Chapter 2 - Alpha's Surrogate

The next morning as the sun shone brightly, around half a dozen luxury cars halted in front of the Sirius Bright Pack house. For the first time, no one had come out to greet Alpha Roman upon his arrival. When he had been called here to face the repercussions of his only daughter's indiscretions, he had anticipated that they would respond in this manner.

Alpha Roman was the Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack, one of five large and prosperous packs like Xavier's. Alpha Roman's rage could be seen in his eyes, facial expression, and movements. He had come with his Beta and a few pack members. As soon as he walked inside the pack house's living room, he was greeted by elders and important Sirius Bright Pack members who were already present for the ceremony. Alpha Roman's gaze was drawn to Alpha Xavier, who had arrived at the same moment he had with his Gamma Kaiden and brother Zander. Xavier had not bothered to look at the anxious old man in front of him, despite the fact that he had been offered a place beside the elders of his pack.

"Alpha Roman, please take your seat," Zander spoke, knowing that if Xavier opened his mouth now, he would spit nothing but venom that would cause the old Alpha to have a heart attack. He was already in a bad way as he had learned that his daughter had been caught red-handed.

Alpha Roman had watched the twin boys grow up alongside his daughter; he had been thrilled when he had learnt that his daughter had been mated to Xavier. But as a result of Petra's treachery, a weird bitterness had emerged in the connection between the two packs, which was plainly obvious in Zander's voice. They had always referred to him as "Uncle Roman," rather than "Alpha Roman."

"Thank you for your hospitality, but I'd prefer to stand here," Alpha Roman stated solemnly. He merely desired to get the business that he was here for over with quickly. He intended to haul his daughter back to his pack, making sure to tell her all the crap and humiliation that she had inflicted on him.

"That's good too. This way you can take your daughter back as soon as the rejection ceremony is over. I don't want her shadow cast on my pack for a second longer than necessary," Xavier had finally opened his mouth, giving Alpha Roman a sliver of hope that he was eager to communicate with him. His quiet had just been foreshadowing a fight that Alpha Roman sought to avoid as their packs had always been strong allies.

“Alpha Xavier, I hope that Petra’s misdeeds will not affect our treaty. That we will remain friends, like you have asked I will take her back with me. You will never see her face again. I promise.”

“Yes, but after this scandal, my reputation has been destroyed. She has made a laughing stock out of me. I hate that female who you call a daughter. If I let go of this matter so lightly, then I would lose face in front of my pack and the world. So the treaty will not be the same as it was before,” Xavier declared.

“Then what is your decision,” Alpha Roman asked nervously.

"I don't want to see any Blue Moon Pack members for at least two years. They are not welcome in my pack or in front of me. The pact that existed between our packs will be suspended for the next two years. If this agreement is breached by the Blue Moon Pack, they will be held accountable for their misfortune. Any and all ties between our packs will be severed ," Xavier declared, as indirect retribution from the Blue Moon pack. Fuck! Alpha Roman swore under his breath. He wasn't going to get any support from Xavier's pack at the moment. He had to wait two years before he would be able to return. He realized that he was in deep shit, but he had no other choice but to consent.

"Alpha Xavier, as it pertains to Petra’s misdeeds…," when he had opted to begin the conversation about Petra, he caught the scent of his daughter, who had been dragged into the living room by one of the guards.

She had been imprisoned for the last 9 hours. As soon as Xavier had left the room after rejecting her, she had been placed in a cell in the dungeon. She had sobbed, pleaded, and yelled for forgiveness during the bulk of that time. She had been attempting to mind-link Xavier in an attempt to approach him for a conversation, but she had been quickly blocked out during her first effort, but she had persisted. Every attempt to entice Xavier to return to her had failed, she had now been hauled into the living room, where she could feel the cruel stares of every person in the room searing into her flesh. She could hear every piece of gossip, hint of whisper, and silent curse. Her worst nightmare had come true. She sensed that Xavier was already in the room ready to reject her.

The guard released her in the center of the room, but Petra lifted her gaze when she sensed her father's presence. He had come! Why? Why had he agreed to attend the rejection ceremony? The moment that she had raised her head in anxiety, she noticed her father's dark blue eyes before her, which were only filled with rage. Then, with a booming yell, her head jerked to the side. Alpha Roman had unleashed the full force of his rage, causing a burning sensation on the skin of her delicate face and her bottom lip to split.

"Shame on you!"

"Dad,” she cried, placing her palm over her cheek. Her father had always treated her like a princess and had never left a mark on her skin, but today Alpha Roman had slapped her in front of everyone.

"Your heinous actions have caused me to hang my head in shame. Why didn't you die before you considered cheating on your mate?" He swore at her. She whimpered as she lowered her head. Alpha Roman could feel the elders' irritated glances as they watched her cry. He couldn't look any of them in the eye today because of Petra.

