Chapter 8 - My Second Chance

Sapphire's P.O.V

"Can I touch you?" He asked cautiously as if I was a hurt animal. I bit my lip. Isn't he gonna reject me or something?

He seemed to see the uncertain in my eyes. "I'm not going to hurt you." He frowned. Accept! Accept! I want to feel him, Gwen gushed. Drew grumbled at her. I looked up into his eyes. There were so many emotions swirling. It was like a confusing piece of art. But that was one emotion that clearly showed. If I could choose a colour to represent it, it would be yellow. Because yellow stands for brightness and brightness stands flexible happiness.

I took a small uncertain step towards him. Closing our distance between us a little.

He smiled at me. The cold blooded Alpha actually smiled at me. His smile was like the sun to my world, brightening every single thing in me. His smile was so contagious that even a small smile started to tug at the corner of my lips. He clicked open the other damn chain that was chaining me there with one hand while his other one was holding gently to my already free arm. Just the touch of my mate made my wolf sigh in content. I placed my two free arms by much sides, admiring his muscles that were flexing while moved.

"Are you tired?" He asked, concern etching over his features. I nodded my head shyly. He smiled and picked me up bridal style so quickly that I squealed. His chest vibrated as he chuckled. "Your voice is melodious and angelic." He said as he nuzzle his head into the crook of my neck. I blushed furiously. Not everyday you get complimented for your voice being melodious and angelic.

"Sleep. I'll here someone to get you your belongings. I'll bring you to a room to rest." He said softly. "I'm not tired." I protested. I actually am. I am dead exhausted. I just want to spend every moment I can with him before I was forced to leave him. "You look like you are going to past out in any second. Rest." He said more sternly. I nodded as he pressed his lips to my forehead.

With that, I let the tiredness take over me. But not before thinking about the rumors that floated around him. He doesn't seem cold blooded.... Right?

Ryder's P.O.V

As I went closer to the cell, I smelled something sweet. I sniffed at the air. It smelt like strawberries and vanilla.

Mate! Jay, my wolf yelled excitedly. I stiffened. Mate? I have been waiting for ages to meet my destined one. I even had doubts that I would never meet her. My pace went faster as I neared the cell. Excitement racing through me.

The delicious scent got stronger and stronger. I stopped in front of the metal door. There was something different about her scent. It seemed... different. It was stronger than the usual scents. It had a strong alluring power... yet repel you at the same time. It's strange. This kind of power can start to manipulate people too. People around here should be careful of her.

What are you waiting for dumbass?! Our mate is in there. Open the door! Jay yelled at me. Isn't her scent a little.... I don't know... strange? I asked. Who frickin care right now?! She might be hurt!" Jay yelled. That put me in a frenzy. He's right. She could be hurt right now. Hey, I'm not the total heartless douchebag people think I am. I slammed the door open. The scent hit me like a wave. It took all my willpower to not rush to the source of the scent. I remained calm, walking to where my Beta, Alec stood. He's also one of my best friends.

My eyes glanced automatically to the blonde standing there. Her face was faced down and her bloodied yet wavy blonde hair hiding her face from me.

Doesn't she know that we are her mates? Jay asked confused, a little hurt. I ignored him. One of her Silver chains were snapped. "Why is one of the chains snapped?" I asked. It's nearly impossible to break silver chains as a werewolf. Get the chain off her! It's hurting her! Jay growled, his protective side

coming out. Sorry dude. I want to but I can't let just guard down, I replied. Jay grumbled curses as I blocked him out. "She broke it." Alec growled. She must have done something to provoke him huh? Alec is usually nice. I used the keyword, usually.

I walked further towards her. I could just drown in her exotic scent.

I felt a grin threatened to break onto my face. She has a fiery personality huh? But seriously, How can a girl be strong enough to break those chain? Even I found it difficult, plus I'm a guy and all.

I felt a pull towards her. The unusual alluring power pulling me towards her. So That's what I did. My feet walked over to where she stood.

I could feel her. She's broken and scared. But in the same time, the unusual power and confidence radiated off her.

"Leave." I ordered Alec. "Yes Alpha." He answered and walked away. Why? What's wrong? Alec asked, using the mind bond. She seems.... Different.... I answered. What- He started but I blocked him out. I don't want to start rumors yet since I'm not sure she's my mate. I could hear her heartbeat go faster and her blood pump faster through her veins. I felt odd. Usually when I frighten people, I feel happy and proud... But now, I feel guilty for making her scared. What is she doing to me? What's wrong with my feelings?

I heard the metal door of the cell slam shut. Her fear increased. Guilt started weighing me down. Snap out of it, I scolded myself.

"Look up." I ordered her softly. Her face remained down. Something wet dripped onto the ground. I looked down to see a tear. How can someone who carries so much confidence cry? "Hey... I'm not going to hurt you..." I said softly. Why is she not giving us any response? Jay wailed as I felt his sadness and disappointment. Shit. This was sure to ruin my most feared Alpha reputation. But who

cares right now? All I wanted was to give her comfort. She continued to ignored me. "Come on... I promise to hurt you..." said softly. "Boys use these tones to just make girls do what they want." She sniffed. I was surprised when she talked and a chuckle came out from mu mouth because of the response she gave me. Her voice was so angel like. Seriously... How can someone have such a soft and soothing voice?

Just then, I just realized that I chuckled. It was something almost impossible to do. Not many people can make me smile yet she did and I just met her!

"You don't have to be afraid of me... I'm not one of those assholes who have a different girl every night. Plus, I don't have STDs." I smiled. Smiling when I'm with her was almost... natural. I could feel her smile. I smiled along with her. I placed a hand on her free arm to give her reassurance. I pulled back immediately as a weird feeling went through me. "You're a hybrid!" I exclaimed. Her body tensed at the statement. I instantly regretted my decision. I don't really understand why she didn't want people to know she's a hybrid. Hybrids are special, rare, she should be proud to be one. Is she half vampire? Or half fae?

I asked her to lift her head, I was dying to see her face. She obliged and looked up. Shock went through me as our eyes met. How can someone be so perfect? I sound like a girl fangirling now... Gross!

I could see fear and sadness in her electrifying sky blue eyes. There was a tint of hope and tiredness in her eyes. I was hypnotized by her beautiful eyes. I could just drown in them. I forcefully shifted my eyes to her other features. Her blonde hair cascaded down to her mid back. There were matted by a little blood, twigs and leaves. She had an hourglass figure. She must have starved herself harshly to do that. I internally winced at the thought of her suffer. She had a cute button nose and nice pink lips. They look so soft. I wanted to crush my lips to hers so badly. She...was perfect.

"Mate." I automatically growled out and my mate widened her eyes. But happiness and anxiousness was detectable in those blue eyes of hers and it made me happy.