My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

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Chapter: 78
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Synopsis about My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

Read My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet by Dinna. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereAmanda Jackson is the daughter of a rich tycoon. She is framed by her step sister on her engagement day and she ends up in prison. An accident happens and Amanda dies, instead of finding herself in hell, she finds herself in her bedroom when she opens her eyes. It was the same say she was sent to prison. She thanks God for giving her another life and embarks on her journey to take revenge on those who made her suffer in her past life.
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Chapter 1

Birds chirping, their melodious voices singing morning glory, the fresh and cool air after the heavy rainlast night, the rising sun over the horizon, it was one of the finest day for Amanda Jackson, but she wasjust too lazy to wake up.She lazily stretched her hands out as she smiled lazily at the beam of light passing through the windowinto her room. Today was such a fine day because everything that was goin

Chapter 2

At exactly 6PM, Amanda, dressed in her best red, body hugging dress that took her a lot of effort toprepare, left with her mom to the hotel where the engagement will take place.She had done her own makeup because she is used to it given the nature of her job. She is Val's assistant and she is used to putting make up on her when she goes to film.Her mom had also dressed to kill. The daughter and mother duo wa

chapter 3

Amanda excused herself to go the washroom. She left her handbag behind because she knew shewon't be taking long and everyone there was like family so she trusted that her handbag will be safe.Seeing her leave, Juliana and her son Ryan exchanged a look. They each knew what to do. Their eyeswere filled with evil glint.They have been waiting for an opportunity to place the prepared necklace in Amanda's bag and

chapter 4

"Jason.... grandson, what is the meaning of this? Are not supposed to be engaged to Amanda? Whatare you doing kissing her sister in front of everyone?" Grandma Catherine's face was pale but she stillmanaged to speak to her grandson in a cool manner although she almost blew her top up."Grandma, I'm sorry to disappoint you but things have changed now. I love Vallery now and we havebeen together since the time

Chapter 5

"The necklace is missing? Didn't I just ship it yesterday and you even said that you picked it upyourself?" Jason asked with a shocked expression. "Yes Brother Jason, I even brought it with me when I was coming this morning and gave it to mybrother." Val acted delicately as she hugged Jason's arm."Yes sister, I was with it when I came and I thought that I gave it you. Then where could it have gone,could some

chapter 6

Amanda was puzzled by the sudden turn of events. She did not know that Val will go to the extent of even hurting herself physically in order to just frameher."Amanda, are you a rogue? I did not say anything regarding the necklace because I knew that it mightbe a misunderstanding, and now this! What did Val do to you to deserve such treatment. This is all myfault, if you want to channel your hatred towards so

chapter 7

At Jackson's villa."Vallarey, Amanda is supposed to end her sentence today. Are you sure she won't cause us troubleonce she gets out of the prison?" Juliana asked."No mom, don't worry about her. She wont manage to get out of that place alive. She should go and rotin hell with her mother." Vallarey spat viciously. Seeing her expression now and the expression she had when she was with Jason was completelydiffe

chapter 8

"Dad, don't be sad because I know wherever sister is, she will forgive you. It is not your fault that sheended up in prison." Vallery sobbed as she consoled her dad.Peter's furrowed brows relaxed when he heard her daughter's concerned voice."I know. I'm just sad. Knowing that I will never see her again breaks my heart. If only she had one tenthof your patience and understanding, she will not have ended up th

chapter 9

It was grandma Catherine calling.In her past life, she did not remember grandma Catherine calling her on this day.Had she found out about the plan and wanted to warn her."Amanda darling, how have you been? It's been a while since the last time I saw you!""I'm fine grandma. How have you been?" Amanda responded politely."I'm fine. You know what today is right? Your engagement with Jason. I can't wait for you t

chapter 10

Amanda's mother had been admitted because the shock had triggered her condition and it worsened.She had to undergo the surgery as soon as possible or else she won't make it.By the time she was admitted she had already calmed down and she listened as Amanda explainedeverything to her.The more she listened the more her face turned pale. She was so mad that she felt like killing her exhusband that instant."I ne