"I had encouraged my grandson two years ago to set aside this female, but he loved and respected her. However, as we can see now, this female's evil activities have been revealed. She pretended for years to be infertile while maintaining an unlawful relationship with the Beta. She never loved him, she only used our Alpha!" Looking at Petra, one of the pack's most revered elders and Xavier's grandpa stated. He despised her from the start and had been encouraging Xavier to reject her.

"Bring me the documents," Xavier ordered, demanding the divorce papers to be brought to him so that all this drama, that had already fucked with his head, could be finished. When Patra had miscarried and told him that she had lost her capacity to bear children, his Grandpa and the other elders counseled him to reject her so that he could accept a chosen mate for himself. It was an Alpha's duty to have an heir to continue the bloodline, which would require him to reject his mate, something that he had been unwilling to do.

Through the years, whenever people would point fingers at her over the issue of children, Xavier had always defended her. He had been her shield so that she was protected. He had gladly passed up the chance to reject her and embrace another female. He had never even considered rejecting her or demanding a child from her, but he had never imagined that she would repay his compassion with this cruel betrayal. When she had gone for her checkup, she had manipulated the reports to make everyone think that she couldn't carry a child to term, but in truth she really hadn't wanted to have Xander's child.

He signed the papers while glaring angrily at her. She had been shaking her head, implying that she hadn't wanted him to sign it, but it was too late. Her weeping could not soften his already hardened heart. It wasn't enough to put out the fire she had created. His emotions and heart were already ablaze. He had signed and tossed the papers at her feet.

"Sign it," he growled angrily. People noticed a flash of hatred in his emerald eyes. They weren't sure what had caused it, but Zander was aware of it.

After Xavier's father had died, he had been forced to take over the business along with the Alpha position alongside Zander. Both of the young twins brothers were equal owners of all the property and money they had earned through their own business as well as their father's and grandfather's. Xavier, as Alpha's oldest son, had more responsibilities than Zander. However, the brothers' cooperation and business understanding propelled their company and pack to new heights.

Whenever Xavier had to leave the country for business, Zander would take over the duties of Alpha. He would look after the pack until his brother returned. For Xavier, Zander was the most trustworthy male in the world. As Xavier had been a newlywed, Zander would often go on his own for many of the business trips. Most of the time, he wished for Xavier to be with Petra. The bond and trust between the two brothers was strong. The issue was that whenever Xavier had to leave the country, he was stricken with unbearable pain.

When it had first happened, he told Zander about it and they had both suspected that Petra had been cheating on him as that type of pain only occurs when one mate cheats on another. But she was well aware of the pain that her mate would feel, so she would know that she would be exposed. However, anytime a secret inquiry had been conducted, she had been found innocent since the source of her innocence was a male whom they had never questioned, Orion. He had always claimed that he was always with his Luna as a bodyguard and that she had not been with another male. She had not been deceiving anyone. In truth, he had been the one banging her the entire time.

Xander had only left the country a few times over the previous 3-4 months, for a few days at a time, but anytime he was apart from her, he felt that pain. He mentioned it to Petra numerous times. She had tried to convince him that his wolf couldn't stay away from his mate since he was so madly in love with her. The anguish he had been experiencing was caused by their separation. He was fully aware that it was bullshit, but he chose to accept it since he had no actual proof. Slowly, the ache he had been feeling had faded away, leaving Xavier in awe. When he had not been experiencing any of those pains, he gradually forgot about them, but now he realized that they had been genuine.

Petra's treachery had utterly ruined their sacred mate bond. Every time she had sex with Orion, she would inflict such anguish on Xavier that would leave a strong man like him screaming in agony. The link between them had become rotted and frail, it was going to snap at any moment.

Alpha Roman, who had run out of patience, handed over the pen to his daughter, forcing her to sign the divorce papers. She sobbed, but she had no choice but to do it. Kaiden handed over the properly signed documents to Alpha Roman's Beta.

Another elder, who had hosted the rejection ceremony, walked up and joined Petra for the ritual. They had been officially divorced in a court of law, but their weak, ugly bond still remained, Xavier needed to completely destroy that.

"This is a rejection ceremony for Alpha Xavier Lincoln and Luna Petra Lincoln," the man bowed his head respectfully to Alpha Xavier first, then continued with his consent.

"Petra, while the Luna you have not only lied about being infertile, but you also cheated on your mate by having an illicit affair with your Beta. Do you accept responsibility for your actions?" The man asked while standing tall, his tone had been frigid. Everyone's gaze was drawn to her pallid face. They had been waiting for her affirmative answer with bated breath. Like previously, she remained mute, which only enraged Alpha Roman.

Her silence was also harming his pack because it meant that she hadn't had to admit her misdeeds. If she did, then the treaty between the two packs would be void and there would be the silent clamor for battle. Because she was his daughter and he was responsible for her upbringing, any crimes she had committed, such as this treachery, would have repercussions for Alpha Roman and his pack. He wasn't prepared to bear the backlash.

