Chapter 7 - My Second Chance

Sapphire's P.O.V

His minty and chocolaty smell hit me like a wave.

My face faced the ground, allowing my hair to shield my face from him to avoid eye contact.

"Why is one of her chains snapped?" His sexy voice vibrated. Oh my God, I could just listen to him speak forever and ever and ever. "She snapped it." Alec growled. Oh... being brave now that the Alpha is here huh? "Snapped?" I could hear the curiosity in his voice.

Look up and show him that you're not afraid of, Drew ordered. Drew,there are times where you need to draw a line between power, you know, I reminded her. Drew grumbled.

"You... Look up." My mate ordered. I squeezed my eyes shut tighter,my head still facing down. "Look up." He growled with a harder note on his words. I still disobeyed, not willing to see mate just yet. Mates hurt us,I thought to myself. Does he not know that we are his mate? Gwen whimpered. I could feel her hurt coursing through my body. I did my best to ignore it. Look up if you want to live Sapph, Drew snapped. No! Never! I screamed at her. The cell's locked door swung open. His footsteps and heartbeat becoming louder and louder. I whimpered a little as Gwen pranced around in excitement.

Just look up into his eyes, Sapph. We all know you want to... Those gorgeous eyes of his, Drew tried to smoothtalk me. His footsteps soon stopped and I could feel him standing right in front of me. I could feel his gaze burning and his warm breath that was fanning my hair.

"Leave." His voice echoed in the cell. "Yes Alpha." Alec replied respectfully as his footsteps got quieter and quieter. Soon, the sound of a metal door being closed rang through the cells.

My heartbeat went faster. My blood started rushing through my veins in a higher speed. Fear crept through my body.

It seriously scared me. I haven't felt fear for so long, that it gave me an unfamiliar feeling.

"Look up." He said again, this time more softly. Tears of fear rolled down my cheeks. I'm so pathetic right now. I could kill him right now easily and escape. I could destroy the existence of his pack. But I wasn't going to do that. I'm not going to do that. I won't do that.

And the reason stands clear... He's my mate. Plus I didn't want to hurt people.

"Hey... I'm not going to hurt you." He said more softly. Who knew the most feared Alpha can be this soothing? Gwen said dreamily. Pathetic, Drew rolled her eyes. Keep the babbling for later, help me with this? I pleaded. I sincerely don't know, Sapph. This is entirely your choice, I can't do anything... Drew sighed. Gwen went on daydreaming. "Come on... I promise that I won't hurt you." He said in a even softer tone, obviously different from the one he used on me when Alec was here. My mind was still debating whether to speak up. Something slipped out from my mouth before I could stop it.

"Boys use these tones just to make girls do whatever they want all he time." I sniffed.

Saying that I was shocked was an understatement. Saying that I just saw a hot pink hippo with bright green spots flying in the sky.... Well, good enough. He was chuckling. The Ryder Black, Alpha of the Dark Moon Pack was chuckling. I never thought that I would hear him laughing on the first time I saw him... "You don't have to be afraid of me. I'm not one of those assholes who has a different girl in bed every night. Oh, and I don't have STDs. " He added and a small grin cracked my lips. His touched my free arm and I felt a spark against my skin.

I could feel his suddenly confusion. I was wondering about it when he blurted out...

"You're a hybrid!" He exclaimed. I pulled away immediately in shock. How did he... Even my old pack members couldn't sense that... My whole body tensed and I squeezed my eyes shut tighter. "Don't be scared... I promise you that I won't do anything. Please believe me. Can you look up to just let me

confirm something?" He asked quietly. I knew why he wanted to make eye contact. I knew that he sensed me as a mate. He just wanted to confirm it. He knows! He knows! Gwen squealed in delight. I blocked her out.

I made a decision. I opened my eyes. Our eyesight crashed.

I was memorized by his eyes. They were a shade of grey, almost silver even. There were a little gold flecks in his eyes which made me drown in them more. His eyes held secrets... Big ones. He had a guarded wall around him. His nose was straight and perfect. He had lips that were pouting naturally which makes him look... don't tell him, he'll kill me. Cute. The pouting lips made him cute. He has light, barely visible freckles.

My eyes lowered themselves and I started looking at his perfect jawline. His tanned skin gave him a... I don't know... glow? His dark chocolate hair was swept to one side as if he had just came back from a walk on a beach. There were a little shaggy and it reached his eyebrows. A black shirt hung loosely on him. In one word, he was gorgeous.

Then, he growled one word that changed my life,