Chapter 7 - My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

At Jackson's villa.

"Vallarey, Amanda is supposed to end her sentence today. Are you sure she won't cause us trouble once she gets out of the prison?" Juliana asked.

"No mom, don't worry about her. She wont manage to get out of that place alive. She should go and rot in hell with her mother." Vallarey spat viciously.

Seeing her expression now and the expression she had when she was with Jason was completely different. You could even think that they were two completely different people.

She had been planning for this very day since the day Amanda went to prison.

She had used a lot of money to bribe the prison guards and nothing was to go wrong.

Amanda will die a brutal death tonight, she will not survive, not when her, Vallery Jackson was still alive.

"What are you planning to do?" Juliana felt chills run down her spine as she looked at her daughter's vicious expression.

Many people were fooled by the innocent expression her daughter always wore, but only she knew how vicious her daughter's heart was.

"Don't worry, I bet today's news will be exciting."


City A women's prison....

After Amanda was done having her dinner, she went back to her cell. She had no mood to entertain anyone and just wanted to be alone.

Thinking about her mother and the suffering she had been through, she could not control her tears as they streamed down her face.

She had made up her mind to leave this place, work hard to be powerful and then make those who bullied them pay in thousands folds the suffering they had been through.

She laid there for a long time in daze before she dozed off.

Amanda was having a bad dream. She felt like something was burning and she thought that it was just a dream and she continued to sleep.

But she was woken up by noice from the outside. She opened her eyes in a daze only to be met with a thick smoke in her cell.

So it was not a dream but something was actually burning. It was like her cell was set on fire.

She immediately ran toward the door to get out, but the door was tightly locked and she could not open it.

She was in despair as she tried to call for help but no one responded. Her cellmates had not checked in and it seemed like no one will be able to save her.

The smoke was too much and Amanda started to choke. Since she could not save herself, she decided to save her breathe and die peacefully.

After around two hours, the prison guards came to take a look.

When they saw Amanda lying lifelessly on the ground, they heaved a sigh of relief and called Vallery to report the news.

Such occurrences were common in prison thus they were not shaken or did they feel any guilt.

After Vallery received the news, she curled her lips in a victorious smirk before she laughed out loud.

It had not been easy for her to pull such a trick in prison. She had spent almost all her savings just to get rid of that country bumpkin.

"Good work officer Lyn, I want you to call the reporters. Tell them that Amanda Jackson wanted to set the prison on fire but you found her on time and locked her up in her cell so that she could die with her evil schemes."

"Okay, miss Vallery, rest assure it will be taken care of."

"Good. I will wire your last payment to you after I have seen the news."

After she was done, she hung up without waiting for the officer to reply.


"City A women's prison today in the evening reported that a prisoner wanted to put the prison on fire but the guards caught her in time and locked her in her cell. Since she wanted to die so badly, they channelled the smoke to her room so that she could not affect the safety of other prisoners.

The woman was identified as Amanda Jackson, the daughter of the multi-millionaire Peter Jackson.

It is said that, she was to complete her sentence and be released by tomorrow but she surprised everyone when she wanted to bring down the whole prison.

Why would she do that when her sentences was over?" The reporter gave a detailed report about what happened.

Peter Jackson and his family were having dinner. Seeing the news, he was so shocked that he dropped the chopstick and stood up at a lightning speed.

He went directly to grab his coat and almost ran out of the house.

Seeing that, Juliana gave her son and daughter a knowing look as they both stood up and followed after him.

In the car, the silent atmosphere was very suffocating.

No one wanted to start a conversation because each one of them were caught up in their mind.

"Sob...sob... It is my fault. If I hadn't gotten together with Jason, my sister wouldn't have ended up in jail. Maybe I pushed her so hard that she ended up with a twisted mind thinking that no one wanted to be her family.

What should I do now? I will never forgive myself in this lifetime." Vallery sobbed as she leaned on her mother's shoulder.

Her mother was astonished by her sudden outburst but she still played along and comforted her.

She thought that her daughter's acting skills were top notch but she again wondered why she has not made herself a name in the entertainment industry.

She knew that it was her daughter's scheme that Amanda was met with such a tragedy but she chose not to say anything. She could not ruin her daughter's life. Just like her daughter had said, let those bitches rot in hell.

"No darling, it is not your fault. Things like falling in love cannot be controlled and furthermore Jason still chose you in the end. Don't blame yourself. Maybe that was her karma."

"Mom is right siz, don't blame yourself. You did nothing wrong. And falling in love is the most beautiful thing. This was her fate and nothing could change that."

Vallery wiped her tears as she nodded her head obediently.

She looked at her father who had not said anything and sneered coldly in her heart.

I know that you have never forgotten about that daughter of yours, now that she is gone, let us see if you will continue to save money for her.