My Husband Is a Gary Stu

My Husband Is a Gary Stu

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Chapter: 1246
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Read My Husband Is a Gary Stu by NovelSquare. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereAfter being in love with him for twenty years, she eventually got married to him. However, he was not the man she had imagined him to be. He had practically ruined her for life. In her most desperate moment, another man who had also been set up got down from the car and asked for her hand in marriage, swearing that he would avenge her. It was only after that she realized she had made a grave mistake. Her new husband was a dangerous man. She asked for a divorce, but the man trapped her in his embrace and said that he would rather be a widower...
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Chapter 1

"Ms.Genevieve Rachford, your husband is currently with a woman in Room 2588 at the Langfield Hotel."Genevieve Rachford held her breath anxiously as she waited for the elevator to stop at herdestination.She had spent a month in Musbane on a business trip, only to come back to receive astrange text.Assuming it was a prank, she ignored the text and didn't think much about it.When she got off the plane,she reali

Chapter 2

She recalled how tense she had been when the man had led her to the bed last night. His breath hadfanned her ear as he rasped, “Relax.” Indeed, Cooper’s voice is usually cool. It’s totally different from that man’s voice! “H-How could it be?” Genevieve stared at the photos scattered on her bed blankly, the color drainingfrom her face. Who was the man who slept with me last night? “Ms. Rachford, Mr. Sutton is

Chapter 3

Without hesitation, Cooper dragged her into the City Hall and pushed her onto a chair. “We’re here to get a divorce,” he announced coldly. “No!” Genevieve snapped back to reality. She tugged at Cooper’s arm and begged, “Darling, I don’twant to get a divorce. Please don’t do this to me. We grew up together as childhood sweethearts, andyou know how much I love you. You’re the only one I can depend on! “I don’t

Chapter 4

"Grandma!"Genevieve screamed.She immediately ran out of the ward to get the doctor.As the doctor wheeled Winifred into the emergency room, Genevieve couldn’t stop the tears fromstreaming down her face.Utterly flustered, she paced around the corridor.I won’t forgive myself if something happens toGrandma! Soon, Winifred was wheeled out.She was wearing an oxygen mask.The doctor told Genevieve, "The patient’s h

Chapter 5

Chapter 40 It Is ImpossibleDid Melissa lose the blueprint and change it to a few pieces of white paper?Murray did not think that Melissa would make such a mistake. He would like to get her explanation.However, Melissa did not intend to give any explanation. She remained calm, “Let’s not discuss – thisissue first.”Melissa looked at Jessie and asked, “Do you have a copy of the design?”Jessie’s face flashed wit

Chapter 6

Why? Mom and Dad saw Cooper as their own son.Aside from Specter Corporation, they gave him almost all of their fortune.How could he be so cruel?Cooper put on a cold look and pinched Erica’s chin."Why did Mr.Harvey change rooms at the last minute? And who was the man who left Room 2588 inthe morning?""We have yet to find out."Erica’s lower jaw was almost crushed by Cooper.All she could do was try to win his

Chapter 7

Shortly after, Erica walked out of the house."Darling, why are you out here early in the morning? You haven’t had breakfast yet.""Mommy!"The little boy immediately dropped the toy and threw himself into Erica’s arms.Erica picked him up."Yesterday, Daddy said he would tell me a story, but he left right after having dinner.""When I reach the office later, I’ll ask your daddy to give you a video call and apolo

Chapter 8

Just when the car was about to hit Genevieve, someone emerged and pulled her away.The car brushed past them and disappeared in no time."Ms.Rachford, it’s not worthy of dying for a man."The one who saved Genevieve was Armand’s driver, Steven.He continued, "Who will take care of your grandmother if you end your life here?"The devastated Genevieve finally came to her senses.That’s right! Who is going to take c

Chapter 9

When the workers finished rummaging through everything, the formerly glorious mansion was in adilapidated state.Even the rosewood doors had been removed by them.An old housekeeper dragged a box, limping into the house.There were a few pieces of clothing and expensive jewelry inside the box."Ms.Rachford, I kept some of your favorites in this box when I saw them coming."Genevieve glanced at the housekeeper’s

Chapter 10

Genevieve’s head, neck, and arms were covered in bandages when she woke up.She hissed in painevery time she moved slightly.She was detained at the police station.When one of the policemen came to bring her food, he said, "You’re suspected of the attemptedmurder of Cooper Sutton, the CEO of Specter Corporation.Wait patiently for your court summons!"At that moment, she really hated herself for not keeping an