Alpha's Surrogate

Alpha's Surrogate

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Chapter: 54
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Synopsis about Alpha's Surrogate

“Give me a baby, Orion. Make a baby with me.” Standing near the door of my room, I witnessed my Luna, my mate Petra, having wild s*x with my Beta Orion. Three years of a relationship built on the mate bond, fifteen years of friendship and trust had all been destroyed at that moment. Her acts of infidelity over these three years, her secretly being in love with my Beta, this woman had been begging for my mercy. “I, Xavier Lincoin, the Alpha of Sirius Bright pack reject, Petra Lincoin as my mate and Luna.”
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1 . Betrayal.

The cool, bright, and enchanting light of the full moon added to the beauty of every corner of Sirius Bright's four-story pack house. Earlier that evening, all the wolves along with their families, friends, and other members of the pack ran into the forest from the large and well-appointed 16-room packhouse to enjoy the full moon.They'd been summoned by the call of the wild. It was a major and spectacular moment in the werewolves' life, so how could it be overlooked? This was the day they had been looking forward to for all month. They'd released their wolves into the lush vegetation and cool moonlight, except for one couple. Pleasure filled groans and moaning could be heard from the fourth storey bedroom during this quiet and wonderful time.

2. Rejection.

The next morning as the sun shone brightly, around half a dozen luxury cars halted in front of the Sirius Bright Pack house. For the first time, no one had come out to greet Alpha Roman upon his arrival. When he had been called here to face the repercussions of his only daughter's indiscretions, he had anticipated that they would respond in this manner. Alpha Roman was the Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack, one of five large and prosperous packs like Xavier's. Alpha Roman's rage could be seen in his eyes, facial expression, and movements. He had come with his Beta and a few pack members. As soon as he walked inside the pack house's living room, he was greeted by elders and important Sirius Bright Pack members who were already present for the ceremony. Alpha Roman's gaze was drawn to Alpha Xavier, who had arrived at the same moment he had with his Gamma Kaiden and brother Zander. Xavier had not bothered to look at the anxious old man in front of him, despite the fact that he had been offered a place beside the elders of his pack.

3. The War.

2 years later In the Ardara Moon packhouse, the first rays of sunlight broke through the thick layer of darkness as they entered the window of the last room on the second floor. The growling, painful screams, terrifying moaning, and the dreadful fighting downstairs echoed in the Ardara Moon Pack for the past five hours had come to an end as soon as the dawn had broken the horizon.

4. Virgin.

Xavier stormed into Ardara Moon Pack territory after burying his cousin's body. He never even gave his enemies the chance to defend themselves, as he mercilessly murdered over half of them. His Uncle and his family had suffered unexpected misery at the hands of this pack. Due to the stupidity of his forefathers, years of enmity had been resolved. Xavier vowed to eliminate the Ardara Moon Pack to make amends for his pack’s past blunder. He should have removed this evil pack from his way years ago. But it wasn't too late; Alpha Sawyer's Gamma had been viciously slain the moment Xavier entered the packhouse. Luna Martha hurried into the living room to discover Noah acting stupidly and snarling at Xavier.

5. I will determine the rules

"What?" Kiara stared at Xavier with wide unbelieving eyes as if he were a miracle. His surrogate?! She had misinterpreted where this was going. She thought he planned to ruin her honor when he asked about her virginity, but what he said surprised her and blew her mind. "You want me to become your surrogate?" Had she misheard him the first time? He intended to use an enemy's daughter as a surrogate? This was his stipulation for letting her family and pack live?"Yes," Xavier responded, relishing the priceless look on her face at his proposition. He watched her trembling hand rest on her chest while she willingly admitted to being a virgin. She felt his ravenous gaze on her body, as if he were stripping her naked.

6. Holding a stranger's hand.

The only sound that resonated in the room was the pinging of her ring bouncing across the floor, followed by a soft moan as she began to lose control. What did he truly want from her? This was wrong. There was no question she absolutely should push him away. She should urge him to stop, but she couldn't bring herself to protest. The dangerous aura that seemed to be oozing from his every pore engulfed her."Kiara," a loud knock on the door forced Xavier to open his eyes. His astonished green irises meet terrified chocolatey ones.

7. New Pack, New Life.

After two hours of driving, Kiara could see nothing but forest once the car entered the Sirius Bright Pack's territory. They had been on the highway for quite a while. She could tell the driver was afraid to drive slow. He was driving so fast that Kiara had been worried that they would get in an accident. The beauty of the woods made her feel alive again. Her sad tears had long since dried up, and she accepted that her life had changed when she entered Xavier's pack land. No, actually, her life had changed when the six-foot-three Alpha appeared in her life, laying his green eyes on her. In the end, her father severed all ties to her. She could not imagine what he would have done if she had revealed that she planned to be an enemy's surrogate. She only hoped that her sister and mother would do well in her absence.

8. Mistreated Miss Of Her Family

The driver spotted Xavier exiting the packhouse scarcely five minutes after leaving Kiara with Jennifer. The Omega quickly opened the car door for the Alpha and Beta. Xavier sat in the passenger seat, sending an indirect hint to the driver that Kaiden would be driving. With his shift at an end, the Omega tossed the keys to Kaiden. He watched the car speed away as he headed for home."I'll notify you when we get to the airport; in the meantime, relax," Kaiden suggested, turning to face Xavier. The Alpha slumped back in his seat with his eyes closed. His handsome face showed signs of exhaustion. They had only gone a short distance down the road, "Isn’t that Zander's car?" Kaiden muttered.

9. Unexpected guest.

Xavier had a tendency to sleep very lightly so that he could remain watchful, as usual. As a result, while he was trying to sleep, he could feel the slightest movement of the bed the entire night. He and Dean had been driven insane by the enigmatic, attractive, and sweet fragrance of the woman that happened to be sleeping beside them.He couldn't relax and never mind dreams he'd forgotten about long ago. Thankfully Kiara had finally stopped moving after a couple of hours. After her shower, she relaxed, forgetting her vow to be vigilant. Xavier listened to her tranquil breathing even out. He had to overcome the distraction of her fragrance before he could finally get some sleep.

10. If it's not you, then it's no one.

Kiara began sweating profusely. She turned to stare at Xavier in disbelief. He must have gone insane. Instead of refusing, he was making commitments. Why? Xavier's emotions were erratic. This was not what he had hoped for. The mention of marking made him want to vomit, but he realized that his Grandpa was in mind-linked with the other elders. Fuck! Kiara's surrogacy would have been revealed if he had refused. All the elders were spiteful and would go to any length to obtain a Luna for the pack. It had been fine for a while, but not anymore. Because she was Sawyer's daughter, her life was in grave danger if she revealed herself as a surrogate. The Alpha's main ambition now was to slit the throats of all the elders at once. Zander, Kaiden, and Tyler had been watching his subjugation with bated breath. The old wolf had forgotten about his grandson with the unexpected good news.