of contacts.She saw the half-truth and half-fake sympathy after the hot issue.It could be seen that today's wedding had become their conversation topic.Anika didn't have many friends in the country.Most of the people who

Chapter 5

Everly Mason and Lucy had a good relationship or rather Everly felt that the seats of Mrs.Jenkins andMrs.Stevens would sooner or later be in the hands of the Cooper Family so she placed her bets inadvance to please Lucy.At this moment, she probably wanted to see what Anika was going to do for the other party.The Mason Family attacked Zac after the head of their family went into prison, but Zac regained hisco

Chapter 6

Anika woke with a sore and weak body.Still exhausted from the wedding yesterday.The wedding was chaotic to say the least.She was physically and emotionally tired.She spent the day wearing 3-inch heels, an elegant but uncomfortable mask, while greeting people inthe event.On the other hand, Zac did not show even the slightest bit of weariness after dealing with hundreds ofguests who came forward to what seemed

Chapter 7

The Bentley drove gently onto the city's east side, stopping at the Meyer's old mansion’s courtyardentry.The two of them got out of the car and the driver waited by the side with a bow.Zac, on the other hand, followed her shortly back into the ancient house.Just as he entered, the butler,Tony, greeted him."Miss Meyer, Mr.Thomson has also come to meet your grandfather" he remarked respectfully to Anikaas she

Chapter 8

Shawn had been terrified of her for years and trembled every time he saw her.Shawn always madeGavyn feel as if something was wrong with her.Something didn't feel right to him.When Oliver heard her words, he opened his eyes wide, "You! Youdid it on purpose!"He thought that Anika's demeanor had changed drastically because the marriage was over.He never suspected her of lying about her sleepwalking when she was

Chapter 9

After lunch, the two of them walked out of the Meyer Family's mansion.Anika drew Zac into the car andlocked the door under the watchful eyes of her grandfather and Oliver Only then did he relax.Anika was about to ask as she was leaving the villa area when she turned around and saw that theman had already shifted his seat.He was half-asleep, his cuff links were loose and unfastened.The light pierced through t

Chapter 10

Anika was back to normal in a flash.She sat on the sofa after walking over."I guess Connor told you."Anika noticed Connor after the wedding.Mrs.Jenkins had invited her to meet up, and she received a phone call from the other party later on.Kayden's special aide, Connor, worked really hard.Kayden must have been aware of what had happened."I want to hear it from you."Kayden stood still and paced in front of he