Chapter 5 - My First Crush Happened To Be My Hubby!

D's PoV

I waited for 30minutes and still no sign of him coming. I am now feeling sleepy. I can’t sleep in a saree and I don't have my belongings in this room. After so long, I decided that he is not going to come. So, I surfed his wardrobe and took a t-shirt and pants.

"Anyways he is going to lash out on you. Using his things will make no difference. So let’s sleep comfy." I thought to myself.

I started removing my jewels and placed them on the side table. I started to take off the safety pins that were holding my saree together. When I was about to take my saree off, I remembered I didn’t lock the room. What if he walks straight in when I change..?

Wow that would be so romantic D! He will fall at your feet once he sees how beautiful and curvy you are!

Huh, my mind has her own mind. Just ignore her. That would be embarrassing. Our first encounter alone, technically second, but first after the wedding, shouldn't be awkward! I took the shirt and pants to the door which I think is the restroom. It's actually a dressing room. With wardrobes and a dressing table. Inside is another door that leads to the restroom. I changed myself in the dressing room and went to bed. I took the milk and poured it straight in my throat and got ready for bed.

That's when I heard a knob twist from behind and I shrieked in horror.

Rishi's PoV

For the hundredth time since I saw her, I have been asking the same question to myself. Why am I holding myself back from lashing out on her? The moment I turned to see her, I knew she was innocent. I thought of saving her from this love-less marriage.

Wait a minute, it's a love-less marriage for me too and I thought of saving her..? Even after explaining her with utmost care, she said ok to the wedding? I couldn't believe what I heard. For some reason, I don’t think of denying her. But I am so angry. Angry on what? I really don’t know. I am a man who plans everything before doing. I have a strong belief that things that are not planned will end in failure.

Where the hell’s Smirthi gone? It's her! All because of her. She came after me saying that she loves me. She did everything to be on my side. But what happened all of a sudden that she disappeared? She was happy even at our reception.

I just want to build my cool to handle Danya, that’s her name! Because, I know my dad will make these arrangements for the first night. I just don’t want to be rude to her. She is so small! She looks so beautiful when she looks up to me with her beautiful eyes.

She was so gorgeous in that purple saree which complimented her skin! Her long straight black hair was flowing when she looked up at me. She never said a word back then when I asked her to say no. Or I didn't wait to listen to her. I felt anxious in her presence.

In the car back home, I could hardly resist myself from looking at her. She kept fumbling with her fingers and peeping out in the window. Her scent made me insane. I couldn't resist her presence which made my anger shoot up. I came to my room and locked myself up. I kept asking the same question that is pestering my mind "Why the hell did I agree for this marriage when I had all powers to stop this?"

I felt like I misbehaved with Danya’s parents when they came, by ignoring them. I haven't even spoken a word to them. I know how shocking and sudden all of this was to them. I should at least be considerate to them for it's them who saved dad from a heartbreak and our family’s reputation. Maybe even mine! They risked their daughter's life with this decision. I understand how strong our dads' friendship is. I wonder why dad didn’t send an invitation for her dad in the first place. But Dad never sent any invitations for this wedding. Nor did he come with me to distribute it to our relatives. It’s all me,

Ravi and mail service that did the work. I loved the way her dad showed concern for my dad. I mean he totally shouldn’t have done what he did. His daughter should be like him. That is why, maybe, she agreed to this wedding!

I decided to apologize for my ignorance. I called up Ravi to get her parents number. I don’t know, I feel like dad and Ravi are more than happy now. Ravi called her 'anni'. How funny!? Never in these 2years did he ever called SMIRTHI that!

"Ravi, what is going on down?"

"Hey bro! Anni's parents just left. Anni is with her aunt downstairs if that is what you want to know!" He is one annoying brother.

"No! I want her parents contacts."

"ooh! I can give you that. Wait a minute. let me grab dad's phone and look for uncle's number. Ha there it is! Will send the contact to your number. By the way, why do you need it?"

"Send it right away!" with that I hung up the call not wanting to answer his question.

My phone beeped letting me know I got a message. I looked at it. Guna 984xxxxxxx

I saved the number to my mobile and added ‘uncle’ to the name. I called him right away. He picked up on the 4th ring.

