My First Crush Happened To Be My Hubby!

My First Crush Happened To Be My Hubby!

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Synopsis about My First Crush Happened To Be My Hubby!

Read My First Crush Happened To Be My Hubby! by Yagna. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereWhen I take a step to go out of the room, she started to remove her saree. Wow! She is my wife and its no wrong in seeing her. My heart and mind were fighting with each other and as I am not a very good boy, I wanted to see what is she hiding behind that saree! Yeah, you can call me pervert. But hey she is my wife and she is the most sexy girl I have ever noticed. Rishi, a billionaire who is ready to tie knots to the love of his life. He falls in love with his newly wed wife but fails to unveil it and to top it all, his lost love gets back to him. Danya, a regular girl next door of 21yrs came to the same wedding to see her to be groom. She is a very playful girl who has a secret crush on her now husband! It's a story of a girl who falls for a man whom she knew from far past. But the man never recognizes her. Even then he falls for her charms. Let's see if Danya's innocence and playfulness gets wiped out by Rishi's arrogance or her pure heart wins Rishi's stupidity. It's a happy story where Rishi and Danya find love after their wedding with some comedy, romance and a lil drama.
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Chapter 1: 1.Danya And Her Family

Author's PoV"Danya honey! Wake up. It's already 8.30A.M and you have your farewell function at 10AM. And youknow your college is 1hour away from home". Danya's (in short D) mom Hema called. D is not amorning girl. She can be awake all night and be brisk and happy in the morning rather than waking upearly. Yes, 8.30 is early for her!Everyday her dad Gunasekaran chases after her college bus to drop her in. And

Chapter 2: 2. Wedding?

D's PoVYeah! I'm getting ready for a wedding. Except it’s not my wedding. It's even worse. I'm getting ready toshowcase myself to the 'groom-to-be' who is coming to a wedding which is supposedly a distant (fardistant) relative's. So, the parents on both sides thought of this amazing idea to go informal. We aregoing to meet at a wedding function and decide if we like each other. Huh! Who am I bluffing..? Theg

Chapter 3: 3. Hell No!

D's PoVRavi came to me! Me and my mom were sitting on the bed in the groom's room. He said "Hello! I knowyou must be cursing us right now! But trust me, my brother doesn’t really know what love is! Therelationship that he had with Smirthi is not love! He thought it was love! And I can assure you that mybrother has not crossed any limits with her."Wow! What does that suppose to mean? No D, Don’t get distracte

Chapter 4: 4. The New Home

D's PoVWe reached our home. It was so big. It has a big lawn and lots of space around the house. The housestands in between the big fence and is surrounded by lawn and garden on all the sides. We entered thehome with our right foot first after aarathi(a ritual to do when the bride and groom come in for the firsttime). He went in straight and went upstairs. I was guided by some aunties to the pooja room. I di

Chapter 5: 5. First Night!?

D's PoVI waited for 30minutes and still no sign of him coming. I am now feeling sleepy. I can’t sleep in a sareeand I don't have my belongings in this room. After so long, I decided that he is not going to come. So, Isurfed his wardrobe and took a t-shirt and pants."Anyways he is going to lash out on you. Using his things will make no difference. So let’s sleep comfy."I thought to myself.I started removing m

Chapter 6: 6. Fun?!

Rishi's PoVI have an office room in my room. The big mirror on the right-side wall is my room! The entrance to itlies within the dressing room. It will look just like a wardrobe door! Initially it was made to be a walk-incloset. But I needed a secluded place for my office set up so I remodeled it to be my office room. Andthe fun part is, I can see my bedroom through the mirror from inside my office room!When

Chapter 7: 7. The Next Day!

D's PoVI barely slept last night. I so wanted to punch him in the face yesterday but got scared when he shuffledin his sleep. Punching can wait!I looked at the clock and it said 5.30am. I decided to go downstairs andget to know the routine of my home now!Awww D! Look at you big girl! You have never seen this time in your whole life and never thought aboutdoing chores at home! But now, you want to learn about

Chapter 8: 8. Awkward

D's PoVDo you guys remember the fact that I don’t have a cell phone? I feel like I’m misplaced in a strangeland. I need to get in touch with my sisters, dad, and mom. And most of all I need to tell my fairy tale tomy friends. I’m sure they are going to freak out.Ravi said he is going to resume his college work from Monday and so is uncle and Rishi for their officework. Ravi is in his final year of Engineerin

Chapter 9: 9. God, She Is Hot

Rishi's PoVMy dad said I can't go out now. I planned to resume my work from monday, before all these chaosoccur. Now I really wanted to leave this house. I mean I literally can't stop seeing her, listening to her orthinking about her..! I need to breathe properly to get my mind straight and think about everything thathashappened and what to do next. That’s not going to happen when she is around me. But Dad s

Chapter 10: 10. My Family

D's PoVI went into the kitchen to see Chinna anna. I wanted to cook for my family. Chinna anna was busychopping vegetables. Oh no, I don’t cook veg recipes!"Chinna anna! Can we make some chicken? I can cook!""You have to go to our 'kuladeivam temple'(native temple of a family) ma! Until then no nonveg!"I pouted and started helping him chop the veggies. He took my help gladly and started cooking. Iobserved ho