A Fallen Woman Expecting True Love

A Fallen Woman Expecting True Love

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Chapter: 20
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Synopsis about A Fallen Woman Expecting True Love

Read A Fallen Woman Expecting True Love by Evening Snow. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereThe marriage lasts 3 years, but all of a sudden, it becomes a serious crisis for her (Kiki Yao), for her child is terminally ill, but her husband(Hao Wu) does not care about it at all, instead he keeps wronging her for impurity; at this, she has to sell the body and soul altogether in order to save her child's life. However, she met Jacky Hua, who is with powerful influences in business as well as in government of the city, and after having been through a lot, she becomes fascinated and swooned by his charisma. Thus he tells her, "Other men come to your for your body, but I come for your whole being; he also tells her, "Spring breeze is not as soft as your tenderness, the moon the stars are inferior to your brightness; but at last he adds, "All I have said is a lie." But she replies, "No matter it is a lie or not, I take it as a truth!"
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Chapter 1 A sex trade

I'm Kiki Yao, an ordinary housewife. I've been married to Hao Wu for three years and have a two-year-old son. We are not rich, so my family struggles to make ends meet. Last month, however,I didn't expect that m

Chapter 2 Reunion

My mother-in-law and Hao Wu seemed to be arguing as well, so the talking was the more louder and Icould hear it clearly. “You clearly know the kid is the son of other men, but you still raise the child for many

Chapter 3 I am not a prostitute

The manager took me to the office, and he stood besides Mr. Hua respectfully. Mr. Hua was sitting on a chair, reading documents. He did not raise his head, but waved his hand tosignal the manager to go out. Then

Chapter 4 Fourth Brother

Hao Wu tugged my hair and approached the computer screen, "See clearly? There's nothing more youcan deny now. You bitch, looking for a man behind my back and pretending to be innocent in front ofme, why don't yo

Chapter 5 No, I will not

“Miss Yao, this way please ." Said a man. The man's words pulled me back to reality. I bent down into the back seat of the car and the manager ran over, "Kiki, don't worry about your work.You won’t lose a penny.

Chapter 6 You've gone too far

After everyone heard what Jacky said, 'No, I don't.' some of the guests stood up in shock. The most surprised, of course, is the bride Ruoxin Chen. She was annoyed, "Jacky, you must bekidding, right?" “I had a c

Chapter 7 The plot

Lucas was sitting on the steps waiting for me holding a ‘Transformers’ toy. A carer next to him wasaccompanying him. ‘Mom.’ Lucas came at me with joy. I hugged him tightly and felt the happiness that was lost an

Chapter 8 The confusion

"Hao, calm down, don’t do this. If you hurt me, Fourth Brother will never let you go!" I simply used the name of Jacky Hua to scare him. From the wound on his face and what he said, hemust have been beaten by Ja

Chapter 9 The drug effect

With his hands up and down, he had almost touched my whole body. Seduced by the drug effect and his flirtation, my inner desire to have sex grew stronger and stronger. But at this moment he suddenly stopped and

Chapter 11 So stupid

After getting in the car, Jacky's face became cold again. "I heard that you let them tie you up?" "They were messing around in the mall at that time, for me. I couldn't go into hiding." I said innocently. "So yo