Chapter 9 - My Husband Is a Gary Stu

When the workers finished rummaging through everything, the formerly glorious mansion was in a dilapidated state.

Even the rosewood doors had been removed by them.

An old housekeeper dragged a box, limping into the house.

There were a few pieces of clothing and expensive jewelry inside the box.

"Ms.Rachford, I kept some of your favorites in this box when I saw them coming."

Genevieve glanced at the housekeeper’s leg and knew it was done by those workers.

Her eyes reddened as she said, "Maria…"

Maria was the housekeeper that her mother had brought over and also the person who had accompanied her since she was young.

As Maria was afraid that those people would return, she asked Genevieve to drive them to her place.

There were two bedrooms and one living room.She left the cleaner room for Genevieve.

"When I started working for your mother, she made the down payment of this house for me.Unfortunately…"

Hearing that, Genevieve smiled bitterly.

Even a housekeeper knew how to repay one’s kindness.

Despite all of Genevieve’s help and support, Erica decided to turn her back on her! Genevieve arranged her parents’ memorial plaques properly.

Besides the jewelry pieces her mother left her, she handed over the rest of the jewelry in the jewelry box to Maria.

"Maria, I’ll put my parents’ memorial plaques at your place for now.I still have some unsettled matters."

Maria replied, "I heard Old Mrs.Rachford is sick.Why don’t I go to the hospital to take care of her?"

"Grandma has nurses to look after her.You should stay home and rest, since your leg is not in good shape."

After bidding farewell to Maria, Genevieve drove to the hospital.She was lost in her thoughts while driving.I’ve nothing now.How do I even take revenge? How do I regain the ownership of Specter Corporation? Suddenly, the image of a man’s cold face appeared in her mind.

She shook her head to dismiss the thought from her mind.She decided to visit her grandmother first before coming up with other ideas.

At that moment, a Bentley drove past her.

The backseat window was partially rolled down, and she caught a glimpse of the person in the car from her peripheral vision.It was Cooper! She stomped the gas pedal to catch up to the Bentley in front.

When she recalled how cruel Cooper was and how her parents’ memorial plaques were smashed to the ground, her eyes flared with rage and hatred.It was the perfect opportunity to kill him.

If she could kill him and avenge her parents, she would not need to beg that man and could keep her last shred of dignity.

The Bentley in front of her changed lanes frequently, and Genevieve almost lost sight of it many times.

When she finally caught up to the Bentley again, she smiled viciously before she stepped on the gas pedal, aiming straight at the Bentley.

The black Bentley was rear-ended and sent flying into the air.It turned a few times before landing upside down.

Meanwhile, Genevieve could not control the steering wheel due to the impact, and her car crashed into the barricade before overturning.

Glass shards were lodged in her, who was seated in the driver’s seat, and her head was bleeding.She panted and looked at the Bentley, which had caught fire not far away.

A satisfied grin appeared on her face.She finally sought justice for her parents! Before Genevieve could feel relieved, she saw Cooper walking toward her, unscathed.Her eyes widened at the sight of his unwrinkled suit.

"Genevieve, we lived together for twenty years.I know you like the back of my hand.I noticed you were chasing after my car.Therefore, I got someone to drive another car over, and I got into the other car while waiting for the red light to turn green."


Genevieve gritted her teeth in hatred.

Before she could finish her sentence, she fainted with her head resting on the steering wheel.

Cooper looked at her bloodied body and pale countenance.He recalled how she had used to cling to him and call his name in a sweet voice, and his cold gaze was tinged with a hint of warmth.

Just as he was about to extend his hand, the sound of an ambulance grew closer.

The paramedics rushed down from the ambulance.

How did the ambulance arrive so quickly? However, he did not think further as he saw the paramedics coming closer.

He got on the Bentley and instructed coldly, "Call the police and sue Genevieve for attempted murder! I want to send her to jail!"

Soon, Erica, who was with her son at home, received a call from her informant.

The informant told her that Genevieve had wanted to kill Cooper in a car accident but had been sent to the hospital instead.

Upon hearing the news, Erica was delighted.

The previous time Genevieve came to the mansion to cause trouble, her son had fallen down and had been unconscious for one whole day.

Thinking about it still made her feel fearful.

Erica said with a tone full of hatred, "Send two people in there to take care of her!"

Genevieve approached me during our university days of her own accord.She brought me to travel and bought me many clothes and bags.

All those things just made me realize that life is not fair.It’s Genevieve’s fault for not having a good eye for people.

Initially, I wanted to let her go, but she almost had my son killed! There’s no way I’ll forgive her!