My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband

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Read My Mysterious Husband by Hailey. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here"You are my woman!" said Kerry. Venus Mu who was cheated on by her ex-boyfriend now became Kerry’s wife, and Kerry is A “King” with powerful influnce in the city... In the bedroom, his viciousness made her spirit collapse, "Why you take me as your wife?" The man smiled wickedly, "My marrying you is to humiliate you! But you are not allowed to think of that man! Or I'm going to break his leg!" "My woman is my mine only, anyone else who dares to touch her, I will…”
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Chapter 1 A Man Popped Up

“Dear Venus, Room 1026, 8 p.m, CK International Hotel, ., when you arrived there remember to turn offthe light and wait for me. I will surprise you!” Venus Mu smiled when she read the text sent from her boyfriend Zihang Lu, she’s already arrived atthe room. She put down her bag and turned off the light, darkness covered her in an instant. She groped her wayto the sofa and waited for her boyfriend, wondering

Chapter 2 I want her

Room 1026, CK Hotel The man was casually wearing a new shirt handed to him by his men, unsmiling, with a pair of bluepupils, which were chilling and harsh… The man was the overlord of the entire underground kingdom of Sky City, the king of the imperialcapital. His power was strong enough to control the whole capital, with the name of ‘King of the darknight’. He was called by everyone respectfully as the ‘Bla

Chapter 3 What a scum

Venus Mu fled CK International Hotel through the stairs and she immediately took a cab, regardless ofhow messed up she was at the moment. On the way home, something occurred to her... Jesus! She was supposed to draw designs in the café today, but she received a text message from Zihang Lu.Then she went to Room 1026, with her drawing tools and designs and she only took her bag when sheleft. The design drawing

Chapter 4 Marry Kerry Ye

After dragging herself in a grotesque way, she locked the door and she couldn’t support herselfanymore. She squatted down on the floor and cried out, not expecting her boyfriend to sell her virginityto a strange man...Ha, ha, how ridiculous! Crying, she thought of her parents and her brother, Tianye Mu. Her brother was called a genius young man, a top student in MIT. He had always been a mythicalexistence, w

Chapter 5 You Won't Get What You Want

After Xinyi Fang said that, Yiyao Mu was depressed, a mouthful of blood stuck in her throat when sheheard this today, that’s Kerry Ye, the richest and handsome eligible bachelor in the Sky City, whycouldn’t they give her this opportunity! "Venus Mu, don't you be ungrateful, if you don't want to get married then get out of here, don't get inthe way of others who want to marry him!" Yiyao Mu despised her, she

Chapter 6 Grand Wedding

Half a month later, the wedding ceremony between the Mu family and the Ye family which had earnedmuch attention from the media before was finally going to be held. Since the day Venus Mu agreed to marry into the Ye family, there were all kinds of news about theirwedding on the Internet, newspapers, and television, hitting the headlines. Kerry Ye’s fame did have astrong impact on Venus’s life, it was unbeliev

Chapter 7 In the lounge, kiss her!

“I...I...” Venus Mu didn’t know what to say and her face blushed; she was speaking ill of Kerry but gotcaught on the scene the next minute. “Young Master Kerry, my name is Xinyou Qiao!” Xinyou reacted more quickly than Venus; she walkedup to Kerry and stood between Venus and Kerry to block their sights. “Well...” Kerry hang up the corner of his mouth and took a glance of Xinyou, then fell his eyes back onVen

Chapter 8 The reason of marrying you

“Yes, that’s right! Louder!” Venus Mu’ s unexpected reaction made Kerry Ye extremely satisfied, hiseyes filled with desire. Venus immediately closed her mouth, not daring to open it again. No matter what Kerry did, she heldback to prevent herself from making any sound. Only when the whole process was over, did Kerry let her go. After cleaning it up, he looked at her coldly, “Clean yourself up. There will be

Chapter 9 The room that you can't get close to

Not until they came out of the lunge did Venus Mu notice the men in black suits standing in a row infront of the lounge. The man in lead was Henry Zhang; he walked up as soon as he saw Kerry Ye coming out, and saidrespectfully, “Young Master, everything has been arranged and ready.” “Well done!” Kerry nodded and then looked at Venus, “Here we go! My newly-wed wife!” Venus bit her lips; she had no choice but

Chapter 10 Have to find that woman!

“Well...” Henry Zhang didn’t know how to answer it; he waited for a while and then said, “Since thenews got released that you and Venus Mu were getting married, we have sent for more men to tracethe location of Tianye Mu; especially on the wedding day, we arranged all the forces in the Ye Familybut found no trace of Tianye Mu; there’s even nothing strange that day at all...” “Shit!” Kerry cursed and then lau