"Hello! Uncle, Rishi here."

"I have your number Maapillai(son in law)"

"oh! Uncle I'm so sorry I didn’t greet you properly. There are many things going on in my mind. I'm in no right mind uncle. Please, don’t take today's behavior to heart." I heard him chuckle. What? Really?

"It's no big deal Maapillai. I know what you are going through. You should be feeling terrible. I know you are a good man to trust my daughter's life with. You proved me right by calling me now. Don't worry maapillai, we are good."

I started to feel guilty. He trusts me with his daughter’s life and here I am going to free her from this marriage of convenience after 6months. Yes, when I asked dad to call Krishnan uncle, our lawyer, to file divorce right away, he said we have to live under the same roof for 6months before applying.

"Thank you so much uncle. I will take good care of your daughter, uncle. Don't worry! And please call me Rishi."

"I know Maapillai. And I love calling you that!"

"Ok uncle! Convey my apologies to aunty also".

"I am here listening, Maapillai! You don’t have to be sorry! We are good" she reconfirmed.

Ever since Danya agreed, there was this unsure look in her mom's eyes. But now she sounded confident. The feeling of guilt surged through my heart. I clenched my fist.

"Thank you, aunty. Will see you later."

"Sure Maapillai".

I had my tea in my room. I asked Chinna, the cook of our home, about what’s happening downstairs.

"Chinna, what’s everyone doing downstairs?"

"Everyone is having tea thambi (that's how Chinna calls Rishi)."

"Did they call it for the day already or anything else to come?"

He smiled sheepishly and said "Danya is a nice beautiful girl, thambi. She just made friends with Ravi and talks very nicely to periya ayya(my dad). Looks like they both like her already, thambi"

With a huff I looked at him. I already know my dad and brother don't like Smirthi. I don’t know why. Maybe because she was a little boasting even though her family is not rich. So, now I know there is more to this day. I decided to wait inside my office room that is located inside of my bedroom!

You are right I was in the room the whole time, watching everything she did since she entered the room.

D's PoV

That GEM of a husband came in from the dressing room door. Whaat? Where the hell has he been in that room? Did I change in his presence? Hell Nooo! Was he in the restroom? No way! I checked the restroom door. Was there any other door in there..? Not that I remember of.

"I am sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you." he said.

"Well you did," I said, trembling in fear and confusion.

"Where..." I was stopped by him.

"Look I honestly don't know what you were thinking when you said ‘Yes’ for this marriage. I am just holding myself back from lashing out on you. You look so small and vulnerable right now. I am totally not in for this wedding thing with you. I hope I already made myself clear before our wedding. 6months! That's the time we need to apply for a mutual divorce. You will stay here tonight and from tomorrow you will stay in a room downstairs. You can ask for anything and everything from my dad, Ravi and Chinna, the cook here. Don't bother me. Understand..?"

I just nodded my head. What is with this man.? It's always him... he talks like the opposite person doesn't have anything to say. HITLER.

With that he took the pillow to the couch. He is not going to fit in that couch. I felt bad for making him sleep there. So, I decided to offer help.

"Can I say something?" I asked him.

He looked at me with a raised eyebrow. GOSH he looks so edible right now. Stop it D.

Concentrate on the task.

"For these 6months, can you please behave respectfully with my parents? I know it’s all my fault. But please don’t hurt them by ignoring them like you did today. And you don't have to sleep on the couch. I can sleep without any strain on the couch."

Huh I did it. I talked a whole lot without stuttering. Good job D. See I told you, you are born for greater things D!

Just shut up! He didn’t reply yet!

"So, you didn't talk to your parents after they left, did you?" he asked and I shook my head in a no.

"Then call your dad in the morning. Now are you sure you can sleep on the couch?" for which I nodded my head in a yes.

"Alright, good night!" With that he settled in the bed and closed his eyes.

I stood there not knowing where the light switch was! But before that I have to find out where the hell did he come from? I went into the dressing room and looked around. There was only one door and that led to the restroom. I went inside the restroom and searched for hiding places. There is no place for

him to hide in.He switched off all the lights with a remote when I came out of the dressing room. I gasped at the sudden darkness and slowly found my way to the couch and settled myself there.