When she heard Xavier's growl, Petra trembled. His rage had flared once more, and it sounded the same as when he had completely smashed Orion's face, snapped his spine, and crushed his manhood. She was lucky that he had not smacked her. She was grateful to the Moon Goddess that he had managed to stick to his convictions and had never raised his hand to a female.

"Fucking accept your sins!" He yelled as he rose from his seat. Petra screamed in terror, expecting him to charge at her like he had the night before. Even after three years, she had no clue that he could be so violent.

"I do," she managed to get out between sobs. As the elder proceeded, the entire room became quiet. Despite knowing her sins, Xavier's muscles tensed in fury. Now that she had confessed, it was his turn to make a statement.

"Due to the fact that she cheated on me, had an affair, and then was rejected, she is not entitled to any of my property or company. She also has no claim to my overseas property. I am retrieving the land and business shares that I had transferred to her name." Petra was taken aback by the announcement. He had reclaimed everything that he had previously given to her. He had left her a beggar. Alpha Roman had so much money that this announcement had no effect on him because whatever his daughter had done was inexcusable. He was relieved that he hadn't been called to retrieve her dead body to take back with him to his pack.

"There's one more thing. Regarding your male whore! Because your personal fuck buddy has been sentenced to death, when you return to your father’s pack, you must seek a substitute. But if you can't find one, don't be scared to ask me since we both know how much you like the person around me. I will find a substitute for you." The taunt was particularly offensive to Petra as it had been delivered in front of the entire pack and in the presence of her father. To withstand this humiliation, she clenched her fists at her sides. She hadn't seen Orion since the previous night, and now she had learned that he had been executed.

After they beheaded him, Xavier had dispatched his men to take care of his remains. It had all taken place outside of his territory since he couldn't have that male’s filthy blood splattered all over his territory. He hadn't even gone to visit him; he merely learnt of his death.

"As you've accepted your crimes, you must now accept Alpha Xavier's rejection," the elder remarked, taking a step back as Xavier approached Petra. It was time to call it quits. He forced her to stand on her feet by grabbing her arms firmly.

"Please," she begged.

"Believe me when I say that I adore you. I'm your mate. It was really an oversight," she tried to excuse her misdeeds yet again, which only prompted Xavier to grasp her hand and yank the wedding ring from her finger. He was so aggressive and cruel that he almost peeled the smooth skin off her finger.

"Love? Mate? Don't make me puke! Those words make me sick! Accept the rejection before I murder you in front of everyone here!" He had locked eyes with her for the last time, warning her that he would never see those nasty ones again. She weeped, her fists clenched on her sides. It was the end of their story. She chose to live, thus she had no choice but to accept the rejection.

“I, Petra Lincoln, accept Xavier Lincoln’s rejection,” she eventually said the words through her tears, everything came to an end. Her mate bond, the mind link, the relationship, the emotions, and sentiments with Xavier and the other pack members were all severed instantaneously. It felt like her brain was empty.

"NO!!" She sobbed in anguish as she clutched Xavier's hand tightly. Her wolf erupted in rage since she was now a rejected wolf who was despised by her mate. Even though their mate bond had been frail, the rejection was just as agonizing as they had expected.

"Take her away!" Xavier drew his hand away from her and pushed her away towards her father. Alpha Roman grabbed his daughter's hand as he began hauling her out of the pack house.

"Please accept me back, Xavier. I love you," she declared, attempting to break away from his clutches. Alpha Roman's rage was obvious in his grip. All he wanted to do was break her hand and jaw, that she had been using to scream at Xavier making the situation worse for herself. Xavier turned to exit the living room without paying any heed to her comments. He made his way towards the corridor before he heard her speak.

"This rejection will not change your feelings for me! Take my word for it! You cared about me, and I will always be the only one in your heart. You can't forget about me. We adore one another. I love you!!!" Xavier heard her parting remarks but had not stopped until he entered the Alpha suite where he had witnessed their wild sex the previous night.

“You can't live without a female, Xavier. You need me. You need a mate!” Her words rang in his head, suffocating him. He acknowledged that he would never be able to forget her, therefore he planned to destroy anything that might remind him of her in the future. Zander and Kaiden, who had followed a few minutes behind Xavier, dashed towards his room when they noticed smoke coming out of it.

"Xavier!" Zander burst into the room, only to discover that his brother had set fire to his whole room, including the wardrobe and bed. He threw away everything that had belonged to Petra. He worked on erasing her scent and even her existence from his life.

Despite being encircled by flames, Xavier had not left until everything had been burned before his eyes. Her words had been echoing in his ears that he couldn't live without a mate, without a female, but she had no clue that after this day, there would be no room for a female in his life. He had come to despise them all.