Chapter 10 - A Fallen Woman Expecting True Love

After getting in the car, Jacky's face became cold again.

"I heard that you let them tie you up?"

"They were messing around in the mall at that time, for me. I couldn't go into hiding." I said innocently.

"So you think that you are very responsible person, and regard yourself as a heroine?" His tone was stiff with a slight sneer.

I explained, "I'm not a heroine, but people did come after me. If I didn't take the responsibility, it would only hurt more people and cause greater losses to the mall ..."

"So stupid." he interrupted my explanation with two stiff words.

I really could't figure out why I was so stupid, was it clever for me to hide somewhere at that time?

But now that the matter had been resolved, I didn't need to argue with him anymore. How could I persuade such a self-righteous person like him, so I shut up.

After a while, he said something bluntly: "As a woman with a child, at any time, protecting yourself is the first priority. The rest is not that important."

This must be the most considerate words he said to me since I met him.

In my memory, no one said something like that to me for a long time.

My eyes grew a little bit warm, and I said thanks softly.

He turned his face outside the window, without a response.

The car drove towards the city center, and Jacky got out of the car in front of a building. Xuanlong walked forward with me. There were so many things that I want to ask Xuanlong, but his sullen face forced me to dismiss that idea.

"Here, we arrived, Miss Yao, please get off." Xuanlong parked the car and opened the door for me.

"Mr. Jiang, you don't need to call me Miss Yao, call me Kiki."

He did not answer, but said: "Come here please."

I looked up and saw that it was Huatai Law Firm.

Xuanlong explained that Hao Wu had already signed the divorce agreement and brought me here to sign it.

I didn't like the feeling of being arranged by somebody. But thinking of what Hao Wu did to me, I nodded and agreed to sign it.

After ascertaining the custody of the child belonging to me, I did not probe into the other details and signed the agreement.

In fact, at that moment, I was still a little sad. Not for Hao Wu, but for the three years I wasted on him.

Getting out of the lawyer's building and we went back to Maple Villa. I couldn't help asking Xuanlong,

"Mr. Jiang, what did you say to Ruoxin Chen, why she wouldn't dare to say anything?"

He did not answer my question.

After a while, he said, "Miss Yao, you can ask the Fourth Brother about what you want to know directly, I have no right to answer."

I couldn't help pouting. Thinking of Jacky, he would tell me nothing if I asked.

There was silence all the way to Maple Villa.

Just next to the door, I heard Lucas' laughter. Looking inside, Lucas wore a baby swimsuit and was learning to swim with a maid.

Seeing me coming, he yelled Mum happily and said he was about to learn how to swim.

The servant explained to me that Mr. Hua said that the child was not very good in physical condition and needed to keep fit. So someone sent swimsuits and caps to him.

"Uncle Hua said that if my body get better, he would teach me how to play basketball. He told me that he was a fitness master." Lucas said.

Looking at him in high spirits, I was so glad.

All these good things came suddenly--luxury villa and extravagant life.

Lucas was spoiled in a short period of time.

I was really worried that all these good things were just a dream. If all these things suddenly disappeared one day and we returned to the previous embarrassed life, would Lucas accept it?

Could I accept it myself?

"Mom, what are you thinking? Do you want to swim together with us?" Lucas' words pulled my thoughts back.

"No, I can't swim. Auntie will be with you." I said with a smile.

"You can ask Uncle Hua to teach you." Lucas said with innocence.

The servants smiled at each other. Although Jacky was not there, my face still blushed slightly and my heart thumped.

While we were talking and laughing, a black Audi drove into the parking area of the villa. The driver came down to open the rear seat door, and a beautiful woman in her fifties got off. This woman was luxuriously clothed.

I seemed to have seen them somewhere, and recalled that it should be at Jacky's wedding.

The servants had already greeted them with respect and all bent down, saying "Madam."

Out of courtesy, I nodded and said "Hello" to her.

She came to me with an arrogant look, "Do you know who I am?"

I actually had known who she was, but I didn’t say a word and shook my head slightly.

"I am Jacky's mother. He said that this child is his, is it true?" She looked and asked me.

I was at a loss with that question. So far, I am not sure whether the child is his or not. I once asked Jacky, but he did not admit it. Instead, I was humiliated by him. So I am confused, too.

"Why don't you say something?" She already had been sulky and her eyes became sharp.

For that moment, I didn't know how to give an answer.

"You don't know who your child is, don't you?" Her tone was getting harsher, "Or you are just greedy for the Hua's family property? I've seen a lot of women like you. If the child is really Jacky's, the child stays, and you go away. If the child is not Jacky's son, then the child piss off with you together. "

Her tone was arrogant and decisive without any room for negotiation.