Chapter 10 - My Mysterious Husband

“Well...” Henry Zhang didn’t know how to answer it; he waited for a while and then said, “Since the news got released that you and Venus Mu were getting married, we have sent for more men to trace the location of Tianye Mu; especially on the wedding day, we arranged all the forces in the Ye Family but found no trace of Tianye Mu; there’s even nothing strange that day at all...”

“Shit!” Kerry cursed and then laughed coldly, “He knew what I married Venus for, but it’s unbelievable that he should stay so calm, huh!”

Henry Zhang paused and then said, “My Lord, could it be possible that Tianye has already...”

“Impossible!” Kerry immediately stopped knocking the table, “If he had really died, we would have already got the news by now; now there are two possibilities, he is either in trouble and the Mafia has blocked the news, or he is hiding from us deliberately. Which kind do you think he belongs to, with an intelligence like his?”

“I...” Henry shook his head, “I’ve no idea!”

“Yeah, that’s it. He wouldn’t be Tianye Mu if he could be guessed so easily by common people.” Kerry said with great hatred, though he pitied Tianye as a true hero. “Send for someone to keep an eye on that woman. As long as she’s in my hands, Tianye Mu will surely show up one day; I will make him pay for the price of Kevin Ye’s death!”

“Yes, My Lord!”

“Off you go.” Kerry waved his hand and told Henry to leave; and then he suddenly thought of something else and said immediately, “Wait, what about the matter that I’ve told you to look into? Have you found the woman in the hotel that night?”

Henry stopped his steps and shook his head, “Not yet. The surveillance equipment has been touched, though I tried to have it recovered, it was still seriously damaged and nothing could be seen. I also sent for someone to look for other surveillance equipment nearby but still got nothing. I am sorry, My Lord.”

Henry apologized and Kerry knew his ability and knew he had tried his best. If people in the Ye Family couldn’t do it, then the whole matter must have been designed.

It’s just, who’s that woman?

He somehow actually missed the feeling of that night!

Thinking of this, Kerry seemed to have thought of something else. He took the file case down the bookshelf behind him and took out the the design paper; he handed it to Henry and said, “This is something she left behind that night; go and print it out and ask about it in all the Designing Schools in Sky City and find out who she is!”

“Yes, sir!” Henry took the order and left.

He had to find that woman!


After dinner, John took Venus upstairs.

Venus went into the room and shut the door. She went to take a shower because it’s been a long and tiring day, all she wanted was a good shower and a nice sleep.

It took one hour to finally finish showering, then she found there was actually no bath rope, what’s worse, she didn’t bring any clean clothes in.

What to do?

Go out naked?

She thought about it and felt really confused; could she wear dirty clothes to go out?